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Emilie-Lou has 7 references; 7 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Great shoot today with Emily, good communications pre shoot, she arrived at the studio before I did. She is very easy to get along with, takes direction well, and is immaculately presented.

This time we did a mainly glamour style shoot, next time we will make more of a story.

A lovely lady, good model and highly recommended.

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Great shoot with Emily she cane prepared with outfits took direction when needed definitely knows hers stuff and would highly recommend looking forward to our next shoot 👍

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Christian Lewis

I shared a great shoot with Emily and Wolfman today in Southampton. Emily has a great personality and poses very well. Very easy going and makes a great cup of tea :-).

Definitely looking to book Emily again and can thoroughly recommend.

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What a star this young lady is. Showed up on time looking amazing. Emily was perfect company, fun, chatty and awesome infront of the lens. Posed well with very little direction and can give some great emotion as well.

Highly recommended and will defo be working with her again

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great comms and an easy fun shoot Emily has a great look and fun to work with hope to shoot again

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What an amazing young lady. We arranged an all day shoot starting from 10am till 6pm there were smiles from the start to the end, hair and make-up was flawless, strated the day with her hair in a French plait then when the plait was taken it left the most beautiful waves in her hair.

On location Emily will try anything climbing trees and building a true adventurous spirit in the mud then the sea all her idea

An absolute joy to work with and highly motivated, really hope we can work together again soon

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Emily answered my casting call and we did the shoot in the same day. Emily is well organised to be able to organise a shoot in the morning sort out the logistics to get to Portsmouth. Emily is a cheerful fun loving character with wonderful features and an expert ability to modelling. Although new to Purpleport Emily has experience and certainly knows how to present herself and pose. She quickly understood the thinking behind the poses. Emily was brilliant at helping to keep a relaxed atmosphere throughout the shoot and showed some of her lighter side as well.

After the main Idea was shoot then Emily was happy to play around with the wardrobe and produced some light hearted images based around a military theme.

All in all Emily is great all round model that is good company, good figure and looks, adaptable and willing to experiment. Will certainly be making arrangement in the future to work with Emily and look forward to her company again. Thank you.

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