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I had a great shoot with Jade. Everything was superb, right from good communications beforehand. She's a lovely model, who brought a good selection of outfits, and we got some fantastic results. I'd definitely recommend her to other photographers. She also had some great ideas of her own for the shoot, and is a natural.

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Solo studio

Jade stepped in and saved the day due to a rather unstable model, proving to be the right reliable choice for the most recent workshop at the studio. Albeit of a fetish theme, Jade was more than adequate for the desired needs and styles of the group ethos. Well done Jade and thank you again.

Happy to recommend this bubbly beauty! Always welcome to Solo studio! :)

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My second shoot with Jade this time at a Fetish workshop at my local Studio and she was superb though this wasn't her usual style and stepped in when the workshop was let down by another model, Jade went out of her way and proved she is an allrounder and by far a better choice :)

Jade is Professional warm friendly and a pleasure to work with highly recommended :)

Thanks again Jade for making the shoot and look forward to working with you again very soon :) xxx

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Shot Jade as the model on a Fetish Workshop. Very professional and she got into the spirit of the shoot. She was relaxed and (as previously mentioned) very bubbly with all the photographers.

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Jade stayed with us for three days, in which we managed to do a wide veriaty of shoots. She brought something different to the shoot than usual thus providing the diversity we needed.

Jade is able to act out different looks we asked and run with the idea.

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John Herm

In early June I had a shoot with Jade, for the first time. It was a very fun collaboration. We understood well.

She was very professional, as I expected, ... She acted and posed very well and I got the photos I wanted.

In addition, we had very nice conversations about all things ...

Defenitely recommended.

And thank you Jade!

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Erik te Nijenhuis

Some weeks ago Jade and I had the opportunity to work together for a first time. From our first contact earlier in Spring the communication had been great, and I really was looking forward to the day of the shoot. From the moment of picking her up at the station the “click” was instantly there. At my studio we worked and talked together spending some hours in a relaxed atmosphere, and produced lots of lovely work in some different setups, digital, Polaroids/Instaxes and 3D. Jade is such a total joy to work with, superlovely, professional, down to earth, communicative. Time flies when you’re having fun! Of course we ended up celebrating our successful first shoot with some Thai food. Really looking forward to meet again in the near future! Jade is surely highly recommended!!

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My Images said...

I shot with Jade at very short notice after another model let me down.

Despite the short notice communications were excellent and Jade turned up with just the right amount of outfits.

We shot several sets and got some great images so thanks Jade for helping me out of my crisis.

Thoroughly recommended.

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Just got back from a home shoot with Jade Samantha. Had a look through my images I have taken and have to say that I am very happy. Jade was fantastic from start to finish, a very accommodating model and worked fantastic without any direction needed at all. I have no issues recommending Jade to work with and hope to shoot together again soon. Thanks, Ronnie x

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Mark Bellot Photography

Had my first shoot with Jade. The shoot went really well, the pre shoot communications were perfect. Jade was ready to shoot with the discussed outfits. She is easy to work with and needs little direction posing. Very professional and friendly. Very happy with the images we captured.

Thank you.


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Had a Fab shoot working with the lovely Jade..

Very Professional, lovely friendly attitude and looks great..

Excellent Comms prior to shoot and the photographer was highly impressed with the results that he got from the day..

I would highly recommend Jade to all photographers and I look forward to when we shoot again :) xx

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mkphotography2cc (Booby102)

Well Jade stepped in to model for me when I was let down. Got some really good images and was well worth it. I even used my ringflash for the first time in a long while!! As always easy to work with and the banter we had was something else.

Always a pleasure to work with. Professional, funny and just makes it worth shooting. A good friend and definitely one of my fave models to work with. Thanks again Jade. I think her references speak for themselves but I'll say it anyways....shoot with her!!

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Simon Reynolds

Shot with Jade for the second time today, chatted about what the shot was going to be, idea’s being discussed, what outfits to use. Again just like the first shoot, Jade needed little direction for posing, moving between poses and sets effortlessly. Some superb shoots were captured.

Jade has hundreds of outfits and is amazing in all; she is very easy to work with, a superb personality, a great look.

I highly recommend Jade to any photographer whatever their experience and i can’t wait for our next shoot together.

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White Tiger Photography

I worked with Jade for the 2nd time today. I was made welcome and we chatted about what we wanted to do, and just like the 1st shoot we had a great time and got some amazing shots, Jade does not need telling what to do she breezes from one pose to another, and is willing to take ideas on board and try them, Jade has 100,s of different outfits and looks amazing in all, Jade is easy to get on with and has a personality to match her looks, I would recommend Jade to everyone whatever their experience, I cant wait till we shoot again, thanks for today Jade xxx Ricky

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Simon Reynolds

I had the great pleasure of working with Jade on a shoot for the first time yesterday at her apartment. There were plenty of communications before the shoot asking for idea’s and outfits.

Once I had arrived at Jades home, we had another chat over coffee about the idea’s for the got shown the outfits she had and got shown the shooting spaces with the home.

Once we decided on the outfit to start with, we setup and started shooting, Jade was very professional and moved between poses easily requiring little direction from myself. We moved between different sets and clothes through the shoot, experimented with different lighting, angles using mirrors. Jade like the images we were getting, she took some off the back of the camera to put on her Instagram page during the shoot. I found that Jade was willing to try idea’s and to offer suggestions to improve the image.

We have already talked about another shoot in the future and I’m already looking forward to working with Jade again.

I would recommend Jade to any level of photographers, and studio

Jade thank you for the wonderful shoot and I will be in touch soon about the shoot we discussed xx.


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White Tiger Photography

I worked with Jade for the 1st time today and she was a real pleasure to work with. I arrived we chatted about ideas, then. Jade showed me her wardrobe and costumes. This young lady is prepared for anything you wish you. We started shooting and Jade moved freely gliding for one pose to another. Jade was very professional throughout our shoot and changed outfits and rooms several times. We got some Great pictures and even though Jade has been doing this 8 years she is willing to listen and try ideas. I really want to work with Jade again and would recommend her to professional and amateur photographers, thankyou Jade for a memorable shoot xxx Ricky

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Eos Snapper

Had a great shoot with Jade at her apartment in Leicester. Excellent comms before shoot, Jade is easy to get on with and takes direction well. Thanks for a great shoot Jade.

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I had the great pleasure to work with the beautiful Jade Samantha today

What a wonderful model to work with very experienced and flow's with elegance from one pose to the next and needed no direction at all

Jade Samantha is very highly recommended by me

If you are looking for a model who is great and perfect for different styles then look no further Jade Samantha is the model for you

Thank you Jade Samantha for a fantastic shoot hope to work with you again very soon

Paul x

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Stunning Jade Samantha is Marilyn Monroe reincarnated. In fact she out-Monroes Marilyn.

She is astonishingly, achingly, photogenic, poses effortlessly and - just like MM - adores the camera.

Jade doesn't look at the camera, she looks into it, becoming indelibly part of the image.

And the camera adores her too, of course.

One day this young lady will go on to much greater things. Grab the chance to work with her while she still co-exists with us mere mortals.

Please check out the shots of Jade on my portfolio at NeneDave to see what I mean...

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Had my first shoot with Jade yesterday at her home in Leicester. Jade is a lovely young woman - chatty, friendly and a natural when it comes to posing. Jade's pre-shoot communications were spot on and the shoot was very productive. Jade needs little or no direction when it comes to posing, she has a natural beauty, elegance and poise that would enhance any photographer's portfolio.

I cannot praise Jade highly enough, most definitely recommended!

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