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I worked with Jamie on the creativity hub event "Cirque Noir" in Hastings.

Great to work with, very professional, I had a great time modelling and felt very comfortable. It was a very fun and relaxed event and I think it was enjoyable for all evolved. I can't wait to see the final results!

Hope to work with Jamie again soon!


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Dylan Tudor

I worked with Jamie on an art-nude duo shoot with kingdickchaos, at Kent Photo studio. He’s friendly, affable and easygoing. He comes packed full of ideas, yet is open to input and suggestion. The results were thrilling—up to his usual very high standards. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him, and work with him again.

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He was friendly and super easy to work with and made me feel incredibly comfortable. Also very professional and organised he already had a idea board put together with inspirational images of ideas for us to use and he brought some props with him. The images produced show just how incredible this man's work is. I look forward to another chance to work together.

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Kent Photo Studio

Having been let down last minute by another studio locally Jamie booked last minute at my studio. Any inconvenience for the last minute booking was outweighed by the sheer breeze in simplicity of working with Jamie. Polite and easy to contact to get booked in, prompt to attend booked session, and he was clean, tidy and respectful of the space. Quite honestly at times it was like he wasn't even there! Jamie is a perfect mix of friendly and professional, easy to work with but also knows how to get the job done. Looking at the work he has produced it is clear that whilst an 'amateur' in some ways his work is nothing less than supreme. He is more than welcome at my studio whenever he likes.

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Jamie answered a casting of mine , was so very chuffed that he did .

Beautiful creative work , that I loved throughout his portfolio , which made me eager to work with him .

Knew what he wanted to and communications were clear and detailed on what Jamie wanted .

Jamie kindly picked me up for location .

So easy to work with and professional to the core !

Props and outfits to wear . Love this .

Artistic Photographer which I would work with anytime , total breath of fresh air !

So very very Highly Recomended 10/10 from me to any model .

Hope to get more opportunities to work with again ,on some much wanted shots I’ve not had the chance to do yet , know Jamie would execute them beautifully and some different creative work and styles .

ThAnkyou Jamie so much .

Carmel Costello xxx

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I've been a secret admirer (and a total fangirl) of Jaime’s work for a while now, so when we finally got together it was one of the best shoots I've ever had. All the expectations I had were not only met but exceeded.

Jaime’s wonderful. He helped us to find a place to stay and in the morning of the shoot picked us up to go to the shoot location. All throughout the shoot he had a lot of ideas and a very clear vision of what he wanted to achieve.

It is not very usual for me to trust the photographer completely, but I did that with Jaime.

In fact, I positively felt like a child – excited at every new proposal and happy to go along with the unknown.

My friend Leda assisted me throughout and with her help I got quickly in and out of the amazing outfits Jaime had picked for me, so in the end we managed to shoot in three separate locations and three different outfits.

It truly was a much-awaited awesome experience and I am beyond happy it all worked out.

In the end, Jaime even dropped us off at the train station as the time had flown by quickly and we needed to get back to London on time.

I warmly recommend Jaime. He is not a mere photographer, he is an artist and one of the most talented I've ever met—not to mention a great person.

Any model to shoot with him—male or female, boy or girl, child or adult—will be very pleased. I know I certainly am.

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Peter Maverick

Had an excellent and fun shoot with Jamie today.

He approached me because he felt my 'look' would work well for a few ideas he had, including a couple of series that he is working on... aka the bench.

He has a surreal and quirky eye for the unusual which sparked a resonance with me. Pre-shoot comms were excellent so I knew what he was looking for me to provide. He knew exactly what he wanted to achieve, gave good direction and also worked with ideas that I threw into the mix. All in all a creative day and I can't wait to see how he edits the images.

Definitely a 'tog I would recommend.

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I have been an admirer of Jamie's work for such a long time so was very excited to have the opportunity to work with him on my recent tour of Kent.

Jamie is such a lovely person, easy to work with, friendly, professional and has clear ideas as to what he wants to achieve.

Considering we had just an afternoon to work in, I believe we achieved a great deal.

Definitely recommended and hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future! :D

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Tom R

Since joining Purple Port, I've always admired Jamie's work and hoped to work with him one day. Well, now that I have, my admiration have increased.

Jamie is certainly creative, using full use of the locations. Which in themselves were great. But, every ounce of effort and imagination went in to each shot.

I'd love to work with Jamie again, and cannot recommend him more highly.

