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  • Part time Photographer
  • More than 8 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
  • I can travel or work from home
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Shoots styles

Alternative, Beauty, Bondage, Commercial, Dance, Erotic, Fashion, Fetish, Fitness, Glamour, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Pinup, Portrait, Promotional, Sheer, Swimwear and Topless


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**Due to the Covid19 situation, I will not be doing any shoots until February or March 2021**

Hello there!

First I just want to say thank you for taking the time to view my profile and some of my work, hopefully in time and with your help, if it happens for us to work together, I will improve my portfolio and my skills.

Who am I?

Well! ask me :), my name is Julio. I work full time and I am available a few weekends a month where I tend to arrange photoshoots, photography it's a hobby of mine and I love it very much, how much we can show and preserve on a image, that’s why I want to take my photography to the next level, I intend to try most themes and the purpose is to move to commercial, editorial and urban type of shoots. I hope that in time, and by interacting with some of the amazing photographers, models, designers, etc on this site, I will accomplish my goals.

Twitter and Instagram: JAfonsoPhoto


If you are local to me, I DO NOT pay travel expenses, I will only pay if you are outside Greater Manchester (After all, a DaySaver (Bus, Train & Tram) costs only a few ££pounds, not a big dent on your budget) I will pay rates/expenses on day of agreed shoot and at the end of the session, not before (Unless I have worked with you before and I know you are reliable). I prefer to pay via BACS or PayPal, but not mandatory.


You are registered here and that means all communications will be done via PurplePort, NOT through Twitter, Instagram, Email or Facebook.


** You can bring a friend/family (chaperone) with you; however, the person accompanying you will wait in the reception area until the end of the shoot. I don't want chaperones talking on their mobile phones, eating by the sets while the shoot is taking place, if your chaperone does not behave I will have them removed from the studio, stop the session and request a full refund of your model fees if were paid beforehand including the studio fee. Because I also have expenses and need to pre-book the studio, if you don't attend the shoot, I will request a full refund of the studio booking fee. When arranging a shoot I will respect your levels and will NOT ask you to work outside those levels, I believe there are more ways to show beauty then just a naked body. But does not mean that as I progress I will not attempt to add something more or different to my portfolio.**


Shooting styles: I will respect your levels and never ask you go outside them. During a shoot if you want to do that, I need you to confirm beforehand via email in case you want to have a set of specific images outside your levels, those images are yours and I will not upload them unless you give me your consent.


Cancellation Policy/T&CsDue to no shows and cancellations I now have this policy in place, please read it since it applies if I book a shoot with you or if you are interested in working with me. Due to the cost of hiring location/premises where the shoot might take place and normally are paid in advance, In case of a No Show or Cancellation, I will request 50% refund of any fees that were paid towards premises (Hotel, Studio, Apartment). Accepting to work with me, is accepting these terms and conditions.


Image Removal Requests T&Cs:

If in the future the model decides to have any changes/augmentations done on her body, (Tattoos, Piercings, Hairstyle, Plastic surgery, change in shooting styles, Etc;) for personal or professional reasons, which is the model right to do so, and request to have images of her from a previous shoot on display on social media platforms or dedicated websites to be removed after said body changes, I will attend said request and remove part or all images from the shoot, however I will request a partial or full refund of any rates/fees paid to the model and 50% of the studio/premises fees where the shoot took place. Alternatively the model can send me an email agreeing in arranging a shoot in TFP/collaboration before I remove any images so that I can update my portfolio, in addition we will share the fees of the premises where the shoot will take place. Accepting to work with me, is accepting these terms and conditions.

And finally, although I have a few references, please feel free to request more info about me from the people and studios I have worked with.

Thank you.



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