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Peter Lewry

Had my first (but hopefully not last) shoot with Andii today and what a wonderful experience. Pre-shoot comms were excellent with theme and location agreed well in advance. She turned up on time looking fantastic in her Vampire costume, make-up all done.

Andii poses well with little or no direction but was also happy to go along with my ideas. Hard working and fun to be around Andii gives 100% to every shot. We were both very pleased with what we achieved during the shoot.

Thanks also to Jamie (Skeleton Juggler) for his help and for playing the part of the vampires victim.

Highly recommended.

Thanks Andii

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Had great fun with Andii with an impromptu mini shoot whilst working with the Skeleton Juggler. A real natural, highly recommended.

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Had a lovely shoot with this lady today, pre communication was excellent, she was very easy to shoot with as she had some excellent ideas adding to the shots as we bounced ideas about. Very easy to chat and work with, got some great different and fun style shots ,would recommend her to anyone wishing to work with a professional approach model who is keen to work with the photographer in getting great shots, already sorted a shoot for May ,it was great fun

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A smashing girl who poses well without direction and is also willing to listen and learn.

Would I recommend her - without question!

Book her whilst you can.

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Had a great time with Fairy Doll

She is a natural model and will go far.

We had a good laugh and a fantastic shoot

Highly recommended

Thank you for a lovely day

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AMAZING, wow what a shoot, amazing lady and its so good when you just go to ask the next move or pose and she is already there, so easy to work with and a very lovely lady, can wait to shoot again and ideas already flowing. strongly recommend Fairy Doll, you wont be disappointed.

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Well choosing to shoot with Andii was slightly different for me as have been doing more erotic, fetish, topless and nude implied stuff but was taken by the profile.

Pre shoot communication was brilliant and quick responses even though was a relatively short notice shoot. Arrived to find Andii smartly dressed in an outfit calling to be shot in. We had discussed some ideas but on the day as a first shoot went with the flow although Andii got out many out fit choices to choose from. I was aware Andii had not done too many shoots and she requested direction but very quickly found this was not needed. We were doing a home shoot and had to fight with the low sun coming into the front room but got some amazing shots and Andii was totally confident in what we did.

Would 100% recommend Andii and will be shooting with her very soon on location that's if she agrees LOL. Don't miss out working with this lovely fit and very pretty lady.

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DISPARU said...

Andii is a delightful young lady and a total pleasure to photograph. Her singing is more than tolerable too!! :)

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Had the great pleasure of meeting and working with Andii today. She is a very new model but took direction really well, posing brilliantly, she also showed a great understanding of the styles we shot

Despite the temperatures being below freezing Andii carried on working for as long as was safe. I take my hat off to her fortitude.

I am looking forward to working with her again and would recommend her to all photographers

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This was a 'first shoot' for Andii, but despite this she was confident, easy to work with, and quickly grasped how to respond to directions. Also easy to chat to...someone to hold an intelligent conversation with during breaks!! And excellent make-up skills.....

My feeling is Andii will be in great demand if she decides to stick with modelling...she has an interesting look, a great figure...and skin that is as good as it gets. I certainly look forward to working with her again....I anticipate great things from a second shoot!

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