Additional Information

Stats and sizes

  • 26yr old Female model
  • Stats(in/USA) 31A-24-31
  • USA dress size 1
  • 5'3" tall
  • 87lbs
  • USA shoe size 4
  • Brown eyes
  • Short light brown hair
  • White skin
  • Mediterranean ethnicity

Shoots styles

Beauty, Commercial, Cosplay, Fashion, Fitness, Glamour, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Nude, Portrait, Promotional, Swimwear, Topless and Wedding


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Hello there!

I’m a versatile and passionate full-time model. I'm bubbly, friendly and easy to get along with. I'm looking to align myself with more photographers with a strong aesthetic and creative drive.

I am able to pose without direction or little direction depending on your views. I can be very creative and can come up with useful ideas if they are wanted and needed. I have experience of fashion, boudoir and artistic nude, however I'm very open to alternative visions.

If you have any questions feel free to message me.


I have 160cm and a slim figure ( somewhere in between size 4 and 6).

My hair is short light brown but I am more than happy to wear wigs - that completely changes my look.

I generally apply natural makeup; if you are interested in more than that I will require you to bring along your own make up artist to make sure you get the result you're longing for.



Facebook: Irina Ludosanu






Message me for rates

Please keep in mind I expect travel costs to be covered unless I am in the area already


As this is my full time job, I feel the need to cover myself, although, I understand that life happens and some things can't be helped.

For booking taken during tours, I kindly ask for a 1h deposit.

  • If you cancel 1 week before our shoot I require 50% of the rate agreed
  • If 3 days before our planned shoot you are required to pay 70% of the rate agreed
  • If you cancel 48 hours before our planned shoot I kindly ask you to pay 100% of the rate agreed.

(These terms are automatically agreed to when booking me)


My levels are up to artistic nude frontal images (no open legs or higher levels)

IMPORTANT: If during the shoot a more explicit picture was taken (labia visible or "open legs" type) I expect the photo to be deleted.

I don't shoot "open legs", but I can't control from which angle the photographer is taking the photos. I don't want to be stiff and I like to move a lot during the shoot to express myself. Therefore, I expect your respect.

If you plan any sort of video it must be discussed beforehand


- I prefer not to discuss shoots over the phone as it is important for me to have the conversation history in writing so I can easily refer back to it

- The booking time is just that, and includes things such as discussions of ideas, water/food breaks, changing time, bathroom breaks

- If you choose to end our shoot early, you will still need to pay the agreed fee for the entire shoot

- I am happy to do a discount for multi-day bookings

- Please use my portfolio as a reference to my comfort limits

- Photos cannot be published on porn, swinger, escort and similar websites


I have been published internationally in many different magazines and exhibitions.

2019. December - Elan Vital Magazine -UK

2020. March - Mag Nuexpo -Paris/France

2020. Aprilie - Mob Journal -Milan/Italy

2020. May -Kaiser Magazine -Romania

2020. June -Edith Magazine -Canada/Toronto

2020. July -Photo Vogue Magazine -Italy

2020. July -Assuré Magazine -France

2020. July -Moevir Magazine -Paris/France

2020. August -BeautyMute -Paris/France

2020. August -Imagine Magazine -Romania

2020. October -Art of Nude Magazine -Moscow/Russia

2020. December -Nakid mag -USA


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irina L has 56 references; 56 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.


let's shoot in UK
Bath & Cambridge & London & Malmesbury & Norwich from Sunday, October 23rd to Monday, October 31st.
Let's shoot in France
Lyon & Montpellier-de-Medillan & Paris from Saturday, September 17th to Monday, September 26th.


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