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I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Hywel and Joceline recently and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Pre comms and organisation were faultless, clearly detailed and fuss free. Their hospitality is one of the best ever experienced, ensuring you are well fed and looked after.

Hywel’s approach to shooting is relaxed, fun and smooth free but with superb results. Without hesitation Hywel comes very highly recommended. Thank you once again for a fantastic shoot :)

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Hywel was a delight to work with. We shot at his house and had hand on support from his stunning wife. Pre comms were perfect and the shoot was well led and comfortable the entire way through.

I'd happily recommend shooting for hywell and I'd not hesitate to work with him again in the future.

Thanks guys xx

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Rachelle Summers

I had another 2 day shoot for Hywel's website on my most recent tour of the area!

We were both feeling poorly but Hywel planned the 2 days really well to be as productive as possible whilst giving us plenty of breaks so that neither of us got too worn out. He was incredibly understanding and thoughtful.

I love working for his website, Hywel is great company on the shoot day but also incredibly professional and respectful too.

Highly recommended and hope to work for him again in the future :)

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I had an excellent shoot with Hywell and his lovely wife! They made me feel very welcome and made sure I was looked after. I loved shooting for their website and I highly recommend both of them!

Thank you for a great shoot!


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Gabriella Knight

I had fantastic shoot with Hywell and his beautiful wife for Hywell website.:)

Hywell is very professional , well organised and makes you feel super relaxed during shoot.

It was a total pleasure to work with Hywell and his wife!:)

Highly recommended

G x

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Curiosity Photography Studio & Prop Hire

It was a pleasure to welcome Hywel to the studio

Such an easy photographer to host, he just got on with it

Hope we see you again soon :)

100% recommended

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UkCuteGirl Lucy

Hywell is one of my favourite photographers to work for! His shoots are always so much fun, he is incredibly creative and talented as well as being a joy to be around.

He booked me at my studio day in Bristol and despite sadly being a little under the weather himself he still managed to come up with some cool ideas, get lots of really funky shots making full use of everything the studio had to offer.

I would very much recommend working with him if you get the chance and I'm absolutely buzzing about working with him again in the future :)

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Hannah Foster

Had my first shoot with Hywel and Joceline and it was amazing! They were both great, so accommodating and made me feel so welcome. We talked through the shoot plan and they made sure that I was comfortable with everything, I had my own room to put my clothes in and get changed etc.

Joceline was so helpful and lovely assisting with my clothing, ropes etc. It was such a great day that flew by, we worked through few different sets and stopped for lunch too.

Both Hywel and Joceline are lovely people and I loved working with them. Hoe to work together again soon!

Very highly recommended.

Hannah xx

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Chloe T

Hywel is an amazing photographer every shot looks amazing the sets and the ideas are great I spend two days working with him and would be happy do it again any time easy to work with too!

Chloe X

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Alicia K

Lovely to work with Hywel for the first time! Pre-communications were perfect and I knew exactly what would be expected of me on the day. Hywel and his assistant Steve were extremely welcoming and made sure I was safe and comfortable at all times. They were both really accommodating and friendly.

The shoot day was thoroughly enjoyable, fantastic location and a lot of fun to try out all the different bondage set ups. And as if that wasn't enough, the photos look amazing too. I would recommend without hesitation and really hope to work with Restrained Elegance again. Thank you for shooting with me, highly recommended!

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This was my first shoot with Hywel (and his fab assistant) for Restrained Elegance.

It was a great shoot, very relaxed and easy going. He explained how the day would go and what was needed for the site.

His pre-comms were great, I knew exactly what to bring and what to expect.

He was chatty throughout the shoot making sure I was comfortable.

His house is amazing with loads of photo opportunities and sets.

I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and would absolutely recommend Hywel as a photographer.

I look forward to being able to shoot with him again!

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Bad Dolly

I've just come back from two days shooting with Hywell for restrained elegance and as ever Hywell was a lovely host and every set was fun and beautifully shot.

I was kept warm, topped up with tea and very well looked after in general :)

I love shooting for Restrained Elegance and always come away buzzing from the experience :) A true professional, talented photographer and a lovely person. I just hope his ears aren't ringing too much from all my chatter!

Thank you! x

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UkCuteGirl Lucy

Another awesome shoot with Hywel and Joceline. Very talented, super friendly and very genuine people. Love working with them and would highly recommend working with them if you get the chance :)

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Nicole Rayner

I recently had my first shoot with Hywel, shooting for SilkSoles and what a lovely day it was.

Firstly Hywels pre comms were probably the best I've received to date. He explained exactly what the shoot would entail, gave me a detailed list of things he'd like me to bring to the shoot.

Was so respectful and welcoming through his messages and this attitude continued on the shoot.

I was quite nervous in all honesty as this shoot style was new to me, however Hywel is a very lovely person who is easy to work with so my nerves went immediately. The wonderful Joceline also helped create such a welcoming environment, offering me tea and food as soon as I arrived as well as being the lovely bubbly chatty person that she is! Not to mention they were both very understanding of me being late due to the snow, I felt very stressed having being late but as soon as I arrived that stress went!!

Joceline was on hand throughout the day, helping with outfits as well as making a lovely lunch!

The house is stunning with a range of beautiful rooms and sets! All so tastefully done.

