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Chacha Edric Photography

Had a shoot with Sandra_ this morning, first thing to say is what a lovely young lady. Excellent pre shoot communication, She arrived at the location on time well prepared with makeup and changes, good hair and makeup. Sandra_ polite and very easy to work with and get on with. great posing, great facial expressions. Her personallity made me at ease and relaxed. I would highly reccomend her and look forward to working with her again.

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Although on record Sandra is new to modelling, there was no evidence of this in her pre-communications, styling, make-up/hair and attitude whatsoever! Sandra has a stunning appearance, is intellectual and able to communicate on any level. Her passion for the art, professionalism and warm personality were present from the first to the last frame. Sandra wasn't afraid to try new concepts and took direction extremely well - plus she contributed to some excellent ideas too!

Owing to Sandra's easy going nature we covered many varied sets, and regularly reviewed our images to see how we could take things to the next level...

I can easily see Sandra excelling very quickly and producing some amazing work!

Thanks once again for a truly engaging, fascinating and exciting shoot. I highly recommend Sandra, who will definitely provide you with some fantastic imagery. x

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It is my pleasure to be able to leave Sandra her first (glowing) reference here on Purpleport.

We shot together this afternoon, starting off firstly at the Leake Street graffitti tunells and then at various locations on London's Southbank.

Sandra was well prepared with a nice choice of outfits and make up & hair done very nicely.

We both worked very hard to create exciting images and I was very impressed with Sandra's posing as it was varied and imaginative and she really connected with the camera well.

As well as being an excellent model Sandra is also a really nice person. She is fun, intelligent, interesting, great to talk with and I enjoyed my time with her very much indeed.

So I recommend Sandra 100% and am thrilled to have shot with her as I can honestly see her being very popular and even going on to be a top model.

Thank you Sandra our shoot together was a total pleasure and I would love it if we were ever to shoot together again one day.

Wishing you all the very best, Dave.

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