Despite never having worked with him before, any ice or trepidation was instantly overcome by Jamie's kind, well mannered, enthusiastic, warm personality.

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CarrieJC said...

I had the greatest pleasure and honour of working with Jamie and two of the most beautiful young ladies today on location.

I adore Jamie's vision and story telling, I am really delighted to have been given the opportunity to work with him today.

pre shoot communications were superb, I felt relaxed and totally at ease from the start, we shoot at several locations, all which were beautiful, and in perfect weather.

I was happy and relaxed, and felt taken care of all day, Jamie directed me well, and the girls were amazing to work with, real superstars , the shoot was a real honour to be part of, I loved going to all the locations and truly enjoyed every moment.

Jamie made me feel so welcomed and relaxed.

his vision and his amazing talent is something I am so proud to have been part of today.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful day, I enjoyed it so much, I left on the train, with a huge smile on my face and memory's I will treasure always .

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Amanda Husk said...

So the problem we have is where to start and finish , as there's just so many positives with Jamie .

So down to earth and humble for someone with such a natural talent, you only need to see his work to know this , instantly.

So professional with a very personable approach to his work and clients, he's ridiculously creative and very ameniable.

It's always been a pleasure to work with him, he's very knowledgable and is always obliging in offering help and advice .

I would certainly without hesitation recommend him, you would be a fool not to work / collaborate with him .

Thank you Jamie for your time/ support and photos .

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Tamara Mia

I had a shoot with Jamie yesterday! Wow! Already seen one photo and I am very happy! Jamie organised make up and hair artists and did all the styling himself! He made my mum and me feel so welcome! His communication before and after the shoot was amazing!

The weather wasn't the best but we all worked as a team and made it work! Jamie gave good and clear direction and he knew exactly what he wanted! Jamie is an absolute professional!

We are already planning to shoot with each other again! I would 100% recommend Jamie to any model whether your just starting out or a professional!

Thank you again Jamie and I can't wait to see the rest of the photos!

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Mystery8s said...

Another cracking shoot today, lots of great conversation and laughs, a true collaboration of ideas, and from what I've already seen on the camera pre-edit - some superb images. Can't recommend working with this gent enough!

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Odette Flaur.

A month ago I responted to one of Jamies(Jamondo) casting calls where he was looking for new people to collaborate with !!! Well, if you ever get the chance to work with Jamie just do it !

He is highly creative, with a great eye and knows exaclty what he wants to achieve and pre communication was first class !!!

With us today was the MUA SammyJo and another 2 models ReganS here on PP and Jamies little daughter.

I honestly had a fantastic day, one of the most creative and most joyful shoot I've done so far !!!

Recommended to all and I hope to work with Jamie again soon ,

Irida x

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Belles-cou-embrasse said...

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Jamondo on a custom piece. Pre shoot discussion was clear and very friendly but still professional. The images I have seen have been great and I am very happy.

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Mystery8s said...

Jamondo was a thoroughly great guy to meet and talk to, and a top-drawer photographer. His attention to detail with lighting, posing (even down to fingers and toes!) and making sure I was happy with the poses and shot ideas, was just superb - I felt very much like this was a collaboration. The photos I've already seen (even just on the camera screen) are amazing and I cannot recommended this gent enough. I hope we meet up again soon, thanks for a brilliant shoot and a great chat mate!

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Michail Jarovoj

It was an absolute honour to work with such incredible artist and unique creative mind. Jamie is always searching for new horizons in his work and unveils scenes of his fantasy, which are almost like a wonderful dream - surreal, provoking and brave! Recommended billion times!

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I had the pleasure working with Jamie on Tuesday and from the start he made me feel welcome and at ease. He was friendly and very easy to talk to. He helped me a lot with all his directing. I really enjoyed working through his ideas and I love the result. Communication before the shoot was excellent and I knew excatly what to expect on the day. I do hope to work with him again and I highly recommend him.

Thank you, Jamie!

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Sammy Jo MUA

Always such a good day when working with Jamondo, I have absolute faith in him and his vision and love his unusual style of photography, he is a real artist. He gives me freedom to create but is also not afraid to share his ideas which is very important to a mua! Hoping to shoot with him again soon :)

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Rapunzerel Wildfire

JAMONDO An original professional photographer who i had the privilege to work with his amazing ideas are unique, He is consistant with arrangements so you know exact location and makes you feel at ease and confident , thankyou Jamie x

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