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I've been interested in photography since I was little but decided to study Drama, a field in which I have a BA from the University of Glamorgan. On reflection, I believe photography would have been a better vocation to learn about which is why I have pursued it further in my post-student life.

I have two core beliefs when it comes to my photography style:

1: Show people that there's no such thing as "not being model material".

If you work with me then I will do everything in my power to bring out the real 'you'. I firmly believe that every single person can look amazing if they're shot as themselves without needing to play a role. I am happy to work with anyone. If a photographer has told you in the past that you're not right for modelling, that you're too big or that you have too many tattoos, please be assured that is something I will never do.

2: Customer service.

Tony Hsieh, the CEO of the American clothing store "Zappos", once said that "customer service should not be a department; it should be the whole company". My philosophy is very much the same. The companies with whom I regularly do business with all have customer service in mind. After all, no matter how well your product or service performs the client is always going to have a poor experience if the company fails to do as they promised. Therefore, I keep the needs of my clients at the forefront of my business with them as I believe that is the key to retaining custom.

I have experience in styles such as cosplay, portrait, weddings, nature and landscapes. I also do a lot of photographs of animals and pets, so if you'd like a shoot with anyone from your dog to your guinea pig then get in touch.


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