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Mike Rhys

Another great shoot with Karo, we did a number of different genres during these two days.

We are already planning our next shoot later this year.

I can highly recommend Karo and looking forward to working with her again.

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We had a nice shooting with Karo. She was open to try out all the moodboard I proposed

The 4 hours shooting we had together were very creative and productive

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Canonical Photography

I had a specific set of images in mind when I booked Karo for the shoot. We communicated about the idea and when we started shooting we got the images I wanted straight away. She was very professional and understood how to achieve the look I was after. She also had several ideas of her own along similar lines. It was a very productive shoot and Karo was able to look at the images and adjust poses for the best results.

The shoot was also fun and we chatted a lot. I would definitely recommend working with Karo if you get the chance.

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Second Glance

I had a great, albeit too short, shoot with Karo on her recent visit to London

She is a fantastically expressive model who creates beautiful shapes with her fantastic core strength

Karo is highly creative and I was delighted with the images we achieved together :)

She is definitely someone that I would love to work with again and I would give her my top recommendation

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Mike Rhys

This shoot was our second shoot, and it was another fantastic experience.

We went through a couple of well thought of genres to shoot some promotion images for our planned studio day.

Karo is entirely dedicated to her modelling and is full of ideas.

We could create some of the images just with the help of our MUA Anika, who did a fantastic job by creating the different looks.

Thank you very much for your tireless efforts.

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Karolina is extremely artistic and creatively person! Would like to work with her in the future.

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ccccccccccccccc said...

Second Studio Day with Karo. Photographers enjoyed her professionalism and creativity. I would not hesitate in recommending Karo to any photographers or studios out there, and looking forward to her next visit.

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ccccccccccccccc said...

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Karo for the last 2 days. Super talented model, with great personality that is reflected in every shot. I had the opportunity to see Karo working with other photographers during the Paid Studio day that we organised together, stunning results, photographers left 100% satisfied with Karo’s professionalism. I also had the opportunity of working with her first hand, and not only it is great fun to work with her, she is just superb, giving great advise and fantastic ideas at all time, working hard to ensure that results were high quality. I also had the pleasure to host her in our home studio for 2 nights, and at levels Karo is a great girl: a beautiful intelligent person that surely will succeed in whatever path she chooses to take. Looking forward to see you back in London or Berlin.

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Joe B

I very spontaneously applied (literally the evening before) to a casting from Karo. I am so glad that I did, and that she was able to accommodate such a late request - which she did with grace and quickly.

Pre-shoot comes we’re perfect - I shared a Pinterest mood board she she liked and so we both had a good idea of what we were trying to achieve.

On the day I loved the way she critiqued each set of images that we tried, going back a correcting details that actually I didn’t even notice. It felt more of a partnership shoot than anything else. That was fabulous.

Very highly recommended.

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I hoped that Karo was just exactly the model I was after for my Pippi Longstocking shoot, and she did not disappoint! Her auburn hair and 'tomboyish' frame suited the character exactly and, with the addition of a massive range of facial expressions, she captured the essence of Pippi extremely well for the camera.

Although the main thrust of our shoot was the androgynous Scandinavian creation, we had time to venture into 'prisoner' images and a variety of lifestyle and portrait shots. Throughout, Karo was 100% enthusiastic and committed and we achieved a very wide selection of pictures and styles - thanks in great part to her innate acting ability.

A very well-spent day with a great model who was also delightful company.

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Henri Senders Photography

I only managed to work with Karo for 2 hours while she visited my friend photographer Hans Dethmers. It was fun and Karo posed inspiring for portraits and reflections. She intrigued me enough for being interested in working with her again in the near future.

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Mike Rhys

I had a fab shoot with FineArtModel aka Fam0.

We worked in my studio on some low-key fine-art nudes and a series of fashion nudes.

Karolina is absolutely dedicated to her work, the slightest flaw in the pose gets corrected immediately.

Excellent pre-shoot communication and a pleasure to have her.

We have been able to create many beautiful images together, and I hope we can continue our work the next time she is around.

I'm looking forward to hosting her for a studio day in the future.

Very highly recommend.

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Tomasz P.

Caroline is great woman, amazing girl and work we created some time ago was very exciting experience for me.

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Bo Michal

Fun and fit. A joy to work with.

Fearless when it comes to posing on location.

Very inspiring model with lots of poses, some crazy ones too :-)

Highly recommended.

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John Herm

Fam0 is a lovely, slim ginger haired model. I was lucky enough to cooperate with her recently.

Collected her from the train and there she was, a very elegant woman, all in red, with beret and glasses.

In this outfit I portrayed her immediately after arrival in the studio.

Fam0 is easy going and we talked also about everything ... so creating a good atmosphere.

She acted and posed very well, very professionally.

Have been able to take many beautiful photos.

Thank you so much Fam0.

Highly recommended!

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Really loved working with this spontaneous model.

She`s a free spirit kind of girl with a lot of good idea`s about art.

Studied art herself so could give me some tips of improvement too.

Had an good attitude and we clicked right away.

Her body was interesting ,beautiful and expressive to draw.

Thin but powerfull and very natural.

Totally aware of what she can do with poses , confident and relaxed.

I certainly gonna book her again when back in Holland and recomend her for as well the beginner as the professional.

O and she likes chocolate so make sure to give her some for the energy :-)

Alex (lexilexi ,painter)

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FAM = Fine Art Model ... Fantastic Awesome Monalisa ... Freaky Alt Mistery ... Fun Artistic Medusa ... etctera.

Whatever FAM0 stands for doesn't realy matter, as long as you know she is great to work with, fun to have araound and goes for great results.

Looking forward to the next time.

Warm regards,

Marja & Jeroen

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Hans Dethmers

Fam stayed with me from Thursday afternoon until Friday morning. We shoot twoo hours in the evening light and one hour in the early morning. Fam is a fantastic Original woman. She breaths pure beauty and creativity. She was patient, friendly, helpful and enjoyed the modelling. Beside she is such a lovely person, soo relaxed and interested. Hope to work again with Fam and advise every model photographer in the field to work with her when possible.

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