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We had a great shoot with Gemma - despite a very long journey Gemma's enthusiasm and positivity didn't flag at all and we worked on several looks using her wonderful collection of clothing and accessories. Very organised and well prepared, really easy to work with and a terrific attitude - thanks Gemma!

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Natalie Wood

Lovely Lovely lady to work with! beautiful!

down to earth and a pleasure to work with, her work is beautiful :)

Cant wait to work together again, definitely recommend!


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Anna Marie

Gemma was easy to work with and professional. Gemma also brought along a selection of her own hair accessories & outfits. I hope to work with her again in the future & know she will continue creating fabulous shots! ...... Thanks for a lovely day Gemma! x

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Pin Me Up Buttercup

I love Gemma we work so well together every time and she has such a unique look. We used two sets in Saracen house studio. With two different outfits. I will be editing these pics soon and post asap. She is a doll to work with & would recommend 100% xxx Antonella

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Pin Me Up Buttercup

Gemma is such a bubbly character she came to the shoot full of energy. And she brought so much to the shoot, from different clothing to accessories which we used in end. The Pre communication was excellent and Im very happy with the results, I also see myself working with Gemma again in the near future ...lovely girl and I recommend her to anyone wanting a beautiful woman to work with. Inside and out. :)

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Laura donohoe photography

Had a shoot with gemma, was a mix of everything including a bubble bath shoot, Gemma was a joy to work with and works a treat Infront of the camera, pre coms was great and she also organised a Mua for the shoot who also did a great job. Looking at the images taken I am pleased with the result and looking forward to editing them! Will recommend Gemma an would work with her again xxx

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Double8 said...

Shot with Gemma twice and she is a real pleasure to work with. She always comes ready to shoot and I am looking forward to our third shoot soon.

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Foto-Retro Photography

I had the great pleasure of working with Gemma way back in March at my studios shooting Pin Up themed images. After something like a four hour journey to get to me, Gemma arrived bags in hand & a smile on her face. Considering we were working on a shared basis, it makes a photographer a little humble & appreciative of models like Gemma. Anyway as expected a true professional in all aspects of the shoot, great images produced & loads of fun and laughter while achieving them What more can a photographer ask for in a model..I thoroughly recommend her to you all.

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