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Rose Magdalene Child

Anthony & I had been in communication for years about a shoot until finally last weekend we got the opportunity. Anthony booked on my studio day at Juice Photographic, Essex and we had a fun 2 hours shooting through different styles/genres from cute and girly to strong and powerful. Anthony knows what he wants from a shoot and is very able to direct having worked with lots of new models and helping them with how to pose and use the lighting to effect.

I enjoyed my shoot with Anthony, he's got a sense of humour & good banter!

Thank you,


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Nicole English

Worked with tony last month and had a brilliant time. Pre comms were on point and the whole shoot went as planned. Tony was a true gent and I felt at ease the whole time. He is a true perfectionist in his work and it really shows. I learnt so much shooting with him which has helped me to grow as a model. I'd reccomend tony 100% thank you for a wonderful shoot!

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I had really wonderful 3 hours shoot with Tony, he is great photographer, we have good quality conversation which is helpful as he is friendly and easy to work with.

Due to his professional photographer skill he really create alot of creative idea, help me to be more confidence, relax and make me work easier on posting, we really have a lot of fun while doing shooting, and that is a great part of work, he defiantly learn me good experiance to make me approve my model skill.

I'm highly recommended, hope to have a chance to shoot together again soon.


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Jillie memz

I had the pleasure of meeting Tony, after a few delays, and what a great guy! Had the best shoot, he is amazing at making you feel at ease. Who would've thought you could build such a great friendship with one of your photographers! He was very professional but not too much to make you feel on edge he made me feel 100% at ease & relaxed & once i got my flow going we got some amazing shots! He Taught me so much, all of which i have taken on board. I cant wait for round 2, Tony you will be seeing ALOT more of me! Once again, thank you so much! :)

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Anthony came to one of my group shoots and I have found him really lovely, friendly and a man that knows what he wants. He can work well within a group and came well prepared and has tons of ideas he also gave me good direction when needed with foot work so Iv also Leant off him too.

Pleasure working with you and look forward to working with you soon enjoy your trip and hopefully see you after for fab ideas we have combined planned together. 🎩🔫🕸🌙🌞💀👽👻

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kim brown said...

Had a fantastic time shooting with tony he is a super tog he really knows lots of great ideas and themes

I can't wait to see the finish pics and would definitely reccomend him to all models

I wish we had more time to work together thank you so much

Love Kim xxxx

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Asha Indigo

Completely knows what he wants in a shot and strives to get the right image, will not give up until he is certain that everything is on point and I just love that. Fun loving and a real joy to be around on set. What I enjoy most about footprint is that nothing is too hard or out the ordinary, his ideas and creativity have no limit and that is what you need to create a powerful image.

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Abbie Hannah said...

I have had two shoots with Tony in the last few weeks. He is a lovely man who is very easy to get on with. He give good direction when he see's something he knows will work. He is very professional and there is no denying he can take a stunning photo. I will definately be working with him again soon! I would highly recommed! X

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Helen Douthwaite Mua said...

I regularly work with Tony on shoots as a Makeup Artist and he is a professional and easy to work with photographer, who has great taste in styles, lighting and poses. He is always professional, always on time and is always the last person to leave on a shoot. He always has different poses for the models to use on hand, either by technology or paper, and they are always well used on each of our shoots. He is a great laugh, especially if you have never shot with him before! Would very much recommend him for all styles of shoots - he is very versatile!!!

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BethanyAnne said...

I had my first shoot with Tony this week and I have never felt so welcome and relaxed! He gave me amazing advice that I will take with me forever and also gave me the confidence boost that I needed.. I went into the shoot not knowing what to expect and worrying that we wouldn't get a good shot but with his enthusiasm and amazing ideas we soon were on to winners! He is a perfectionist and so professional as well which shows in the pictures. I appreciate all the hard work you put into our shoot and the editing of the pictures! Thank you so much :)

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Jade Sakura

I have worked with Tony before and I would definitely recommend him to Models. He is the most fabulous and productive photographer to work with! I can't say how much fun it was doing the 1960 fashion shoot with MUA Helen Douthwaite. It is something different in my portfolio and go to Tony if you want a unique portfolio. He captures the whole scene in great detail. I can't say how chuffed I am to see those images, unedited images looked amazing! I can't wait to see the finished images.

Jade x

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I had the best photo shoot ever with Footprint photography, such an inspiration and perfectionist which clearly shows in his work! I am so grateful to have worked with this photographer as I now have some amazing images which i feel have added a complete different and unique style to my portfolio. I also learned so much from the shoot, for example posing techniques, body work etc which I can say will help me a great deal for the rest of my shoots! Tony is a complete professional, makes you feel comfortable and at ease straight away. I also had the opportunity to work with a brilliant very talented make up artists which I feel made a massive part in the shoot. Thanks guys for such an amazing experience and I hope to work with you again :) Anna

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Jade Sakura

It's my first shoot with Tony and we did a promo shoot for Sherwin; who is known as an MMA fighter. I also shot alongside with model Catrina. It was very relaxed and friendly, but when we got to shooting everything was in focus. Tony had the correct lighting and positioning, he knew what he wanted to achieve and the review showed excellence. Not only that, but he had ideas of his own and really bounced some ideas off the walls! He would recommend an idea and we would work with it, if it doesn't work we tweak it till it's perfect! He strives for perfection and professionalism, I really enjoyed the shoot and can't wait for our next shoot with Tony! Thank you!

Jade x

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Catrina Rose said...

Had a great shoot with anthony and model jade taking promo photos for a muay thai fighter. The shoot was relaxed and went along well! Anthony knew all about lighting, positioning and had great ideas. I really enjoyed shooting with him and the rest of the team and can't wait for our next shoot! recommended! x

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Lady Sadie Ann Marie

I had an absolute blast shooting with tony.

He came with not only excelent props, but he was professional through out.

Together we had ideas bouncing off of the walls.

I really enjoyed shooting and I can not wait to shoot again.

I'd recommend tony as a profetional. And a ver highly recommended one.

The images we shot together are fantastic to say the least

Sadieann x

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Hope Melissa said...

I have now had a good few shoots with Tony & cant recommend him enough.

Tony is great to work with, pushes you to get the best possible shots from your poses, give great feedback throughout the whole shoot & works on your ideas just as much as his.

Not only does Tony work hard during the shoot to get great picture his edit skills are pure amazing.

If you haven't had a chance to work with him yet do it!

Thank you for all the great images i have.

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Pure Hatred said...

A very down to earth photographer with a good sense of humour & great ability to aid and direct you to get some awesome shots. Had a lot of fun working with him. Shows you what he's doing and gives continuous feedback during shoots which helps both subjects. Highly recommend him. An absolute pleasure to work with.

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