Additional Information

Stats and sizes

  • 24yr old Female model
  • Stats(in/usa) 34D-29-42
  • USA dress size 8
  • 5'6" tall
  • 140lbs
  • USA shoe size 6
  • Green eyes
  • Very long auburn/red hair
  • Pale white skin
  • White ethnicity
  • I have a single tattoo

Shoots styles

Alternative, Beauty, Commercial, Fashion, Glamour, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Nude, Pinup, Portrait, Promotional, Sheer, Swimwear, Topless and Wedding



Wanna see my FPIs? :)


Hello there! I am a red haired, green eyed, freckly little firefly with a penchant for photography. But if we're doing proper introductions, I'm an internationally published professional model who recently moved to Edinburgh. I do other things too, like singing and taking pictures, but as of now I am a model by trade. I've been passionate about modelling, acting and art since I was fifteen, first modelling for an alternative clothing brand in Manchester as a teenager, and later branching out into more artistic modelling endeavours. I decided to take the plunge and attempt to make my passion a living about two years ago. Since then I have taken part in hundreds of shoots, met some incredible and inspiring artists, graced magazine covers and travelled to places I never thought possible! Above all, I've enjoyed every minute, and hope very much that my life will continue in this direction for many years.

 I live and breathe what I do. I come alive in front of a camera.

I specialise in beauty and portraiture, but enjoy shooting lots of styles, and work up to nude. I have long auburn hair and very clear, pale skin with freckles on my face and shoulders (more prominent in summer), with dramatic curves - a small waist and wide hips - hourglass! I also have a small tattoo of a crow (a simple and tasteful outline) on my ankle, which can be very easily covered in photoshop, or I am happy for photographers to keep it visible if they want to keep the Corvid brand! My look is extremely versatile; I can do fairytale ethereal, bombshell lingerie, high-fashion, artistic nude, androgyny... And I can do all of them pretty damn well. I am very comfortable in my own skin and happy to adopt relaxed poses while nude, however I will not shoot any open leg, or anything which explicitly simulates sex. I am no prude, but I like to keep it artistic!

My modelling style is laid back and spontaneous - I find that the best and most believable images come from getting in to character and going with the flow. I see modelling as acting, and thus my posing is free and expressive. I'm also told I'm fun to work with! :)

I'm passionate about body positivity, so if you incorporate cool interpretations of form and representation in your work, that's a huge bonus!

I am willing to travel far for the right project - I have a railcard and a passport. I'm also very competent at doing my own make-up (examples in my portfolio) and have quite an eclectic wardrobe. I know my best angles and the way my body moves and can work with minimal direction - I can therefore be of use to less experienced photographers who are still figuring out their style or haven't yet gotten to grips with directing a model round a shoot. If I sound like your girl, hit me up!

You can now follow my antics and hijinx on instagram @heathermaycorvid if you are that way inclined!

~ My Rates ~

My rates begin at £40 an hour for non-commercial shoots, and I offer discounted prices for longer shoots. Please contact for details! I am very happy working with beginners and experts.

I am well versed in group shoots and workshops and am happy to discuss rates regarding these types of bookings.

I am also now offering a basic retouching service at a very affordable price to photographers who work with me! Contact for details.

~ Cancellation Policy ~

I completely understand that sometimes life happens and a shoot can't go ahead. When this happens I am usually very happy to reschedule. My cancellation policy is as follows: If the shoot is rescheduled a week in advance, and the new shoot date is within two weeks of the original shoot date, no charge applies. If the shoot is cancelled up to five days in advance, I will ask for 50% of the shoot's payment. If the shoot is cancelled less than 48 hours in advance, I will ask for the shoot's payment to be paid in full.

For tours, if a shoot is cancelled within a week, 100% of the shoot's payment must be paid in full. It is very difficult to fill shoots on tour, and with the costs that accommodation and travel incur while touring, a cancellation can mean losing more money than we make.

This policy is put in place as a precautionary measure; I know that most of you are very courteous and responsible when it comes to planning a shoot!

~ Studio Days & Tours ~

July 6th & 7th @ Candy Heart, Edinburgh

~ Disclaimers ~

I don't want to be touched without permission, especially while nude.

I will climb mountains, wade in cold water and roll in dirt. I am not proficient in the art of tree climbing, and I am a very slow walker, especially up hill, owing to my dodgy knees. However, there's not much I won't do in the name of art, all I ask is for your patience, consideration (bring towels and hot drinks for cold or wet shoots!) and above all appreciation! :)

I will not sign a model release or shoot content for private websites except in circumstances where the terms have been carefully agreed in advance. Please bear in mind that if you require a model release, this needs to be agreed in pre-comms. If a model release form and/or a request for photo ID is sprung on me during a shoot I will not provide them.



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