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Josh Thomas has 6 references; 5 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 1 no-show.

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MaleBox Photography

Josh came to me to do his first nude shoot earlier this week. We had discussed what we were doing, and the limitations of the shoot, prior to his arrival, which would be a mix of underwear and implied images. Josh soon settled into the shoot, and gave his all! His enthusiasm shone through, and we created some great images, of which we were both justly proud. An enjoyable first experience of nude modelling for Josh, and a thoroughly enjoyable afternoons work for the both of us!

I can recommend Josh unequivocally, and we are looking forward to our next shoot very soon!

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1531440000Did not show up.

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Belle Noire aka Black Beauty

Enjoyed meeting and shooting with you. Easy to get on with, takes direction well but can model anyway. Well worth booking :)

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Green Eyed Photography

Josh and I have been chatting about doing a shoot for a month or so now and finally our calendars freed up and we did an awesome location shoot. Josh was dead easy to work with and had cool locations to shoot from and was a natural infront of the camera and not scared to get up to a derelict buildings window that was 10ft up from the floor just to get 'the image'. Great fashion sense and posed with no direction. Great model by himself and with the other model who was on the same shoot. I'll be definatly working with Josh again soon and I'd 100% reccomened him to other models and other photographers.

Thank you again.

Gabriella x

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Malachite Photography

Had my second shoot with Josh the other day and although new to modelling he is full of enthusiasm and energy, determination and drive.

A great guy who responds well to direction and will, I know, grow with confidence in every new shoot he does. One to watch !

Great to work with someone new who has so much enthusiasm.


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Malachite Photography

Been discussing a shoot with Josh for a short while with style and content easily agreed beforehand.

Had a fabulous shoot yesterday working together for the first time. Whilst a very new model he has only done a few shoots he was confident in front and poses well with direction. Confidence in posing will grow with experience but I know he will be heavily booked up quickly.

Great guy and thoroughly recommended photographers if you’re looking for someone who brings a different style to your portfolio.

Thanks Josh, great shoot, keep up the great work.



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