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Rebeckah Edge

Jorgey was wonderful to shoot with.

I felt comfortable and confident in his studio which led to a wonderful shoot all round.

He was very understanding when it came to my inexperience and directed me really well. He made sure the lighting was correct for every shot and was super friendly throughout the whole thing.

A brilliant photographer to shoot with and I'm looking forward to our next shoot together 😊

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TM Media

I recently worked with Pixie at Jorgey’s Studio. Jorgey was very friendly and helpful and made sure I had everything I needed. The studio was great with lots of space available which was perfect for my needs and there are also more rooms being worked on. The shoot went really well and I would love to use the studio again in the future. Thanks Jorgey!

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Didi petite

Had the pleasure of working with jorgey a few times now, he know what he wants to achieve from a shoot and always gets what he wants.

Great man to work with, hes very confident!

But always get great pics

Thanks again

Look forward to working together again soon jx

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Cassidy Dayes

Couldn't have asked for a more polite, respectful and professional photographer to work with. We got some great shots and I will definitely be working with him again. 100% recommend

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Great shoot today! Relaxed few hours, got some great shots and he’s a true professional, lovely clean studio. Can’t wait for the next shoot x

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Really enjoyed working with Jorgey, me and 2 other girls went for a group shoot and from what ive already seen the photos looked fab! He was very proffesional and good at directing us to get the perfect shot, really looking forward to getting them back and posting them. Would definately work with him again!

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Sasha Oxide

Jorgey is amazing to work with, very professional, and made me feel comfortable. Nice studio to work in, felt safe. Look forward to working with him again in the future. Highly recommend.

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Had a great afternoon shooting with Jorgey ! He let me have some input which was lovely and the shots looked epic. Very professional. Easy to work with. Would definitely recommend

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Misses CC

I had my 2nd shoot with Jorgey. I loved it, he's such a down to earth guy& give me some amazing tips that I can use to help me. The shoot went really well, even being so nervous he made me feel welcome an calm. I'd love to shoot with you again, highly recommend

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Had a awesome time shooting with jorgey today ! Made me feel very relaxed and comfortable , but was also very professional and gave me great advice :) I look forward to hopefully shooting with him again soon ! Definetly recommend

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Kat Y

Worked with Jorgey a few times, he's a brilliant photographer, easy to get along with, knows what he's doing and has a variety of amazing styles he can shoot in.

Highly recommended!

Kind regards,

Kat Xxx

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B Bex

Had an absolutely amazing shoot with jorgey made me feel at ease and I was very comfortable in his company. Would highly recommend and look forward to working with him again.


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I had a fab shoot with jorgey yesterday he was on time and very professional from the start to finish he put me at ease very quickly and even though he was professional he made the shoot fun aswell which was great:) very easy going man! would highly recommend him ! Thank you can't wait to see the pics :)

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Had an amazing shoot yesterday, the studio is top of the range! Jorgey is a very experienced professional snapper, I have learned a lot from the shoot.. thank you :)

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Jorgey was my first shoot off purple port as I'm new to this site. Jorgey made me feel at ease and was very professional. We got some really really good shots. Cant wait to work with Jorgey again thank you so much see you soon

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Amy Lucky Pauley

Had a great shoot day with jorgey would highly recommend people to work with him he's such a nice guy easy to get along with we talked throughout our shoot not forgotting him showing me the work throughout the shoot. He also give me a few tips, was much appreciated can't thank him enough for a great shoot.

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Brilliant day at jorgeys studio today a very professional and creative guy made me feel very comfatable and relaxed witch helped me get in to the swing of things and made my confidence grow highly recommended

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Dem zero

Loved my shoot with Jorge and a great studio to work from! Great pre comms and very professional, gives excellent direction. Absolutely adore the edits I received back, would highly recommend 100% and cannot wait to come back! Thankyou!!

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I'm very happy I had the opportunity to shoot with Jorgey yesterday :) Jorgey is highly professional and made me feel relaxed and welcomed at his studio. I had a cheeky peak on the pictures from back of his camera and couldn't be more pleased with the photographs! 10 out of 10

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Chelsea Lea 23

Had a shoot with jorgey today he is very professional and made me feel real comftable done some amazing shoots brilliant photographer really excited to see are work definitely recommend 😊

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