Additional Information

  • Hobbyist Model
  • More than 3 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
  • I can travel or work from home
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Stats and sizes

  • 33yr old Male model
  • 32in waist
  • 42in chest
  • 5'7" tall
  • 156lbs
  • USA shoe size 9
  • Hazel eyes
  • Short dark brown hair
  • White skin
  • White ethnicity
  • I have many tattoos

Shoots styles

Alternative, Beauty, Body Paint, Commercial, Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle, Pinup, Portrait, Promotional, Swimwear and Wedding



My modelling and my styles

I am new to the modelling game, but have already had some great shoots that definitely showed me I did the right thing by getting involved with it all. I've already had a lot of interest from other models and photographers, which I really appreciate and is very humbling. I am now looking for different photographers and models to do some interesting and different shoots, including ones that challenge both the photographer and myself, as I to really push us the envelope to get some amazing shots. I am in this for the fun of it all, not to make it a full-time job, but I will be extremely professional and take it very seriously.

  • I am happy in my own skin (I am not looking to do Nudes or explicit shots), but I am happy to bare my skin when the feeling is right and the shoot is for something interesting. I do have a LOT of tattoos and I am happy to show them off.
  • I'd love to do edgy and alternative styles, very happy to do things like body paint and work with powders, water and I do want to get my disability involved in the shoot e.g. using my wheelchair as a prop.
  • I'd love to do stuff that is OTT and shocking too, and I already have a shoot booked that includes latex. I really want to do work in outdoors setting and love abandoned buildings or old train tracks.
  • I want to do really interesting shoots, so if you want to try something new or WILD, then get in touch.
  • I'd love to work with female models, as I think this could really add a nice style to my pics and what I can offer. I don’t want to do nude shoots, but happy to go as far as the model wants.

About me

I am disabled, and it is mostly to do with my spine, which is basically collapsing on itself. I have had 9 slipped discs and 4 mini strokes in 2016. I can still move about, but just slower than I used to and there isn't going to be any jumping about or standing in odd positions for long periods of time - but I will try to get in the right pose. I'd love to do work with my wheelchair too, as it could add a really nice dynamic. I am mobile and very willing to do outside shots - but the cold does effect my joints and back, so that needs to be a consideration. Also long poses in odd positions may be an issue, but I am stubborn and will try.


Personal Details 

Age: 33

Height: 5 foot 7

Shoe size: 8 / 42

Waist: 32 depending on brand

T-Shirt size: Small for a fitted look, Medium for a more relaxed look

Jacket size: 40

Tattoos: 19 so far… My chest is covered, my upper back and right side is covered, my left upper arm and then some smaller ones around the body - most can be covered.

My hair and beard do change quite often, but I have now found my “smart” look. I prefer not to go clean shaven but can do for the right project. My beard grows very fast but I will trim it right down for a shoot. I am learning about how to do make up, so anyone that can help me with this then please do, as I need the help.


2019 Projects


Latex and alternative clothing shoots 

I’ve would love the chance to work with a latex designer and want to do more of this style of shoot. Any models that want to get involved, please get in touch – likewise any photographers want to shoot this style, then get in touch. If you are this style of model or are a designer – then I would love to work with you.

Pirate shoot

I am a modern day pirate...! I actually had my very own island but stopped the project as it took far too long. I want to style myself to look like this in real life, but I need some inspiration. I would love to do some collaborations with some AWESOME people - perhaps a very steam punk-ish look perhaps on an old rowing boat... I want to do more like this, so if you are a designer or an MUA then lets to it



I am very willing and happy to do TFP shoots. If you are a photographer that wants to try out a new style, then let’s work together as it would be really interesting for me to try out new styles too.


Styles I want to work on:

PIRATE= I am a modern day pirate, so I would love to work on having pics as a pirate…!

BRANDS = Do you have a brand and need some promotional pics? Then send me some samples and I will sort out a shoot and give you some amazing pictures to help with your marketing and promotional work.

EMOTIONS = I want to work on how to showing emotions and character through photographs.

LATEX / ALTERNATIVE CLOTHING = I want to work with designers that make alternative clothing

CAFÉ = I want to do a shoot that is in a café, taking shots of me in various positions in a great location

OUTDOORS = I want to do some shoots in various outdoor locations e.g. on my island

MY DISABILITY = I want use various props to highlight disabilities and work on making an awareness that disabilities are also unseen e.g. using my wheelchair or using coloured medical tape.

PAINT = I want to work with body paint, coloured powder and really wild colours.

JAMES DEAN = I love the photos that he produced and would love to use this as inspiration



I am a Freelance Creative Writer and I am willing to help models, photographers and designers with their online content, blogs or profiles. If you need some help with making your online content SHINE, then please do get in touch. Here are links to my professional writing profile and my FB page (my author’s alias is Mat Black)



I know exactly how life works and how things can get in the way. I have to work when my back allows me and this can stop me from doing things on a daily basis, but I do prefer to be open and honest, meaning that I really appreciate to be respected when it comes to clear communication. If something comes up, just talk to me and we can sort it out, rather than me having to wait in all day and not get a message. If I am collaborating with another model or designer, please do realise that it is not just me that will be let down – so just keep in touch as much as you can.


*!!! IMPORTANT !!!*

Although I do appreciate all the attention and kind compliments, I am straight and would appreciate that you accept my views and desires in regards to this. I am a huge supporter of the LGBT community, but do not wish to any photographers to approach me for anything other than photo shoots, nor wish photographers to expect me to get nude unless it is for the art and it feels right. It is quite alarming how many messages I get in regards to this, but please consider my views too as I do yours and just don’t like the forcefulness of some people and their communication that is overly flirty and pushy in regards to me taking part in something that is assumed to lead to other things other than photography. Thanks…


A BIG thank you to ‘Artemis Fauna’ for inspiration for both my profile and shoot styles/photo ideas. 


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