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Ashley Monroe

I had a brilliant first shoot with Gerry yesterday. He was great fun to work with and his ore communication before the shoot was excellent. He had some great ideas for the shoot and he made sure I knew what to bring and all the details for the shoot. The shoot was really enjoyable and Gerry was chatty and friendly and the shoot was relaxed and snacks were provided for when we had breaks. Highly recommended to other models and I hope to work with Gerry again in the future. Thank you Gerry for a fantastic shoot!

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wonderful shoot with Gerry ! such a great guy and had such a chilled out lovely shoot ...super polite and respectful towards me which was refreshing to say the least! let me get on with posing and use my own exp kept asking if I was ok ect - allowed me quick breaks even though we only had a short time to shoot because of such a great attitude I felt we clicked and i was able to give me all! I would 100 percent work with Gerry again and 100 percent recommend him ! thanks lauren carter !

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Rara Goes Roar said...

Lovely first shoot today with Gerry. Pre comms were great. We met on time and headed to the location. Worked from clothed to nude, the weather wasn't on our side but we got through many sets. It was bitterly cold but Gerry was very sweet and made sure I didn't get too cold for to long. Made me feel very comfortable and very easy to talk to. Would happily work with again!

Rara x

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