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Grace Harvey has 13 references; 12 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 1 no-show.

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Caitlin Lynch

I worked with model Grace on a group photoshoot, along with another MUA and 3 other models.

Grace is so fabulous! She is dedicated to photoshoots and won't let you down. She brought with her so many outfit options which is great because we had so much choice and we were able to change it up. We ended up with an amazing variety of photos! She is a lovely person to talk to and she was amazing for our shoot and understood what we were going for! She is the perfect makeup model, especially for beauty and editorial style I think.

Overall I would 100% recommend working with Grace. Once you do, you will definitely want to again! I look forward to any future plans we make :)


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Grace and I have worked together many times over the years and she just delivers every time. Fun, friendly, creative and professional, she's always a joy to photograph, highly recommended.

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I met and shot Grace for the first time yesterday and she was a pleasure to work with. Really chatty and friendly and totally up for an unplanned shoot with me. The resulting images are beautiful, I've lost my mojo recently but shooting with Grace has gone some way towards rectifying that. A beautiful lady with a lovely attitude, I hope to work with her again in the future.

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I had the pleasure of working with Grace for the first time today and she was wonderful to shoot with. Her pre-comms before the shoot were first class and she turned up ready to shoot with a whole range of outfits to fit the theme. She has a such a lovely, warm and positive nature that time just flies by when you are with her, which made the shoot lots of fun. Grace needs no direction when she's in front of the camera, but is always happy to take on any suggestions you have and strives to help you create the best image possible. An absolute joy to work with, I'd very highly recommend her to any and all photographers out there and I hope to work with her again in the future as she's a star :)

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Ashley Barnard

Had a great shoot with Grace again today, his time for a youtube video on creating headshots with studio flash and reflectors, Grace is easy to work with and follows direction well.

Would highly recommend her for your shoot, very reliable and always on time.

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Another fabulous shoot with Grace. A beautiful and talented model, Grace is so easy to get along with, loads of fun and lovely to be around. Pre-shoot communications are always excellent, she brought a fabulous selection of quality clothes to fit with the theme of the shoot and worked so well with me, refining ideas, poses and working to create better images. I hope Grace and I shoot many more times together, highly recommended

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MeganAlice said...

1429142400Did not show up.

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I've had many shoots with Grace and I hope to have many more. She's such a naturally beautiful girl and an excellent model, taking direction effortlessly and is a delight to shoot with. Highly recommended

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Charlotte Wilson - Stylist & photographer said...

Without a doubt Grace works beautifully for a portrait and beauty shoot.

She turned up on time and acted professional and suggested a lot of ideas along the way as the the day was not running so successfully for myself.

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Flash Bang Wallop

Punctual and concise good pre-shoot comms, Grace attended a shoot for a local MUA who wanted to build on her portfolio. An accomplished model who knows how to pose and is good at following minute direction. Patient and undemanding.

Highly recommended. Thanks very much, Grace,

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KirstyWiseman said...

Grace has an incredibly doe eyed, full pout look - which is a dream for the kind of photography I like to work with.

She is superb at taking direction, is polite and an all round lovely girl - book her, you will love her beautiful face too.

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I've worked with Grace several times now and would happily work with her again and again. She has such a natural beauty and takes direction very well. Highly recommended

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Graham Binns

I worked with Grace a couple of years ago, right when she was getting started in modelling. She'd been booked for a morning studio shoot; in the end we shot for most of the day after the model we'd booked for the afternoon didn't show up.

Grace was a consumate professional, despite having two broken fingers at the time. She was committed, determined, not above going barefoot on a cold studio floor, and most of all she was fun to work with.

I'd be happy to work with Grace again, and I'm very pleased to recommend her to anyone looking to work with a model in the North West.

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