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DANCIN_GYPSY has 6 references; 6 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Chris Blanche

A fantastic first shoot with Dancin Gypsy. I'm sure it's the first of many.x

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Just had my second shoot with Gypsy which was every bit as enjoyable as the first. She has a great personality and a wicked sense of humour which I think comes out in her images.

Pre shoot comms are great and she always arrives on time and with loads of outfits to use. A pleasure to work with her

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Had an amazing Shoot with Kellyann. She is so enthusiastic and fun. The shoot was relaxed and happy, which shows in some great, relaxed images.A super personality and great 'looks' :)

Pre shoot organisation was perfect, and wow, what a super selection of outfits were brought - in keeping with all the themes agreed for the Shoot.

Thanks, 'Dancing Gypsy' for a super Shoot - well recommended - love to work with you again. Martin.

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Krystal modeled for us in April. Pre-shoot comms were great and Krystal arrived on time with a range of outfits. She is great fun to work with, enthusiastic and very easy to get on with. She was happy to be directed or do her own thing. I'd recommend Krystal, hopefully we'll see her back at the club in the future.

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Great pre shoot coms and Krystal turned up early with plenty of outfits. Great fun in the studio and easy to work with although she is pretty bonkers! Welcome back any time and recommended.

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apex images

had the pleasure of working with krystal on a home shoot. was a pleasure to work with. bags of fun and lots of energy. so much so we already have a 2nd shoot booked.

great wardrobe and poses beautifully without any real direction.

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