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Regina Piil

Had a very good shoot with Laurent. He is a very nice guy and we had super fun conversations. Everything flowed very naturally. He also had fun props to work with, so we could combine the things I brought and his props to together create some cool outfits. I also received all the great results after, so I really can't say anything bad. Highly recommend and looking forward to work with again on my next tour :D

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Very good communication before and during the shooting. I felt very comfortable and creative. Especially like that the photographer can and prefers to shoot the model in movement, which is a rarity and allows me to be in the flow. See you again!

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Natasha UK

I had a great two hour remote shoot with Laurent today !

What an awesome photographer! He was great with pre-comms! He was friendly, easy to get on with and professional! The whole shoot was so fun!

We got some lovely natural light images in the living room and some lovely shots by the window in the bedroom!

I look forward to seeing these fab edits!

Thank you for a great shoot and I look forward to working with you again remotely or when I come travelling down 🤞!

10000% recommended by me

Thank you again Laurent!!!

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Laurent booked me on my Brussels tour we had accurate pre-communications. I already understood what he expects from the shoot or what he expects me to carry or how he works. He was helpful in suggesting me places to stay and eat. We shot in his home studio and his wife was there too. She was sweet and was busy in her job. Most importantly i felt safe with another women around! Laurent is a nice person we had a nice shoot. He is very professional and has great passion for photography. He follows 'less is more' policy. Clicking less and quality pictures! Whatever results i saw in the camera were beautiful and breathtaking. We shot in corridors, living room and near the balcony. Everything was shot in natural light. He dropped me at train station after the shoot and helped me to buy my train ticket because the cash ticket machine was out of service.

It was a great experience and would love to shoot again with him! 👏🏻👏🏻

I would highly recommend him to other models! 😊

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Dovile Jankauskaite

I had a great session with Laurent Philippe a couple of months ago.

The pre-shoot communication was excellent - quick, clear and to the point. Just as I like it :)

The day of the shoot all went as planned. We did a few different sets. I was given full freedom to express myself in front of the camera the way I wanted to.

I'm very happy with the results and I'm looking forward to shooting with Laurent Philippe again some time in the near future.

I would recommend him with no hesitation.

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Had an amazing shooting with Phil.

He is very polite, easy-going, and creative photographer. All shooting went with comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. He is the photographer who passionate about his work and it gives the right mood and energy to model.

Definitely recommend 👍👍👍

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Laurent and me arranged a session in his home - it offered interesting shooting opportunities with its classy interior and huge balconies!

Laurent’s partner was assisting at the shoot, they were both a pleasure to be around and they went out of their way to accomodate an unfortunate train situation that happened to me.

We mainly shot fashion, portraits and also some quirky things in the corridor.

I am very pleased with the results, Laurent’s passion for photography is very visible.

I can recommend him to any model without hesitation.

Hope to meet you next time!

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I shot with Laurent for the first time in December and it was a great shoot. Pre-communication was on point, he picked me up and drove me back to station on time and the shoot was very relaxed yet productive. I love the pictures which came out and I would definitely recommend anyone to shoot with him :) Thanks Laurent! Looking forward to shoot again!

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I had cool photoshoot with Phil. We got some good photos and everything was okei :)

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