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Erotic, Lingerie, Nude, Portrait and Sheer




Creative .. original .. authentic .. sensuality, all cliches, nothing is really original,.. but until Ive done it, it's original to me. Yet all the above cliches are the prime factors I apply to all levels of my photography. As with life it's always about moving forward and exploring new styles, new techniques and keeping my personal photography far removed from my professional work.

Photography, at its simplest and most fundamental level, is about light and shade, shapes, form, emotion, and movement. For me, immediacy, emotional connection, and impact are the most important things I want in my images. My work moves away from just shooting and producing a like for like image, it falls more into the fine art category and is based around a series of images on a single theme.

To achieve that I want to keep my work as unique as possible so that means moving away from what could be classed as mainstream photography regarding portraits or nudes. I much prefer to create soulful and timeless imagery. I also prefer old style printing techniques rather than modern colour imagery. A lot of my work has been created to produce large format prints in a series.



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