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S Burton Photography

Just got home from a lovely shoot with Laura at Saracen house in MK. Comms were brilliant and she took direction well during the shoot.

She is down for a good chat and a laugh keeping the atmoshpere relaxed, and her figure is wonderful to photograph! I hope she will let me shoot her more! On to the next! :)

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mkphotography2cc (Booby102)

So it was actually shoot 3 with Laura today. All I can say is what a fab shoot. A natural in front of the camera and ended up with some great images again. Definitely recommended and can't praise her enough for trying so hard to get the pics as perfect as possible. Until the next one. Thanks Laura x

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mkphotography2cc (Booby102)

So I had the pleasure of shooting with Laura today. Well what can I say! She's a natural. Comms throughout were perfect all the way upto the day of the shoot.

Laura takes direction well and is comfortable posing on her own too. Once she settled, everything flowed. The 4hrs just flew by.

Will definitely be shooting with her again as the pics taken were fab.

Thanks for a fun shoot Laura. Would never have known it was your first shoot. Let's get the next one booked x

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