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What to say really.

Izzy showed up on time for the shoot and she rocked it.

Pre shoot comms on point.

Styling and makeup above standard.

She is more than a fighter and she withstood the cold to get the images.

She comes highly recommended.


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Nick G

Had a great shoot with Izzy, she arrived with plenty of wardrobe choices that went along with the theme and feel of the shoot. She also has a keen eye for detail and brings good ideas with her, she was fluid and easy to pose. Looking forward to working with her again!

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Rick Mitra

Had a great shoot with Izzy. She showed excellent attention to detail, arrived with wardrobe choices and really got involved in the shoot with plenty of input and ideas. very easy to work with and it really was a collaboration in the truest sense of the word! We are hopefully going to arrange an outdoor shoot in the very near future and based on the results i have from this shoot I am really looking forward to it. Absolutely recommend Izzy to anyone:)

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CharlieB Portraits

Izzy and I did a collab. last week and had great fun in Battersea Park on a cold and gloomy London day. Communications were great and she arrived with make-up immaculate and ready to go. I took so many great pics, I lost track of time. She is a perfectionist and an eye for detail - she aims to get every shot just right! I look forward to working with her, again.

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Radiant Foto

I had my first collab shoot with Izzysamer on 13th November in the International Artcore Studio in East London. She arrived on time. Pre-shoot communication was good and prompt.

Though it was a cold and long shoot, she was very energetic and positive. We spent the majority of the time outside the studio. The shoot went for almost seven hours but she did not take a single break and was determined to produce quality images. As the shoot went on, her confident grew and it clearly seen on the pictures. Izzysamer was very friendly, easy and fun to work with. I look forward working with her again.

I recommend her to my fellow photographers.

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