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Alice Rodriguez

Had my second shoot with Bob, absolute pleasure! A truly wonderful guy all round. I really look forward to our shoots. The images are always absolutely amazing! We managed to get creative on this shoot with neon lingerie on a black background doing gymnastics stunts! The ideas Bob brings to the table are always great fun! Looking forward to the next shoot. 10/10 experience!

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Woo woop, my first shoot with Bob, pre communication was spot on, there was an accident on the M5 and he kept me well informed and arrived still cool as a cucumber and it didn't affect our time. He was very respectful and honest, conversation flowed and we chatted easily throughout. Bob gave direction as and when needed but was very happy for me to take the lead. Showed me images as we went and wasn't afraid at all to get down on the floor to capture different angles to create great results. I real pleasure to work with. Definitely recommend and I'm sure we'll be working together again. 🤩

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Thank you for a great shoot today! Highly recommend bob to everyone! Felt very comfortable and confident, shot some amazing photos!! Excited to show them off! Thank you again sir :) x

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Alice Rodriguez

Had my first shoot with Bob this morning. He was absolutely amazing. By far one of my favourite shoots I have done. We will most definitely be working together again. I would highly recommend him to any model! You will be in great hands!

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Rosanna Wild

I shot with Bob today at Madhouse Studio!

Bob is very professional, good fun and gave good clear guidance when needed.

Thank you so much for a great shoot!

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Martina Moretti

Such a lovely second shoot with Bob! I had so much fun and made some amazing images. I love working with Bob and hopefully will see him again soon! Highly recommended photographer

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Martina Moretti

I had my first shoot with Bob today and couldn't be more happy! He is a really professional photographer with lots of creative ideas but also very friendly and chatty. Bob picked me up from the train station and offered drinks and food. I am very happy with the results/ images and looking forward to shoot with this photographer again!

Highly recommended

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Chloe Welsh

Looooove working with this crazy guy so much :)

We shot at Kev's house. As always Bob is a laugh a minute. He is super easy going and is happy to go with the flow but also happy giving input when it comes to styling.

I would always jump at the chance of shooting with Bob. It frikkin flies by when we shoot. He is a true credit to the industry. He takes some bloody cracking shots too...what more could a girl want?!

Until next time my lil welsh sheep xx

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Sherene Louise

I had a shoot with Bob at Kevin’s mad house, and what a great shoot it was!

Bob is such a breeze to shoot with! He is professional, friendly and creates such a comfortable environment. We chatted throughout the shoot and had an overall great few hours.

He brought outfits for me to wear, which worked very well into the shoot, and we exchanged ideas throughout the shoot. I highly recommend shooting with Bob, I know I would love to shoot again!

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My second shoot with Bob! He booked onto my studio weekend at The Mad House and I am glad he did.

Working with Bob is fun and easy, he is friendly and respectful and you couldn't ask for much more from a photographer. Throughout the shoot he showed me the BOC images which is always helpful. They looked really great and I am excited to see the final results!

Bob is great company and a great photographer. Highly recommended once again!

Thank you ☺️



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Curiosity Photography Studio & Prop Hire

100% recommendation from us :)

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Louisa Lu

Had a great shoot with Bob :) very chatty, friendly, relaxed shoot at my Gloucester tour. Bob has great ideas and is creative. Respectful and professional. Definitely recommended :) hope to shoot again soon when I’m next in Gloucester!

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Rara Curves

Was so good to work with Bob again, probably our 5 or 6th shoot now but not for at least 3 years. Bob is such a nice and fun man, we always end up giggling and having a great shoot. I hope we get to shoot again soon and the pics are amazing. Always a pleasure amd highly recommend x

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Chloe Welsh

It would be physically impossible for anyone to dislike or say a bad word about Bob. I can't say enough about him like I'm sure the same thing goes for anyone who has had the privilege of working with him. I think I may have actually shot with him more than anyone else now. He is so laid back, hilarious and has a wonderful selection of outfits. His lighting is always effortless and he's not shy to lie on a floor to capture the right angle. Always look forward to seeing the images afterwards as I know they won't disappoint. I don't want to go on all day as it wouldn't be fair on other togs I have worked with haha. But yeah, thank you my lovely bundle of welshness. You're a true diamond and anyone would be lucky to work with you. Until next time x x

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I had yet another brilliant shoot with Bob recently. Pre comms were excellent and he’s always fully prepared on arrival.

After not shooting for a couple of years we had a lot to catch up on! Conversation flowed & his bubbly personality and jokes just tops off the fun shoot we did. I always feel comfortable and respected working with Bob.

We shot a variety of styles from cosplay, latex, glamour up to art nude. Bob had some creative ideas which worked really well and is a great photographer!

I was shown back of the camera images throughout which always helps models.

I had a blast on this shoot and will look forward to the next. Images I have seen so far I’m very happy with.

Recommended to anyone :)

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Lovely Bob :)

I recently worked with Bob on my Gloucestershire tour and what a great way to start the tour!

Bob and I worked at full moon studio for 4 hours and shot a variety of genres.

Bob is fun, talkative and an all round nice guy. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him and from what I could see from the back of the camera we got some pretty cool stuff.

Would I work with Bob again? 100% yes!

Highly recommended xxx

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Natasha Kearns Official

I left a reference on my old account but wanted to add one for this account since he was hands down the best photographer I have ever worked with. He picked me up like the perfect gentleman and even brought me lunch! we shot so much and had a great laugh and the quality of his pictures were amazing. Really looking forward to working with him again. Would recommended highly!

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Gabriella Knight .

Another absolutely fantastic shoot with Bob! Total legend!!!!

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Hayley Dee90

I’m new to modelling and Bob put me at ease straight away, he gave great direction and communication was brilliant. He’s a really lovely guy! Can’t wait to see the end results

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Elle Wilks Model

I shot with Bob Hardy during a studio day and what a delight it was! He is a very chatty and friendly photographer, who made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. The images were amazing and I am looking forward to potential photoshoots in the near future

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