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Maisie Barden

Had a wonderful shoot with James today, online communication was brilliant and made me feel super excited and comfortable as soon as we started talking.

I'm the studio he was excellent with his lighting and gave amazing direction. Done a fantastic job on making me feel comfortable and not after too long I got into the swing of things and we got some awesome shots. He's also super creative and has so many ideas.

I genuinely can't fault James, just super professional and organized. Would definitely recommend.

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Met James for the first time today, it was my first ever shoot and he made me feel really welcome and comfortable, he was filled with great ideas and was really easy going, the images looked amazing and the day ran really smoothly. Would highly recommend James and I hope we are able to work again together soon!

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Hidden Daisy 1

I had my first (hopefully not the last) shoot with James back in October (James I’m so sorry it took me so long to write this!) and I couldn’t fault him, his personality and professionalism whatsoever!

James is the perfect houseguest, a huge laugh, very easy-going and very respectful of me, my privacy, boundaries and home. We shot in a few different locations around my home with some specific ideas in mind and also some new ones which all worked very well.

The running theme throughout the shoot was my Stormtrooper helmet and if you look at those images in James’s portfolio, I hope you’ll agree with me, they’re AWESOME! Nothing to do with me, James’s ideas and photography skills did all the work and I just hope he loves the images as much as I do!

I would absolutely recommend James to anyone and everyone, he is a joy to work with, so much so that it didn’t even feel like work 😊

Thank you James for a very lovely, fun and creative few hours!!!!!

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Had a lovely shoot with James this week! He made me feel at ease, was very welcoming and professional, kept great vibes throughout the shoot and as a result we created great imagery which I can't wait to see! Highly recommend him!

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ccccccccccccccc said...

James came along to our studios for a photoshoot with a model and a MUA. I will not hesitate to recommend James to any model or studios out there. Very professional and good eye for detail; he created great atmosphere with the crew, treated the material and the space as his own. Also, what we saw of his work from the camera were excellent shots. Highly recommended.

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