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Black Lemon Photography

Savanna is full of creative ideas. Talented in making stunning handmade props, huge wardrobe collection covering all option, her skill shines through time and time again delivering fabulous WOW edgy designs. Add a lovely relaxed personality, an eye for detail where she would instantly step in and "fix" something that the photographer or model had not even noticed needed doing just gives the photographer and model a confidence which works to a superb relaxed shoot.

Highly recommended. Thank you Savanna.

Richard x

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Katrina Oceana

Savanna was my stylist at my Halloween wotkshop in York. And wow, she was amazing. She is such a nice person and easy to get along with. She is very talented and had amazing ideas. I'm honestly over the moon with what she did for me! I cannot wait to work with her again!

Thank you,

Kat x

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Savanna just recently moved to York and I was so pleased to be able to work together on a shoot that she organised with 3 stunning models to show off both her headgear and a local designers outfits.

If you get the opportunity to work with this lively, enthusiastic and very talented lady - then do so - you will not be disappointed. Her designs are simply stunning, and her creative talents at styling and the overall concept for the shoot were second to none.

Very highly recommended and I know we will work together again very soon.

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