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I live to serve / Photography by Freya, Model Freya / Uploaded 24th February 2015 @ 07:08 PM

Added 1424804901 by Freya.

So I have decided to start doing photography and here is one of my first ever attempts on a professional camera doing a selfie :) Hope you all like it :)

Member Comments

Captured in time Captured in time said, 1498832992

Perfect light, perfect model and location, awesome

Mmmfire PhotographyMmmfire Photography said, 1495116745

Awesome image. Perfectly lit, perfectly posed

stefankristianssonart.comstefankristianssonart.com said, 1488108202

perfect shot

The Savvy LensThe Savvy Lens said, 1486325913

High contrast :)

Alex1372Alex1372 said, 1478631624


JJ ImagesJJ Images said, 1462558135

Great image, impressive

WilsoWilso said, 1460979924

Beautiful - very moody, well done.

Brendan DevineBrendan Devine said, 1441665627

Love it even more now I realise it's a self portrait

arharh said, 1439140448

Super image, even more so as you couldn't see where the light was falling or how it was framed.In fact better than super, it's fantastic.

MRB04_MRB04_ said, 1438445082

Love your shapes/style 🙏🔥😻

MikeyPMikeyP said, 1432629525

Brilliant young lady, we are all finished!

JJ ImagesJJ Images said, 1432590478

Fantastic image

James WebbJames Webb said, 1432587087

First attempt and already better than anything I can muster! Haha! Brilliant!

NichollNicholl said, 1432584392


catchlight45catchlight45 said, 1432580665

Omg this is so good, congratulations on your FPI , stunning work both of you.

VanEykeVanEyke said, 1432579854


Pete051Pete051 said, 1432579115

Hmm there has to be a reason my selfies don't look that good :)

NicNic said, 1432573166

Wish my selfies came out like this :) Great image Freya :)

fazzerfazzer said, 1432573155

stunning as usual

KPFKPF said, 1432572556

Superb! ♥

PeteCPeteC said, 1432572509

Right, so that makes us all redundant then 😥

freespiritfreespirit said, 1432572321

Brilliant work- Congratulations on the FPI. :)

John FJohn F said, 1432571765


Angel  priceAngel price said, 1432571702


Miss VersatileMiss Versatile said, 1432571568

Bloody chuffed for you hunnie :) x

Dag NammettDag Nammett said, 1432571463

Well done on the FPI!

Richard CRichard C said, 1428477954

love this....great light

JezebelleJezebelle said, 1427886640

Just stunning!

Marla PandoraMarla Pandora said, 1427293505

That's brilliant!! Well done, good on both sides of the camera! (y)

TT said, 1427044337

amazing good

Lola DayLola Day said, 1425335172

This is amazing! Love that you're trying photography.

freespiritfreespirit said, 1425049953

Beautiful work. The title reminds me of "Slave to Beauty"...title of a book about Aubrey Beardsley... But it's one of the nice things about being both model and photographer- you always know the model will do exactly what you want her to do. :) Terrific shot.

H.I.P.H.I.P. said, 1424990851

This is very impressive

YLYL said, 1424897420

The shadows tell a story :)

zebozebo said, 1424885380

beautiful lighting

Teaboy ProductionsTeaboy Productions said, 1424882030

Best selfie ever!

FreyaFreya said, 1424860109

Haha thanks ChinaJenny :) You are a sweetie. Oh and of course I am a canon lover too so you will not see me using a Nikon :)

MrBarbuMrBarbu said, 1424860094

Super image.

ShellyShelly said, 1424851882

Pretty near perfect, great shot, great atmosphere and superb light sculpting your body

vasquitovasquito said, 1424818950

FAR TOO GOOD - proposed...

TimCTimC said, 1424815796


FreyaFreya said, 1424815674

Aww thank you Darren S :) Wow photography courses. I have so much to teach myself yet.

Darren SDarren S said, 1424815321

Wow, this is bloody amazing and it's a selfie. It looks like you'll be running photography courses soon.


Wonderful photo

FreyaFreya said, 1424810710

I will never stop PHC :) Some days I do not have anything to do so I have to entertain myself somehow. Hehe

IDG PhotographyIDG Photography said, 1424810423

Fantastic , lighting is superb

StretchyStretchy said, 1424810363

Grrrrrrr your selfies are better than my photography.

wilsonqcwilsonqc said, 1424808039

Stunningly good!

Horace SilverHorace Silver said, 1424807174


FreyaFreya said, 1424805183

Haha of course :) I am not going to argue with myself am I?

Steve GSteve G said, 1424804987

Excellent, But you do have a very good and understanding model.