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Paige Young.

I met Tim on a group photoshoot, during that shoot he had booked me for a one on one at his studio. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the time went so quickly, we both bounced ideas off each other. Tim was happy to let me do my own thing and also offered some ideas. Strictly professional and very easy to get on with. Highly recommend!

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You will not regret booking a shoot with Tim! He is relaxed, easy-going, creative and with excellent music taste. He was very hospitable and provided me with tea and snacks, as well as excellent company. Time flies by when you're enjoying yourself, I love those kinds of shoots where I forget I'm essentially at work. I hope we can do another shoot soon

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I've been shooting with Tim for about 8 years now, and our shoots just get better and better!!

Tim is reliable, courteous, always makes sure I am fed and watered, and warm enough!

He always has ideas for things to try out, and combined with my ideas we are never short of things to shoot!

The studio is great, and I am looking forward to what next year's shoots will bring, as we plan to shoot more outdoors too which I'm very much looking forward to!

Tim comes highly recommended from me, I always look forward to our shoots, and I'm sure we will have many many more!

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Had a shoot with Tim on the 8th October and a duo shoot with Tim and Scarlett Blaze today (12th October)

Tim is a fantastic photographer, great guy and amazing to work with!

Had many shoots over the years with Tim and plan many more!


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Nadine Louise

I had yet another fab shoot with Tim, as you can probably tell we shoot together often and I always love shooting with Tim.Tim has loads of fabulous ideas on what we would like to shoot and together we have created some lovely photos. I always feel very relaxed and comfortable shooting with him and over the years we have become very good friends.

Tim is a joy to shoot with and is the sweetest soul and a pleasure to be around.I'm very much looking forward to our next shoot, Tim always fully respects my wishes and what I feel comfortable shooting.

Always love shooting with Tim and always recommend highly by me.Thank you Tim for another lovely day and shoot. I'm very happy with the photos and looking forward to seeing the final results. xxx

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It was lovely to work with Tim. We met first time this Saturday on group shoot. He is really easy going. I hope I will be able to work with him again. Highly recommended.

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Ashleigh Taylor

Tim is my absolute fav, 2 years of knowing eachother and each shoot gets better and better.

Tim really helps me with images I want to capture, We will both put ideas together to achieve the right image we want. We always have a good laugh and a natter in every shoot, the day goes super quick and the images always come out great.

I always make the effort to shoot with Tim every so often. One of the most professionally mannered photographers out there and a good friend.

Get shooting with Tim!

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2nd shoot with Tim! Always feel comfortable. Tim is great to work with, works with a professional manor but also has a laugh and makes you feel at ease! Pictures are great. Always makes sure there’s plenty to drink or snack on and make sure you are okay during the shoot. Will totally recommend Tim to shoot with! Can’t wait for the next shoot. Smiles all round. He’s lovely, funny, very relaxed and takes his time to get that perfect natural shot!

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Nadine Louise

I have lost count on what number shoot this is, that just goes to show how much I enjoying working with Tim. He is a very welcoming and friendly guy, he makes me feel relaxed at every shoot we have had so far.

I'm very happy with the photo results we got form our last shoot and looking forward to shooting again this week. Thank you Tim for yet another fun filled shoot. Highly recommended! xx

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Third shoot with Tim, same as usual he brought my favourite things and we had a lovely shoot once again - I love working with Tim so much and cant wait for our next shoot!

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Second shoot with Tim and what an absolute gem he is! Provided my favourite craving : egg and cress Sarnis!!!

Somehow Tim maintains a professional attitude whilst being extremely funny and friendly - I wouldn’t think twice about recommending Tim, his ideas are spectacular and he contributes well to the shoot - thank you so much Tim- I’ll see you shortly for our next one ;)

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Wow what a fanatic , welcoming , funny , relaxed person Tim is! We ending up extending our shoot. He was so welcoming and even brought me my fave egg and cress sandwich and blueberries and makes a great cuppa! We’ve already arranged a second shoot and I 100% recommend him, he’s funny yet professional! Thank you Tim look forward to meeting you again!

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Holly M

First shoot of 2020 it was great shoot it with lots of fun. It was my birthday on Monday so he got be a card and some chocolate fingers 😊.

We did range of ideas from fashion up to nude and we always come up with great ideas together.

He knows what angles work best for me when taking pictures.

We always have a natter and a great laugh through the shoot

I would recommend him to any model

Let’s bring more shoots for 2020

Thanks for a good day

Holly :) x

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Holly M

This was my last shoot of the year with Tim, we had to rearrange due to me being ill over christmas but he was Understanding as I’m never I’ll.

We came up with range of ideas and tried my new lingerie I haven’t shot in yet which was good.

We always come up with good range of ideas together

Tim knows how’s to get great images and I hope many more shoots this coming year.

Thankyou for a great shoots in 2019

I would highly recommend Tim to any model he makes you at ease and he a great laugh.

Thanks for a good day

Holly x

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Holly M

This was our 6th shoot! The shoots just getting better and I love the different ideas we come up with. Your one of the top photographers.

I would class you as great friend and you take great pictures.We didn’t have any wasp this time which was a first as every shoot we was getting attack by them.

We did a lingerie up to art nude and we came up with great ideas and tim knows how to get great images by angles and lighting.

He always made the sure the studio was warm and the kettle was boiled before I got there.

Thanks for a great day see you soon

Can’t wait to see the rest for the photos


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Holly M

This is my fifth shoot with Tim!

We always have great ideas and this time decide to do, nudes, gel lighting , outdoors, smoke bombs and some fashion etc.

He is great and easy to get on with photographer.

He knows what makes a great picture and you will always have a laugh with Tim.

I would 100% recommend him to any model

Looking forward to shooting again soon

Thanks for a good day x

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Holly M

This is my fourth shoot with Tim , we always come up good ideas that work with me hair and my look. We always have a laugh and natter.

The wasps need to stop getting in the way of the shoot it to cold for then now.

Tim knows how to get great images I would shoot with him all day!

He never forgets the cookies 😇 and chocolate fingers.

We always start with some lingerie , fashion, then art nude.

I would recommend him to any model

Looking forward to doing another shoot again on Sunday!

Thanks again

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Holly M

Oops forgot about the reference we had a great fun shoot last Sunday! It was full on fun of laughs. I can’t wait to shoot with you again. we did smoke bombs , different outfits. It always a fun enjoyable shoot and I can’t wait to shoot more and more. We always come up with good ideas. He has good skill with getting The right image.

I would recommend him to anyone.

Can’t wait to shoot with you again

Thanks for a good day holly :) x

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Holly M

This is my second shoot with Tim! We had nice weather this time so was a-bit of good luck with splitting half the shoot outdoors and half inside.

Out of all photographers I’ve shot with your one of the easiest and relax shoots I have had. Every time we shoot wasps tend to interrupt are shoot but Tim gets them out.

We came up with doing some fashion, lingerie , Implied nude , art nude.

He is wonderful photographer I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot with him again.

I’m looking forward to shooting again soon

Thankyou for a great day :)

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What an amazing person ! Just done my second shoot a few days ago and it was so much fin, the hours fly by. We done so many different styles and different areas in a short amount of time. He is funny, relaxed, respectful, kind and caring ! He brought food and drinks for the shoot and even fake blood for a horrifying shoot ;) I couldn’t recommend this man enough ! Shoots are always a blast !

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