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Rob Barnard

During a brief visit to Eastbourne I was fortunate to be able arrange a shoot with Gareth.

We discussed what sort of photos I was looking to achieve and exchanged several examples to hone in on what we both wanted from the shoot. From the outset communication was excellent as we roughly planned things out.

The shoot went really well; Gareth had a lot of good suggestions and input into the poses that fitted perfectly into what I'd asked for.

I was shown batches of images as the shoot progressed and was impressed; they all looked stunning. I can't thank Gareth enough for delivering what I was hoping for. Amazing shots.

The session over ran; totally my fault, but Gareth kindly continued for me so I was able to get the last few shots I was after.

Next time I'm back in the area I'd be keen to do another shoot with him and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who wants quality photos taken.

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Lady Elite

I got to work with Gareth over 2 years ago, and was so excited when he requested a last minute shoot for a Sunday morning at a new studio.

I love Gareth's work and despite his initial nerves about working with a nude model within 5 mins he was completely comfortable with directing and shooting.

We got to use the space really well, and he was constantly coming up with new ideas.

Despite not shooting together since 2012, we instantly got on with the task in hand and worked together beautifully.

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Joanna Chamberlain

What can I say other than THE most amazing day shooting with Gareth and my dear friend Juan . Gareth courteous, a gentleman and sheer pleasure to work with, gave great direction and I must say.. an amazing photographer. I would definitely recommend Gareth to any other model, experienced or new. the images we produced took my breath away. I am an extremely happy lady and I know Juan was very happy too- A great day. Thank you Gareth, I look forward to working with you again in the future.

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Ian Phillips

I've worked with Gareth many times now. Love working with him, he's an excellent photographer and very easy to work with. I highly recommend him for any project, just brilliant!

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Nicky Leigh

Wow... Working with Gareth and Juan today was awesome. Gareth gave great direction and also was happy to take on board our suggestions too ... Many sets of diversity and we still giggled throughout ... Whilst the journey home was long I'm still on a 'high' from today, can't wait to see results and look forward to working together again .. No hesitation in recommending Gareth to any model ... He's awesome .. Thanks Nicky x

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Lady Elite

I worked with Gareth last year, one of the first few shoots i did, and i loved working with him. He kept me entertained even when sitting in a cold puddle, for a young photographer he has some amazing work and a genuinely lovely guy, cant wait to work with Gareth again soon.

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