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Mynte Muse

Erik Sahl is a very creative and caring soul!

I had a very nice experience working with him. He was well-prepared, had a cool overview and I could really feel his passion as a photographer while shooting.

Erik has my greatest recommendation.

(I'm already looking forward to our shoot in December.)

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I had my third shoot with Erik back in December and again i enjoyed his warm company and relaxed way of working with me. He is really good at communicating and fun to shoot with. I recommend models to work with him and hope to shoot again soon

Best wishes


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Again, Erik and I had a fun summer shoot Tuesday the 14th of September. Erik was I'll the day before, and I was open to do a shorter shoot than expected, if he was not feeling good. But he lasted for a long time, and we were both in studio and on location in the woods of North Jutland. I really like working with Erik, because of his open mind to do different styles, and also he is good at communicating which does a shoot so much more fun.

I'm looking forward to the next shoot, and I definitely recommend Erik Sahl to every model

Kindest regards,


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Erik and I had a very cool shoot together two days ago. He booked me two months ago and I was very excited to meet him. He is a very kind man, curious about me as a person and model. We did a lot of shooting, at the beach, at his house and in studio. We had a Lot of different set ups which made the shooting fun and creative. I was allowed to pose freely and also with his guidance. If you come to Denmark, I would definitely recommend Erik Sahl without hesitation. Thank you very much for your time and Company Erik, see you Soon on our next shoot:)

The kindest regards


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I had the absolute pleasure of working with Erik a few days ago during my tour of Denmark.

Erik hired me for a full day, in which we worked in his well equipped studio and also outdoors.

Erik has a great selection of props and outfits in the studio and he's not afraid to use them, haha!

He has fun ideas, and he's a pleasure to work with. Professional, good humoured and kind.

I don't hesitate to recommend him and I'm looking forward to work with him again some day!

Thanks Erik!

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irina L

I had a shoot with Erik yesterday. He is easy going, polite and super friendly. I felt very comfortable in his company and the time just flew by.

He is really calm and understanding and we had a chat and a laugh and overall a very good time.

I am looking forward to see some of the final images and I hope we will be working again in the future.

I highly reccomend Erik.

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I worked with Erik Sahl for the day whilst I was staying in Denmark. We worked firstly at a beautiful manor house for a few hours, before a super quick location shot (as it wasn't very nice weather!) and then a few hours at his studio - where he has lots of cool props!

Erik was polite and professional throughout and easy to get along with. He made sure I was comfortable and the day was relaxed, with plenty of breaks. I would happily work with him again :)

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I had a wonderful first shoot with Erik couple of days ago!

What a pleasure to be and work with this wonderful photographer :)

Erik made me so comfortable throughout the whole time making our collaboration fun and at ease.

I loved each moment of our shoot and I adore his personality and sense of humour ;)

Will definitely be back for more images! (and coffee) ;) ha!

Definitely highly recommended! Thank you so much Erik xx

All the best


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Thank you Erik, I had so much fun to work with you. I realy liked you studio. So much what you can creat in one day! I also enjoyed that you know a lot of places where to shoot. It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope that it wasn’t our last time! Wish you the best, take care of you 🌹

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The overall excellent experience these two days of modeling for Erik made me realize just how much I've been missing out on by never visiting Denmark until this summer. The level of kindness, sympathy and empathy I've received from Erik already from the start of our conversation online, the trust and respect, his expert knowledge of the locations in the beautiful north of Denmark, his good eye for flattering angles and perspectives in model photography, always complimented by a smile, good humor and the most amazing and thoughtful weather-protecting outfit anyone ever brought for me to a shoot ... all this, and many more aspects, made this creative encounter with Erik one of the highlights of my 2019, and I will never forget how he did not lose faith in me and patience with me, even when I was losing my stamina because I pushed my workload too much this year, and that wasn't professional of me. Last but not least, Erik has a very nice fully equipped and properly heated photo studio, very good light setups, props and ideas. If an opportunity arises for me to pose for Erik again, I wouldn't hesitate a second.

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Erik and I worked together on August 1st. We were in an abandoned factory. Erik is great to work with and takes good care of the model. He also has good humor and several good projects going on. We took several great pictures and recommend to work with him!

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Erik booked me in Denmark

We shot at location and in his studio.

He was very sweet and respectful and takes good care of me

I would recommend Erik!

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I worked with the wonderful Erik on location and also at his studio in Denmark.

Erik is so kind, funny and professional. I felt very comfortable and together we made some great images - he has some fantastic ideas and it was an absolute pleasure spending the day with him :)

Highly recommended

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Lilith Etch

Erik is the sweetest photographer ever! He is caring, professional and just a lovely personality. Working with him is always a joy and a good time!

100% recommended!

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Rebecca Tun

I had a fun shoot with Erik at a beautiful stately home, during my recent visit to Denmark. Erik was a gentleman and very professional, brought a couple of clothes for me to wear and had plenty of ideas about how to use the location. Erik has a classic style and a great sense of humour and is easy to work with. I'm happy to recommend him to other models.

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