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Tara Mawer

Worked with Jase today and had a really great time! I felt so comfortable throughout the shoot and felt as though everything flowed really well. After a bit of trouble with potential locations we managed to make some local areas work, did a few change of outfits and got some really cool photos. Great photographer and person in general, would definitely recommend!

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I had a pleasure to meet Jase and shoot with him yesterday.

It was far beyond my expectations. I hoped to see just a good and friendly photographer while Jase appeared not only extremely friendly but also very professional, kind, with great sense of humour. We spent more time than we initially planned and I enjoyed every single moment. He has a good eye and lots of ideas. It makes work easy and effortless. I am so glad I decided to jump on the train to Leamington.

Had a lovely time. It's been truly awesome. Thank You Jase.

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Just had a first shoot with Jase. Jase is just lovely, a really chatty (you may not get a word in ;-) friendly, warm person. We shot in his home which is just beautiful with lots of natural light upstairs. We'd chatted on the phone before the shoot which was really nice & meant that we knew the kind of images we were both hoping to get & what I needed to bring with me.

The day was lovely, fun & relaxed with plenty of cups of tea & time for chatting. I thoroughly recommend Jase - he's just wonderful at putting people at ease & I really look forward to seeing the images. Hope to shoot with you again Jase, thank you! :-) x

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Agata Blaut said...

I had pleasure to work with Jase. He is nice, pleasant, very kind guy. He gave me time to relax before shots. Very good, experienced photographer.

Recomende Jase, 100%


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Ariel Skyline


He's was so friendly and had a good plan on what to do. After today I have now made him one of my main photographers because he was so much fun to be around, very supportive and of course amazing with the camrea.

As model I think it is important that a photographer makes you feel comfortable and welcome, especially when it's a home shoot at theirs and he did this, not once did I feel unsteady or uncomfortable.

Will definitely be using jase again

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Had a shoot last week with Jase and what can i say..I had a fantastic time working with such a talented guy. He made me feel 100% comfortable there was no awkwardness conversation kept going and could have gone on and on but we had work to do ☺,communication before the shoot was brilliant. His home is amazing, there's soo much space to shoot. After the shoot he sent me a few images that night and i cannot wait to see the rest and look forward to working with him again.

I highly recommend that if you get the opportunity to work with Jase that you do. Amazing guy pleasure to work with. 😊

Dannii x

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Had a absolute brilliant shoot with jase. He Has such a beautiful home that we got some really lovely shots in. Jase made me feel at ease and comfortable straight away. We had a great laugh and convo was far from short which is always better than that awkwardness silence. I would definitely do another shoot with jase and felt very good to no I was his first maternity shoot and it went as well as it did. Jase Made sure I was always comfortable with everything I was doing. I also received a couple of images pretty much straight away to which was lovely of him to do as ino he is a very busy man. Would recommend jase to anyone who has considered shooting with him as I can be sure it will be very successful. :-)

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Cannot explain how much fun I had working with Jase, has to be my favourite shoot I've ever done! I feel we genuinely clicked and that made the shoot extremely enjoyable.

We chatted lots before the shoot so we already knew what we both wanted from the day, Jase let me put lots of my own ideas forward and welcomed each one. I felt comfortable and at ease during the entire shoot due to Jase being so genuine and attentive, this enabled me to try new ideas that I had wanted to for a while but had been waiting for the right photographer to create those with, Jase is definitely that photographer.

Throughout the shoot Jase explained about the different camera equipment he was using, which was not only interesting but enjoyable to learn more from a photographers point of view. I received images back very soon which I adored, they are extremely clear, professional and I am delighted to add them to my portfolio.

I definitely recommend working with Jase, his communication, professional approach, lovely personality and superb work made for an amazing shoot. I really hope to work with Jase many times more in the future!

Eleena x

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I don't even know where to begin! Jase is truly one of the nicest people I've ever met. There are very few like him.

We had a shoot yesterday following excellent communication, and meeting for coffee to discuss ideas beforehand. The day of the shoot, Jase picked me up from the train station right on time and then took me to coffee before the shoot so we could get a little more comfortable with each other before shooting. We shot at his home studio which is huge, there are so many great possibilities at his location! He made me feel very welcome and comfortable.

The shoot lasted for most of the day, and went by super fast. Jase was very easy to work with, and the whole time it felt very casual and relaxed, like just hanging out with a friend. I felt like I had known him for years, and we were able to talk for hours about anything and everything. He is extremely knowledgeable about his photography, and even took the extra time to explain to me about all the settings he was putting his camera on and how they worked and all the equipment he was using.

After we were finished shooting, Jase was kind enough to take me to lunch AND then even dropped me off at a friend's house after! All things he was not obligated to do at all, but did out of kindness. He sent me a bunch of photos from the shoot that very night and they are brilliant, I absolutely love them!

I really can't say enough great things about this guy. Just shoot with him and you will see for yourself! RECOMMENDED!

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Betty Red

Had such a a fabulous shoot with Jase today! Such a gentleman & so easy to work with. Let me do my own thing but also gave very good instruction when I felt a bit lost and took into account anything I didn't feel comfortable with. Highly recommended! Much love ♥

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Agnes93 said...

had a great session with Jase!! he is very professional and very friendly

would love to work with him again!

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Olivia618 said...

Nice shooting we had yesterday. Jase is a funny and professional photographer. We planned an outdoor shooting but due to the terrible weather,we had an indoor shooting instead. Very good experience with Jase,highly recommended!

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