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Eldehen has 11 references; 11 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Anna Johansson

Had a lovely second photoshoot with Laurant. He is a great photographer and easy going to work with, caring and professional. I will definitely work with him again and I will warmly recommend him 🥰

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Had a wonderful shoot with laurant at his apartment. He has a little room that he uses for pictures and the light is very nice.

We only did two hours but I feel we got a lot done and were super efficient, working out many different concepts and themes and getting a lot of good pictures.

While taking pictures we actually flowed really well and we're able to play around and experiment with some different stuff which was fun :)

All in all I would definitely recommend laurant, simply already because he's very polite and professional and really knows his craft!

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We had more shootings with Laurent and it was always just amazing! We did always very different styles and pictures from the art nude and glamour till the fashion and aerial acrobatics. I’m looking forward to shooting with him again!

Highly recommended!

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Luna Lopez

I had my first shooting with Laurent in December and it was a very good experience. He was very friendly, polite and respectful towards me and making sure I was taking care of and felt comfortable. With a cup of tea we had a little talk and discussed the shooting. He has a studio room in his house where the light is very beautiful and the results of the shooting are amazing! He understands photography, knows what he wants and he has a true passion for it. He was a great company as well and good to talk to before, during and after the shooting. It is nice to experience a photographer takes time to talk afterwards and also about the shooting. I am looking forward working with him again in spring or summer for an outdoor shooting. Would recommend him for sure. Thank you Laurent for the lovely shoot!

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Laurent is very creative photographer and pleasant to work and communicate with.

We discussed previously details and style which was very helpful and made it easier on a shooting day. Shooting was very interesting, fun and enjoyable.

Looking very much forward to see the results, photos looked awesome at the camera.

Recommended 100%

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I had the sweetest, most amazing shoot with Laurent the other day.

We were in touch for a while and discussed our ideas plenty previous to the shoot.

He's great company, a brilliant photographer and a gentleman.

I just can't wait to see the shots!!

Thank you Laurent, see you again soon!

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Stephanie Dubois

I had a lovely shoot with Laurent a few weeks ago while I was touring Belgium. Laurent is a lovely guy who clearly loves his photography. We worked on a selection of natural light images in his home and produced some lovely images. Laurent was a great host and looked after me very well.

Highly recommended.

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Lady Vengeance

It was fun to work together with Laurent, chitchatting and having a few laughs while shooting. Very happy with the results I've seen so far!

Hope to see you again soon!

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Laurent is awesome to work with! The shoot was relaxed but productive and we got loads of gorgeous images. I really enjoyed it, and would recommend anyone shoots with him! Had a lovely day :) Ginger hair club rules!! :)

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Sara Scarlet

Had several shoots with Laurent, he is kind patient and absolutely reliable. Very happy with the results from our shoots.

I recommend working with him. :)

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I worked with Eldehen and i enjoyed the shoot very much :)

He's really a nice and reliable photographer! He took care of me well :)

Off course i recommend him ;) You can truely go ;)

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