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Bobbi Castle

It was my second time shooting with Iestyn during my southern tour. He kindly offered to pick me up as I was staying just around the corner from him during my tour. We went to his house to shoot. He transforms his sitting room into a studio, it was quite impressive actually, backdrops & lights, you would never know we where in a sitting room. Coffee and a chat at the beginning and breaks throughout which was nice. He gives great direction not afraid to let me know if a certain pose looks awkward or if my long legs are sticking out of the back drop. He also diddnt mind me making suggestions either so the shoot flowed really nicely. The time just flew by to be honest. The images I saw on BOC where great, I'm looking forward to seeing the final edits. Thanks again for an enjoyable shoot and I will be looking forward to the next time for sure! highly recommend to anyone

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Scarlet Jones said...

Had a lovely shoot with Ieysten during my East Angelia Tour . First off all Ieysten is a hero he came to pick me up from the station and rescue me off a train full of football hulagons . Then a not so good start with a quick cleaning lesson as tea spilt on the carpet by himself meant I got to learn a few tips about cleaning carpet ;) .

Eventually we got into the shoot and it was fab . Got through practically all my suitcase in the space of a few hours . Lovely guy and is defiantly not a slave driver , plenty of breaks provided.

Thanks Jess x

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Just had a great shoot with ieysten today.

Found him so easy to get along with the shoot was throughly enjoyable.

We covered a whole heap of differnt styles from fashion,Glamour and Art nude and the lighting made me look great! cant wait to see the shots.

would definitely reccomend ieysten and hope to work with him again in future 😊

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Bobbi Castle

i had a great first shoot with iestyn. i was touring in his area and he booked me to come to his home to shoot. the shoot went great, there where plenty of coffee offered which was nice. the images where great to, it was a great shoot, thanks a lot :)

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First shoot with Iestyn. He knows how to help you get the best pose and the best out of a shoot. At the last part of the shoot just before finishing, we agreed to try an old body-suit I had that I hadn't planned on using for the shoot, but it ended up working out as one of the best photos.

The edits are very good quality and they are already getting lots of attention, just minutes and hours after posting them on PP.

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Kelly Cappellano

I had a great shoot with iestyn this morning.He is a lovely guy.Great communication and great attention to detail.I would highly recommend him to others.I would work with him again.x

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Robyn Summers

Iestyn was aan absolute pleasure to work with! :)

We discuss and organised a shoot fairly quickly, so communication was on point.

Upon arrival, he was very polite, professional and I found him really easy to talk to and have a laugh with :)

The shoot itself was great, direction was given whenever needed and Iestyn also trusted me to pull off some of my own poses.

We had regular outfit changes and tweaks and the images I saw on the back of the camera looked great.

I felt totally relaxed throughout and would highly recommend Iestyn to anyone on Purpleport!

What a lovely guy, thank you so much and I hope you had a fantastic new year :D

Robyn xox

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I had a home shoot with Iestyn just before the new year. He was on time and came with a good range of equipment. The shoot was fast paced and fun! Iestyn was full of ideas and easy to shoot with. Hoping to shoot with him again in 2016 :) Would definitely recommend!

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Had my first shoot with iestyn today and I had a great time he made me feel really comfortable, had some great ideas and new how to utilize space well.

I would highly recommend working with him if you want a fun shoot while accomplishing alot!

I am really looking forward to working with him again.

Thanks for a great shoot :)

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Really enjoyed my shoot with Iestyn, he was very patient and good at giving direction and helped me to feel at ease. I learnt quite a lot in a short space of time, would definitely recommend him to anyone.

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Iestyn was really easy to work with, we got on really well and he knew which images he wanted to get out of the shoot. i would certainly recommend him and work with him again :)

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Bianca Symone

Had a shoot ienstyn today and what a great shoot it was, he made me feel very comfortable from the start and the hours we spent shooting flew by as it was a lot of fun and il definitely remember how good this shoot was. pre communication was spot on and the images we captured where flawless. He provided snacks and his ability to capture epic images was definitely there no doubt. he is very talented at what he does and I was astounded by the quality of the images which means I can only give my highest recommendation! Thanks for a great shoot can't wait to shoot again sometime!

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Had a very enjoyable studio shoot with ieystyn whose prowess with the camera shows in his shooing atyle he has an enthusiasm which makes it easier to work around him and has lots of brilliant ideas. Also loved how he provided snacks warmth and good direction. Although i was paid for this shoot i recieved over thirty high res high edited images in a short apace of time following the shoot which is always fantastic :)

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Chloe Leather said...

Iestyn done my first ever photo shoot last week. I'd definitely recommend him as he made me feel at ease, had a little bit of fun with the shoot and the photos are awesome! We hope to work together again in the future.

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Tayla said...

Had a great shoot today, great laugh and some amazing photos. :)

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Iestyn came to work with me at my home studio. The shoot was arranged very last minute, but his communication was really good, he arrived on time, and was really easy to work with. Also, a very friendly person, who I would be happy to recommend.

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Iestyn came along to one of the regular model days at my studio in Weston Super Mare. This was the 1st time I or the model had met him but we were soon chatting away like old friends, he's very easy to get on with. Iestyn had clear ideas for the shots that he wanted to achieve and worked with the model effortlessly during the shoot. An all round nice guy and someone I can happily recommend

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Rachelle Summers

Had a great shoot with Iestyn on my recent trip to Weston.

He knew exactly what he wanted to get and the shoot flew by! Could of worked with him for hours!

Really nice guy and would definitely recommend :)

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