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Congratulations Fontaine

Gaz was one of the first photographers I worked with and I hope will be one of the photographers I continually work with.

The entire process of work with Gaz is an absolute Joy. Pre shoot planning is fantastic, he has a wealth of ideas already and is happy to collaborate and expand on these. Shoot days Gaz is always early and beyond prepared, the kit he brings is unreal and the enthusiasm and banter from start to finished is unmatched. Beyond kind, very generous and actually a great mentor.

His location knowledge for the areas he shoots in is wonderful and such an adventure in its self. Gaz is a very well studied in photography and light and it shows. His passion is contagious and I'm so lucky to experience and see this. Definitely not afraid to get down and dirty to get the shot he wants.

So many more exciting things to Come from Gaz, he's wonderful.

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Jade Cross

I would 100% recommend Gaz over and over! The balance between the professionalism and banter is amazing!

So after many pre made chats,plans, mood words and visions we were finally able to create after what seemed a lifetime but once life stopped getting in the way I was finally able to collaborate with the amazing Gaz Edwards after a long wait

What an amazing time I had, constant energy, very helpful and directive, was extremely supportive and caring but also maintained extremely professional! I had a fantastic time creating with Gaz and I’d like to say that this definitely won’t be the last time shooting! Gaz is an amazing person and an amazing photographer, he made sure I was constantly okay and asked if I wanted breaks through out!

Couldn’t of asked for a better shoot with one of the most talented guys around! Thank you!


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Little miss Lala

Of course I would forever recommend Gaz!

We did a four day shoot and every single day we created some fantastic pieces of art.

So pre communications where great, we discussed every single shoot plan and how we both envisioned them so they would come out exactly right.

When it came to the Shibari shoot I could have not felt safer. Gaz informed me about every single knot and tie and what they can do etc and why he was doing them. It is very clear that as a Rigger he has studied the art form and the importance of understanding the nerves on the body etc whilst doing Shibari. He spoke about which ties he wouldn't do on me at the time due to my health issues and why and spoke about alternatives for the ties and future shoot ideas.

We planned an amazing shoot, however due to the weather it couldn't happen so we came up with another idea that worked with the weather and the images are very powerful and worked out perfectly.This was also a shibari shoot and I was informed that my safety ment everything and if in case of an emergency he would cut the rope.

Gaz is extremely professional and will make the shoot very enjoyable, I cannot do anything but speak highly of this photographer, you'd be mad to not shoot with him.

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What a brilliant shoot this was!

We explored to find the correct location for this shoot.

I felt so comfortable the whole way through as I always do on a shoot with Gaz!

It was windy and cold but we didn’t let that stop us!

Absolutely adore the photos Gaz took and I’m so excited to see what we can create next time!

100% recommend every single time!

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natborland said...

It was raining and what not.

But we had an amazing day out with many wonderful images and we worked hard. It was fun, kind and a brilliant time. We captured some very good photos and I think gaz is an amazing photographer who cares about you and the image.

The images taken allow me to feel very confident and comfortable. Gaz is very funny to which helps!

I can’t wait for our next planned shoots.

Great person!

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Little miss Lala

Absolutely love working with Gaz, always make the shoot enjoyable and makes you feel safe and makes the shoot feel like a day out. This was great as I tried fine art nude for the first time and I had no feelings of dought and loved the shoot.

His skills as a photographer always show up on location shoots as he is very knowledgeable with natural light and the photos always get brought back quickly and just spot on.

I love how he always likes any ideas and tried all ideas for images and finds amazing locations.

The best thing about the shoots are the coffee breaks in-between locations as we talk about the shots and even more ideas for the next location even with the ideas we discussed prior to the shoot :D

If you want a professional shoot but have a laugh at the same time I would definitely shoot with Gaz.

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I have so many great things to say about Gaz!

Pre coms were very friendly but own a professional level, basically he made it feel like I was going to have a productive shoot with somebody I had know for years. This continued tp be the case upon meeting at a location I had wanted to shoot and Gaz trusted may idea and

travelled down to me.

His creativity really impressed me from composition to varying focus and depth of field. He had loads of brilliant smoke bombs and prop ideas from things we found on location.

He has a very talented eye and is a brilliant photographer.

I have nothing but respect for hm as a person and photographer and will definitely be working with him again!

Recommend him so much!

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Little miss Lala

Where do i begin to describe this wonderful soul. Gaz is very talented when it comes to photography, he looks at the world in a different light and see's different locations like no other photographer and can create any prop for the shoot out of natural surroundings.

We recently shot a new genre for me and i never hesitated, he is very trustworthy and he will always make you feel safe. He is very professional and always ensures you are comfortable on shoots.

He always ensures your photos are of a high standard and has a quick delivery when it comes to your photos.

I will always highly recommend Gaz he is amazing.

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Little miss Lala

Where do i begin to describe this wonderful soul. Gaz is very talented when it comes to photography, he looks at the world in a different light and see's different locations like no other photographer and can create any prop for the shoot out of natural surroundings.

We recently shot a new genre for me and i never hesitated, he is very trustworthy and he will always make you feel safe. He is very professional and always ensures you are comfortable on shoots.

He always ensures your photos are of a high standard and has a quick delivery when it comes to your photos.

I will always highly recommend Gaz he is amazing.

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I honestly do not know what to say about this astounding Photographer, so I shall try to keep it brief...

Gaz and myself have been in touch for some time before being able to book a shoot due to his unfortunate accident preventing him from doing so, I was one of his first models since coming back into shooting and it was an absolute pleasure to welcome him.

