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Billy Cee..

Mel answered my last minute casting call for a fashion based street shoot in Birmingham.

Her pre comms are excellent, and she arrived on time, on a rather missrable wet day.

Mel is a lovely lady to work with chatty, funny, and needs very little direction, we managed to do 4 different costume changes in a couple of hours along with a quick coffee break.

I highly recommend Mel, she's tall, elegant and just a genuinely nice person.

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Had my second shoot with Mel and delighted with the results. Mel was on time and kept me in formed with the travel time. Very easy to work with good company. Apart from being a model, Mel is also a fashion designer and we both talked about the low quality of some of the Amazon outfits, look good but do not last. This shoot is not her style but said it was worth doing as its something different. Posed with very little direction from me and her idea of adding a wig was ingenious. Thanks Mel for the shoot, recommended.

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Had a fun shoot with Melissa today.

Excellent pre-shoot comms, even keeping me up to date of her journey progress on the train to the shoot.

We were shooting commercial styles, and she arrived with all the outfits for all the scenarios and more. Having gone through a bit of a loose shoot plan, she got straight into it, going from one style to another with ease. Seamlessly moving from business style to fitness to fashion to lingerie.

An all round lovely lady, with a sense of humour and a great figure, I totally recommend working with Melissa if you get the chance. You'll be pleased you did.

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Genius Lifestyle/ genius gang

Melissa attended a Fashion show in Nottingham and worked well with all designers.

An absolute pleasure to work with and sure to work with again in the near future

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Terry StreetArt

It was lovely to catch up with Mel(Bushell) again for a shoot at studio@one. It was just a short one this time and we focused on the Cleopatra based set. Mel bought a fabulous wig for the part. Her role play and poses were excellent, and we had a lot of fun.

Thanks Mel.

I fully recommend her.

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Tony Ware

Had an awesome shoot with the the lovely Bushell, who turned up on time with lots of changes to shoot with, we did a location shoot in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside, Bushell is great fun to work with, had a fabulous day with this model who looks incredible. I would really love to work with her again, book her now, you will not be disappointed.

100% highly recommended.

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Had my first shoot with Bushell this week and had a great time. Communicative was easy and stress free and before long we had set a date to shoot. Bushell turned up on time and brought a suitcase full of outfits to put on. Was happy to try out new ideas and consents. I was trying to go for some images that would need a lot of editing but the idea is always bigger than my budget but she was happy to try. Very easy to work with and would recommend her to other togs. Thanks Bushell for the shoot, great fun meeting you and you were a scream to work with.

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Antony taylor photography

I did a group shoot based on powder and water with two other togs and another model.

Bushel attended and bought everything requested always gives 100% and a total pleasure to work with definitely like to work together again and hope we do soon.

Great model well worth booking

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Had my first shoot with Mel yesterday and what a pleasure it was.

We had spoken a few times on working together so it was good to get a date and time that worked for us both.

Mel has an amazing figure with legs that go on forever and is so versatile we were able to shoot a range of themes and outfits.

I would highly recommend Mel to any photographer and do hope to shoot with her again sometime soon.

Thank you Mel

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Lady MJ Warrior Queen

Melissa is an absolute gem to work with and a very beautiful lady with a happy go lucky spirit! Melissa is very professional and a natural on camera. A fantastic model to work with for our music video and photo-shoot. Look forward to future projects!

Kind regards

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Antony taylor photography

Had the pleasure of working with this funny top class model on my group shoot very reliable gives 100% and totally fun to work with.

Definitely like to work together again as bushell is a pleasure and she brings everything you ask of her, nothings hard work well worth booking.

Thank you


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Captured Emotion

Wow what an amazing model, we met up after bushell booked me for a 2 day shoot in wales,she showed up on time and with an amazing selection of clothes, bushell is an amazing model and lady in every way shes amazing at flow posing and is brilliant at playing to the camera, she is so beautiful and has such an amazing figure and beautiful personality it was like being out with a best friend aswell as a model, I loved every min I spent with this amazing model and cannot recommend her enough. book now you really wont regret it :)

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Malcolm01uk said...

Once again I have the pleasure of working with Bushell on Wednesday as always she turns up on time in full of enthusiasm with some props as well.

Would recommend her to other photographers were looking for a enthusiastic model

Hopefully I will work with her again in the future.

Thanks for attending the Fun Wednesday group.

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Melissa is a great model to work with. She is very outgoing and patient. We both managed to get some great shots on the day. I would recommend anybody to work with her. All the best for the future and take care.

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I had the pleasure of working with Melissa and she is great.

Sorted out all her cloths to wear and is a awesome model.

Ready to go, Arrived on time and and a pleasure to work with

I cant recommend her enough

Thank you

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Malcolm01uk said...

I had the pleasure of working with bushell yesterday at a W.F.G in kings Heath Birmingham.

She turns up on time well prepared for the shoot with clothing suitable for the shoot.

She worked with 10 different photographers this did not seen to phase her at tall .

We hope she will come back to the club in the future everyone enjoyed working with her.

Highly recommended do any photographer clubb wishes to have a nice bubbly model.

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Antony taylor photography

Met milissa for the first time at the WFG Clun.

Great model very friendly and fun to work with thank you for coming over . Look forward to working with you again soon


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Fleshman Returns

bushell was a model at a shoot I helped to organise at a camera club. Pre-shoot communications were excellent. During the session about 25 photographers took photos of bushell which must have been quite a demanding experience, but bushell was calm and professional during the whole session. One of the photographers described bushell as a beautiful model.

I highly recommend bushell as clearly she is comfortable working with a range of photographers from novice to expert.

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Today I had my 2nd. shoot with the lovely Melissa, and once again she shoed what an excellent and profession model she is.

Following on from our 1st shoot last month we had some good coms. to discuss what we both wanted to get from the shoot, and this gave us some good ideas for the shoot, and what an excellent shoot it was too.

Mel always works well to the camera and models well to get the best images.

All through the shoot I ask Mel if she felt comfortable and happy, and she said that said that she was.

I would most certainly recommend Melissa to any photographer pro. or amateur, and if you are the latter like myself, have no worries she make you feel at ease.

Thank you Mel for a great shoot, and I hope to work with you again soon.

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Mel and I shot together today for the first time. Pre shoot communication was excellent and we were able to discuss and agree what Mel wanted from the shoot, which was basically to further strengthen her portfolio. Although Mel is just starting out she brought enthusiasm and a willingness to take direction. Great fun to work with and I would happily recommend her.

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