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Had a great first shoot with George recently in a field in Haywards Heath on a brilliant day that was just perfect in terms of light and there was even a nice breeze every now and then which was very beneficial for some of my outfits!

We did various outfit changes and the time just flew by! I would highly recommend working with him if you haven’t already and look forward to hopefully working together again some time! :D

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Anna Sophia Eloise

I had a Gothic-style shoot with George in Hayward’s Heath and I had so much fun. George was incredibly easy-going and chatty, making me feel really relaxed and at ease in his presence. He was happy to share ideas about locations, poses, angles etc. And was happy to show me each shot after it has been taken in order to collaborate and share ideas further.

George was really professional in his manner and was efficient and precise in getting the shots needed. I felt free to move as I pleased and George was kind and courteous when asking me to alter my posing slightly in order to get the angle perfectly precise, which helped my confidence massively.

An absolute pleasure to work with, would love to work with him again and VERY highly recommended!

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