We managed to get through lots of sets covering a whole range of outfits, however we had lots of tea breaks so It was a very relaxed day indeed, yet very productive. Hywel obviously has great technical knowledge and setting up was always quick and efficient. I loved his creativity also. He allowed me to pose at will as well as giving some suggestions at different points of the day.

I really enjoyed the shoot, as well as Hywels company and conversation. would love to shoot again and would recommend to others!

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Rose Magdalene Child

Yet again another amazing 2 days shooting with Hywel and Joss for Restrained Elegance. We realised upon the last shoot that we've been working together now for about 5/6 years which seemed crazy to me but that in itself shows how wonderful they are to work with.

They are the perfect two-some in every way, business, life and love. It is so wonderful spending time around them as they are such a wonderful couple whom are so passionate about what they do which is rare to see.

Hywel is a genius with the camera/video camera and knows light & angles so well to capture the most beautiful footage which is why I believe the website is so popular and has been now for a long time. Joss has the unique ability to see and tie rope in such a stunning way to decorate the body whilst also showing 'being restrained' to still be elegant and beautiful.

I just love being around them both and I always come away feeling happy and confident with the results.

Thank you again, Tillie x

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Czech Beauty

Had a fantastic first shoot at Hywels house in Wales and I must admit it was one of my best bondage shoot so far! Hywels prep communication was excellent,he is really focused on little details and make you feel very creative :) and for all days shoot I was well looked after by Joseline which was lovely and she was so kind and gave me some recomendation for other photograpbers i can work with which was really helpful :)I really enjoyed our shoot, Hywel and Joseline are very friendly,chatty, approachable professionals and I would highly recommend them to all beautiful models who love to try something new :). It was a real pleasure to work with you both and im glad we made some stunning photos! I'm looking forward to shoot with Hywel again ,hopefuly soon!Xx

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Scarlett Fox

So awesome getting to work with Hywel again so soon after our last shoot :D

I put up a last minute casting as I found myself in Shrewsbury and Hywel luckily got in touch with me for some fun shooting for SilkSoles and Restrained Elegance.

Perfect pre comms, arrived early, and very kindly drove me over to the train station at the end of the day.

Just as the last time, Hywel was a dream to work with, precise direction, had really imaginative ideas to work on throughout the day, we worked through fashion, lingerie, sheer, and art nude with both rope and metal, while getting creative with the lighting, and I adore that Hywel also gets involved with the styling whether it be the set or clothing.

Our shoot went so quickly as Hywel makes the shoots so fun by giving you a story line to work with and then lets you go with the flow! Even with chatting and a couple of breaks we had a very productive shoot :)

Hywel is also a great rigger, made sure of any medical issues, and was sure I was comfortable in any of the ropes, and they also looked beautiful (and tidy!).

Fantastic day, and I can not wait for the next shoot :D very easily and highly recommended!

Scarlett x

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UkCuteGirl Lucy

Had my first shoot with Hywel and Joceline last week. Pre shoot comms was great and the shoot was soooo much fun!

As soon as I arrived they were very welcoming and ran through what we hoped to achieve during the shoot as well as all safety aspects etc making me feel very comfortable.

Hywel has an awesome imagination and is clearly a very talented and enthusiastic photographer. Their house which we shot in us absolutely stunning as was the amount of props and kit they had to make each set of pics perfect!

Joceline is also very friendly, enthusiastic and a very talented rigger.

I had an amazing day working with them and I really hope I get the opportunity to work with them again! I highly recommend working with them if you get the chance :)

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Scarlett Fox

I just got home from an incredible day shooting with Hywel and Joceline for Restrained Elegance, and I was sad when the day finished as it went by just so quickly!

Hywel got in touch with me a good few months ago now to arrange the shoot, pre comms were brilliant and in great depth so I knew exactly what the day would consist of, and he picked me up from the station early :)

The day started off with a coffee and very warm welcome to their home/studio which is beautifully decadent (and toasty heating on all day!), we chatted over outfits and sets and jumped straight in to shooting. Throughout the day we shot in the dungeon, conservatory, and bedroom, and even got to play with some fabulous natural light which looked beautiful, we shot a mixture of themes from pirates to princess, high fashion looks to art nude, working with ropes and metal!

Absolutely no stress or rushing about, several breaks, a lunch break too and Hywel is an awesome chef I hasten to add!

I think it’s obvious that Hywel is an experienced and great photographer from his diverse portfolio, but it can’t go unsaid that this is man that really loves what he shoots and puts in all his skills, even the smallest details, and I loved his lighting and the time he puts in to his shots from planning themes, creating sets, clothing, and then explaining what he wants from a the model, and then also all the safety aspects too, that’s what makes a proper photographer in my eyes. Besides being an excellent photographer he’s also very down to earth, easy to work and have a laugh with and a little barmy which I think is excellent!

So I must say I do indeed very highly recommend Hywel and his gorgeous wife for anyone looking for a fun, productive shoot :D

Thank you for everything,

Scarlett x

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Honour May

Had my first shoot with this wonderful company yesterday and wow was it a good one. From the first pre-shoot messages they were very professional and well organised, when I arrived at the studio they were all set up and ensured I felt comfortable with all of the levels required before shooting. They were friendly and great to chat to but remained professional throughout, capturing some great photos and making me smile throughout the shoot. Over all a wonderful company with a real creative eye and fantastic skill for photography. 100% recommended 5*

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