Gaz arrived at my home on time (despite travelling a long distance)with plenty of gear, which is always a good sign because I do like Photographers who have lots of different equipment, it gives me an opportunity to learn about said equipment whilst it's being put to use and I get to see what it does and what result it brings which I find interesting!

When Gaz arrived, I was pleased to see him as his pre-comms were absolutely spot on and I knew we would get on really well because he gave such a reassuring vibe in every message he sent me, and we got on well during the entire shoot!

We decided to do a freestyle/non-structured shoot as we have both had time away from the camera, and we agreed doing things as they come was the best way to garuntee success because inspiration would appear as he took the time to evaluate the rooms in my home and as his creative side started to blossom, we managed to create a draft shooting plan from what he could see, and I was on the exact same page!

Gaz has a fantastic way of working with you, you're able to express your desires and try to work towards a goal even if he is working from vague descriptions if you're not familiar with Photography Jargon, which I am not, but he still understood me anyway, which is one of the reasons I agreed to shoot, we both understood each other's goals and desires and we both know what we wanted to achieve from the shoot.

Gaz has a fantastic sense of humor and clearly displayed an interest in my welfare throughout the duration, he was absolutely fantastic company and we are hoping to work together very frequently in the future as we both have alot of common interests and goals in the industry.

I would reccomend him to models but that would mean he would have no time for me!! Hahaha!

But seriously, amazing shoot, amazing day, thankyou and I cannot wait to see the end result.

EJSpencer xoxoxo

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Rosie Model

I’ve wanted to work with Gaz since I first started modelling and finally got the chance for our first shoot. Before the shoot Gaz’s communications were excellent, detailing ideas, outfits and logistics. It was my first location shoot exploring abandoned buildings and Gaz really put me at ease as he’s very experienced in this style of shoot.

Gaz has a very friendly and approachable manner and straight away I felt relaxed and knew it was to be a fun and productive day. Gaz has a great sense of humour and is fun to work with and it’s clear that he is passionate about his art.

Gaz is full of really creative ideas and works very well with the model to generate further ideas for poses and settings.

Gaz is highly professional with his approach to photography when working with models and offers advice and suggestions if needed whilst also taking on board the model’s ideas.

I’m delighted with the images from our shoot and am really looking forward to shooting again with him. I highly recommend Gaz to any new or experienced model - Thank you Gaz! 😊

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Shannon Lucy Jane

As a model, I choose to meet up with photographers beforehand to plan the shoot, get to know the photographer etc

Gaz happily drove an hour and a half to come and have a meeting with me :)

Was very impressed with Gaz's ambition and creativity. This gave me the confidence to work with Gaz as i work on creative shoots.

We booked and did our first shoot together which couldn't have gone anymore smoothly.

Gaz is a very humble, talkative, and thoughtful photographer to be around.

We had so much fun creating our first shoot together after such a long time planning.

He knew exactly what i wanted to create out of the shoot.

Looking forward to working with you Gaz and creating more amazing photos.

Such a talented photographer.

Love you Gazza x

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Blonde Mermaid

I had an amazing shoot with Gaz. It was like meeting an old friend. He is so easy to get on with and we had so much fun. I didn't want the shoot to end even though it was bitterly cold. I really appreciated the directions he gave me and he made me feel comfortable and safe throughout the shoot. He is so creative and had lots of great ideas. I left the shoot on a high and can't wait to work with Gaz again asap.

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Swan Model

As per usual gaz was a delight. This particular theme was something that I had mentioned to him that I wanted to work on with him as it's so close to my heart. He made it into such a reality, he understood how raw it had to be and he was so so so comforting to me and made me feel safe during the heavy stuff. And absolute honour ♥

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Had my first shoot today and well what can i say, WOW it was awesome from start to finish, time went so fast and yes i may of had to stand in freezing cold water but it was so worth it, gaz makes you feel so relaxed, and makes the shoot fun.

Definitely hope to be the first of many shoots.

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Little miss Lala

Absolutely love working with gaz, always have a great laugh on shoots, never a dull moment. Has loads of brilliant ideas and loves creating fantastic and artistic photos. Gaz has a great eye for natural light and uses it to every advantage possible, all his photos come out amazing world highly recommended working with gaz

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Little miss Lala

Was a great first shoot, definitely shoot with again soon as the shoot was very entertaining, never a dull moment :) location was great. Very encouraging and made me feel comfortable

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Little miss Lala

Love brain storming ideas with Gaz so many cool shoot ideas that I can’t wait to try. Such good laughs with Gaz but still professional definitely recommend shooting with him some great photos from the last shoot. Already organised a few shoots ready to go and I can’t wait to create

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Swan Model

As per usual a lovely shoot with gaz. Did not stop smiling and so easy going. Amazing direction and vision! Definitely one of my favourite photographers and would shoot with him everyday if given the chance. Not only a great photographer but a great mate too ♥

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After a long drive of almost 3 hours, Gaz arrived dead on time, eager to get started and with a really positive and friendly attitude.

Our planned Studio Lighting Tutorial, with me as tutor, swiftly changed to a mutually beneficial photography session as it quickly became clear that Gaz had a far more advanced knowledge of lighting than I had anticipated. With such a personable guy as company, it was a real pleasure to spend several thoroughly enjoyable hours taking test shots with ourselves as models and making the most of the studio's sets.

Our time together absolutely flew past and, thanks to Gaz's friendliness, I enjoyed myself so much that I would be 100% delighted to repeat the entire experience. An extremely rewarding evening spent in genuinely good company. A charming man for whom nothing was too much trouble and I felt really relaxed and comfortable in his company from the first, as though I'd known him for ages. I have no doubt that he is the sort of photographer who gets the very best from his models because of his naturally agreeable nature. 100% recommended.

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