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Lady Sadie Ann Marie

I had a very enjoyable shoot with Daniel. We had worked together previously in past year's. But this time was for his project.

Daniel was book by a Chinese retailer who advertises their clothing on Amazon.com. So as you can Imagine I would have been crazy to say no to this booking.

Daniel worked very hard though out the shoot, perfecting the light and shadows. given the fact he didn't have much space to work with and I move about (lol) he done a great job. He gave me direction very well, he was on time having come all the way from work. He came ready with all his lights and with all the out fits that needed to be modelled. We worked quickly together even having time to throw in a series that was 'off topic'.

I highly recommend Daniel and hope to have plenty more bookings with him. As you can see from his port, his lighting is brilliant.


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Toni Jane

Had an amazing photo shoot with this guy at the windmill house, he came up with a brilliant idea on what to wear and it turned out to be awesome! He's such a lovely bloke, very supportive and helped me in bits were I needed! I was very comfy around him it was like id known him ages. He's not one to miss out on! Defiantly recommend him! Fantastic shoot!

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