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Geraint Wiliams has 33 references; 33 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Nigel WHP

Today I had another opportunity to work with Geraint at his amazing studio. He is extremely professional and talented, probably the best photographer out there!!!

I was modelling for advertising purposes, Geraint was absolutely thrilled with what we had achieved and when I have some of the images to post you will most definitely see for yourself!

If you ever get the chance to model for this great man and photographer jump at it as i know that i will 🙂

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Model Photography Holidays

Geraint joined us on last years (Oct 2022) Model Photography Holidays workshop in Portugal, from the initial communications until meeting Geraint at the airport and spending 5 days with him in Portugal we was really professional. Getting to know him and watching him work with our models was amazing he was full of creative ideas and treated the models with the upmost respect, he was an absolute joy to be on our trip with. I therefore highly recommend Geriant ......

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Veronica De Savary

The first time I met Geraint was on an arranged Model Photographic Holiday on the Algarve.

Geraint is a friendly and really easy going photographer. We worked on location as well as at the Villa. I was extremely happy with our pre-comms. The images were delivered swiftly and I will definitely shoot with Geraint again.

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Jen Bailey

Got to shoot with Geraint for first time in Portugal where he attended model photography holidays shoot along with other photographers and models. I would definitely recommend shooting with Geraint :) he is great to shoot with in a group or solo shoot and got along well with everyone :) we got to do some solo shots as well and really enjoyed working with Geraint professional easy to get along with has great ideas and gave direction to achieve the shots . we shot wide range of looks over the trip and luv the imiages he has kindly sent me :) I would definitely recommend shooting with Geraint and hope to shoot again soon

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FWPS-Studio has 2 references; 2 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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FWPS is a purpose built studio ,built and designed by a photographer , it is a very versatile , it also has a great outside space and would cater for most photographers needs . It is in mint condition and has a quality finish a variety of backgrounds and lighting . Geraint is on hand and seems happy to assist with lightning and explanations on how and why it is applied ,which is useful for the lesser experienced like myself . Geraint has offered me tips and useful advice and been most helpful . If you need a studio space I would certainly recommended FWPS . Hope to use this studio again soon . Many Thanks Geraint .

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Nigel WHP

It was great to meet Geraint for the first time at his Studio – what a star! Friendly, chatty and great sense of humour, I had a really good time & felt at ease! Respectful and very professional, I felt 100% comfortable throughout our shoot and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Not pushy at all, really kind and easy to work with. So hope we work together again. Thank you Gerainti couldn't ask for anything more!!!

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Ginger Jess

Had a shoot with Geraint today at his very well equipped home studio.

He is lovely and professional and was great in precomms.

We had a good laugh and shared a few stories and one shoot idea lead to another and we got some really good shots!

Cant wait to share them and would work with him again

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I was delighted when Geraint said he was attending mine and Katie's Fire & Water event.

Having worked with him before, I know just what a talented photographer he is and knew he would bring something special to the shoot.

He didn't fail, my favourite work of Geraint's today was his idea for the duo poses, he set up some great lighting, demonstrated the pose and it looked absolutely brilliant!!! Really brought up the detail in the costumes and showed the contrast and vibrancy of the colours

A gentleman, he is a delight to work with and I would wholeheartedly recommend him. Can't wait to see the resulting images!

Thank you Geraint xx

Thank you!!


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Was such a pleasure to have geraint on set of mine and paige's fire and waiter event! And I was so excited to hear he was coming. Because I think his work is amazing and I belive we got some amazing images today and I cannot wait to see the finished edits geraint was so professional and friendly on set and I would 100% recommend him to all

Thanks again

Katie x

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ANG cheng

Worked with Geraint 2 times now hes a wonderful photographer and man.

He creates the most beautiful images and a lovely guy to work with.

Hes patient, friendly and produces the best pics, a great photographer what more can i say a true professional. Love to work with him again in the near future. Definitely recommended.

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What a gentleman!

This was my second time shooting with him, and as before, thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

I was delighted to have been hand picked for his new venture which was explained in depth to me. His communication is excellent, including the provision of image references so you know exactly what to expect and what is required of you.

Greeted with a lovely smile (from 2 metres away ;) ) I was immediately offered a drink and made to feel very welcome covid secure and relaxed.

Shooting with Geraint is a delight to behold. He knows exactly what he wants from a shoot, precisely what lighting is required and strives to get everything spot on – and he does! His shoots are very well executed and produce some amazing work. Its always a pleasure to work with someone so particular and well prepared.

Would I recommend him? I can’t recommend him enough!!

Thank you Geraint, it was a pleasure!!!

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Had my first shoot with Geraint today, lovely gentleman, it was an amazing commercial shoot for a series of boudoir promotional images for product marketing, pre comms were excellent, it was fun and very professional, the shoot was at Openspaces Studio (great venue) we got some great Images :D

I very highly recommend him to all and I look forward to working with him again soon

Thanks again for a great shoot

Scarlet :D

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I worked with Geraint for the first time on a commercial boudoir shoot at OpenSpace studio. Geraint's pre-shoot comms were excellent so I knew what to expect on the day. Geraint was easy to get along with and he was able to explain his ideas well. I think we created some fab images and I would happily work with him again :)

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Jade Lyon

I applied to a last minute casting call by Geraint and he got back to me super quickly to arrange everything.

Geraint has a fantastic home studio set up. He has a dedicated studio outbuilding in his large garden and another space for his editing and showing clients photos. His place also works so well for location photos as he has a large garden with fields all around it. We even had some photos with the horses in the field. It's very convenient that we didn't have to go far for the location as it wasn't far to come back for lunch or do changes etc.

He is very easy to work with and would happily with with him again.

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I had a wonderful shoot with Geraint yesterday. He was polite and professional throughout the shoot and a pleasure to work with. Geraint had chosen some great locations to shoot and I would happily work with him again.

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Gaz Houston

My wife and I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Geraint yesterday, he was very professional and welcoming and very easy to work with. Would happily recommend him and love to work with him again on future shoots.

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ANG cheng

Had a fantastic shoot with Geraint today, a true gentleman, polite and pleasant.

His photography is superb and totally amazing!! A brilliant photographer what more can i say except you must work with Geraint. Highly recommended so do book with him. Hes true professional 👍👍 i thoroughly enjoyed my photoshoot today.

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May Manning

Had a fun shoot with Geraint with a friendly welcome. Very impressed with his knowledge and expertise with getting the shots perfect; I am very happy with my images they are stunning! I hope to have another shoot with him again soon.

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Neill Roberts

After a little while getting our arrangements sorted I finally got to shoot with Geraint at his fabulous home and studio in Northamptonshire. You know when something is going to go right within the first few minutes of meeting and so it was to be. We had a blast and the ideas flowed due in the main to his amazing studio and props collection! We explored various shots and styles and some rather more appropriate to PP than others. Geraint made everything go smoothly and easily and I was very happy with what we got and more. Time beat us but I’m really looking forward to our next shoot which hopefully will be partially outside in the countryside that surrounds his home. A great day all round and I would recommend him to any model looking for superb shots in pretty much any style you want!

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Ms Tiana Kaos

Geraint booked me for the entire weekend, to shoot various ideas.

Mainly a white sheet boudoir setup in order to promote this service he will be offering clients.

Needless to say it did not take all weekend to shoot! This left us a huge amount of time to try lots of ideas and get a lot of WOW images.

- Geraint is a very knowledgable photographer and I enjoy working with him

Polite, and relaxed

Would recommend

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