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Had a last minute shoot with Frank after he replied to my casting call. Great pre-comms, very friendly guy, even met me at the bus stop! As he was my first male photographer I was nervous but he was very understanding and super patient with my lack of experience. I definitely recommend him and wouldn't mind working with him again (when I'm a little more confident!) :)

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I am so happy I had an opportunity to work with Frank! He really knows what he's doing. Very professional and friendly. We have created great images together. He is highly skilled but I don't have to say it because you can see it. Not to mention that he makes amazing Italian bread :O I recommend him 100%, nothing can go wrong :)

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Claudia Rocks

Frank is great with communication, he was professional, friendly and overall a great person to work with. Most importantly I got the row images on the same day of the shoot! I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot and hope to work with him again.

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Victoria Watson

Frank was a lovely chap to work with, whom was more than happy for me to experiment with my ideas on our shoot, despite me turning up in all my biker gear and my intelligent conversation

I was also great to have received all the off camera shots there and then on a CD

Thanks Frank for your time


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DaisyMarie said...

Working with Frank was amazing. He is extremely professional & I felt really comfortable around him. The shoot I did with him was at his home studio & everything was perfect. We had a fun shoot!!! I truly recommend working with him & were planning another shoot together for sure. ;-)

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great shoot with Frank. Most of my port is his shots. looking forward to working with him again

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