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Casey Pop

What a pleasure he was to work with! It was my first shoot with Roger on last Wednesday. It was a 4 hour shoot, but gosh the hours flew by! He was full of ideas, incredibly polite and sympathetic! Secondly he is incredibly talented! The whole shoot there was laughs and chit chat. He really was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him! Can't wait to work with him again! Thank you !

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Alex Beau

Had a really lovely shoot with Roger! He really put me at ease and was very easy to communicate with. He is fantastic with lighting and has a real eye for what works. Puts effort into creating lovely shots. Very happy and would highly recommend

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I had oppurtunity to work with Elf yestarday and I enjoyed this shoot a lot, atmospher was safe and relaxsed

Elf is very profesional photographer and has great personality as well I like his ideas and shoot went smoothly.

Results was beautifull as well .

for sure I highly recommend this photographer for all models,and just looking forward to shoot with him again in near future:)

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Today was my first shoot with Roger and it went really well! He was a pleasure to shoot with, very friendly. He made me feel comfortable and was very respectful. We managed to get some great photos! I would recommend!

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Another great shoot with elf! He came to shoot with me during my tour of Belfast and came prepared with plenty of ideas!

We had a very productive few hours, working through lots of different sets and looks.

The results he has sent me were beautiful, I'm so glad we got to work together again!

Highly recommended by me! Looking forward to next time :)


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Patrycja Model

Very professional photographer. Has brilliant ideas and I really enjoyed working with him. Will definitely work with him again. Love some of the images that we got.

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It was my first shooting with Roger and I enjoyed very much! It was a very nice and creative shooting with him.

We had dance and aerial shooting, he gave me freedom in the posing and followed my rhythm and position. It was a very nice time work, we checked the pictures together and searched the best from the series.

I would recommend!!

Köszönöm a fotózást :)

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I had first photoshoot with Roger. He came down to Wicklow, I picked him up and we went on our first location that is always empty. Unfortunately there was plenty people and we were not be able to take many pictures. But we took few in the sea which turned nicely. We went to our second location and took few shots there and we found beautiful last place with wood logs . Roger was very nice and friendly, told me few stories , always showed me our shots which is important for me , I always can improve my posing etc. I highly recommend Roger (Elf) for work , he is easy going , professional and I can’t wait to work with him again.

Thank you

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Anna Quinn

Shot with Roger on my trip to Ireland, great shoot would reccomend

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Keira Lavelle

Hurrayy!! Roger and I had a shoot on our to-do list for quite some time... We had chatted a good several months prior to finally making it happen after he got in touch and that was the initial kick-up-the-backside for me to think about setting up a proper tour of Ireland. :)

It has to said that Roger has the patience of a saint... During the months leading up to my tour dates, I obviously had a lot of two-ing and froing to do with trying to coordinate all my shoots with success so that the 8 days flowed. Roger was really helpful in offering flexibility for me to merge two shoots in one day as I know he was quite restricted with travelling depending on public transport also. Then on the day once both at the studio, we hit some totally random/unexplainable technical issues which could have been something to easily get frustrated about because it literally made no sense at all as to why it was occurring... But Roger stayed cool and made the very best of it when we snapped back into action! :D He picked a lovely studio in the centre of Dublin and the owner was on had to help out where possible/get the tea on the go so it was a really good atmosphere for Roger and I to fire some awesome creativity around.

Roger was really well prepared for the shoot and has a brilliant imagination for visualising where his images are going, he's got twice the work to think about where he's producing photographs for further digital art to be applied later and shows so much enthusiasm for creating something that's both artistic and storytelling. :) I also loved the other sets we did (we added another hour onto the shoot in the end as we hit it off so well) and our shoot covered epic variety including some absolutely stunning fashion-nude sets which really were some truly memorable images for me from this tour. I love shooting funky looks and having a super-awesome photographer who doesn't mind the occasional silly-face being thrown in! :D

So yes - productive is an understatement!!! Roger is a really good photographer and a true gentleman too. He thinks ahead for his shoots, bringing things along and puts true effort in. He's got a very professional/respectful attitude towards models, but it's easy to have a bit of banter/natter-breaks with him too because he's a social guy with a good heart. I really enjoyed working together and he will be at the top of my list of people to contact when I next make my visit to Dublin, thank you Roger for a true blast of a shoot and for being so helpful with times etc. You're a star and the images rock to the moon and back!!

Keira x

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Amy Rose

I had great fun working with Roger. He's a lovely guy and photographer. He used my studio in West yorkshire and captured some really fantastic images.

He certainly knows how to light and use studio.

Thanks Roger x

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First shoot with Roger.

Im glad we managed work together. Roger is really creative, full of ideas, fun, friendly and professional.

He knew exactly what he wants to achieve from our shoot. We done few different styles and I am really happy with result :)

Roger, thank you so much for chance to work with you, hopefully it wasn't our last shoot :)

Highly recommended.

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Had great fun working with Roger whilst on my Dublin tour, he is a true creative and is full of ideas.

We rattled through a variety of different sets, including me doing what I love best - Athletic Nude with a chair!

After the shoot Roger kindly took me for a cup of tea at the local Art Café.

Thank you :)

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Evelyn Sommer

Very good to work with, our shoot went smoothly and as planned :)

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Sara Scarlet

I had a fun shoot with Roger in Dublin city centre. We had coffee and lunch together and everything went fine. The studio was heated and comfortable. Pleasant experience and recommended! Looking forward to seeing the photos.

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on time,easy to work with,full of ideas and very professional! Highly recommend!

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Artemis Fauna

I worked with Roger last week during my first ever Ireland visit! We shot for three hours in a studio in the centre of Dublin and had a great time!

We worked our way through loads of ideas from portraits to some fantasy styled images and got some great results. Roger was easy to work with- he had loads of ideas but also let me suggest things on styling and lighting so it was great team work.

Looking forward to working with Roger again next time (or before!) BIG thank you Roger :) :)

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Been working with Elf on several shoots, and every time it was a great experience. Amazing photographer with great imagination. Pleasant and respectful person, very easy to get along with. He gives very clear directions and lets you to put in your own ideas. I would definitely recommend this lovely guy!

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What a fantastic start to my tour in dublin shooting with Roger. He greeted me with a warm welcome and we began shooting some portraits, fashion,lingerie and art nude. We got some really nice results from the shoot as well :)

Roger is an incredibly interesting and versitile person, he was telling me about his various different career paths including a DJ and a sledge racer. He is really easy to work with, open to ideas and an interesting and funny person with fantastic music taste!

Highly recommended by me and i would love to work with him on my next tour to dublin.

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Had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Roger on my Ireland tour recently. Roger is such a lovely guy, that was professional, organised, friendly and generally a nice person to be around.

Before the shoot commenced, we managed to briefly discuss ideas and what Roger really wanted to capture. On the day we managed to do this and more and I am pleased with the results.

Definitely hope we are able to shoot again in the future. A very wonderful experience.

Thank you.

Highly recommended!


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