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What can you say? My third photography with Eli, and not the last, more than 10 years since we had the first session, and Eli is only getting better and better, she is incredibly good, takes the ideas right away, looks forward to the next session,an awsome person and model,highest recommended, Finn

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First off.. what an amazing model.

I've shot with Elizah long time ago and the shoot was fantastic, this time around she surpassed all expectations.

Her references and body of work speak for themselves when it comes to how good she is and she's always willing to look for perfection in every shot.

I can't recommend Elizah enough and urge anyone thinking of booking her to do so without hesitation. She's simply a lovely person and a highly professional model who would lift anyone's portfolio she shoots with.

Thank you Elizah, I'm looking forward to editing the images hope you like them as much as I do!.


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Ohhhhh maaaa gaawwdddd

What an unbelievably talented model this girl is.

She effortlessly knows her angles to get the most out of every shot and really knows how to work the light against her body. When reviewing the shots she happily puts in her own input which then helps the ideas grow, meaning things will just get better and better as the shoot progresses.

Her personality is more bubbly than a fresh cracked Pepsi and she has a down to earth, genuine aura that surrounds her.

Coming away from the shoot I couldn't be more happy as I've got so many beautiful captures to try and narrow down!

It's top models like Eliza that set my passion for photography on fire


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Worked with Elizah yesterday. Really lovely girl to work with, easy to shoot, needs no direction and always looks amazing, highly recommended

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Second time of shooting with Eli, always very professional and fantastic with posing without direction. Enjoyed the shoot and got some great images. Would absolutely recommend working with her if you get the opportunity.

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Brian Garrard

This was my first Studio shoot since lockdown arranged by and at Inspire Studios Salisbury.

Ant first shoot with Eli is a pleasure to work with. We tried some fitness styles and bit of fashion and a bit on lingerie which is a little outside my normal comfort I have some stunning shots. And 2 hours was gone before I knew it.

Hope to have an opportunity to work with Eli again.

Thank you so much


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Oliver Gibbs

Thank you so much Eli, so awesome to work with you again, you're the best!!! :)

Yesss so pleased I got the chance to work with Eli again, it was a real honour. I have worked with her twice before, and she hasn't changed, a very engaging and intelligent woman, who's very down to earth too, her enthusiasm for photography, makes you feel energised, and I felt very creative straight away.

I absolutely love the images we captured, and they were mostly her ideas and suggestions, I very happily went with the flow, as I know, Eli clearly knows what works, to create a beautiful image.

I honestly highly recommend her, I've wanted to work with her again for ages, and so pleased I got the chance to.

Thanks so much Eli, would love to work with you again!! :)

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I had the immense pleasure to have to opportunity to work with Eli for the 1st time.

I had arranged a full day shoot with this stunning lady, Eli was very accommodating when I had to move the dates, due to personal reasons.

Pre-shoot communication were super, and my mood boards that I sent was eagerly welcomed, from which Eli got a good idea what genres I was looking to shoot.

On arrival at Eli’s home, she was very welcoming, polite from the start, helped me upload my gear from the car, showed the shooting areas.

Once we started shooting, the banter and laughs were non-stop, for such a beautiful lady, she so down to earth, yet very professional. Our day literally just flew by as we rolled through the sets we’d discussed, actually we ran out of time in the end.

During the day, it felt like I’d known Eli for a long time, as the atmosphere was really relaxed and productivity flowed as we bounced ideas around.

Eli bought suggestions to the table, which is a welcome relief as it gave me opportunity to take a break from my constant creativity…lol

I am grateful for the opportunity to meet and work with this stunning model, sure was worth the 5 hour drive there and back.

Only down side, is selecting images to edit as there were so many stunning images captured from our shoot.

Absolute pleasure from start to finish. Already looking forward to working with you again.

Syd x

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First shoot with Eli, easy comms before and had agreed on shoot at hers.

Chat before with tea and then started to shoot, she is better than the pics and knows how to get the most out of her figure on camera.

Chatty, witty and good fun the shoot went quickly and I got what I needed.

She is a lovely lady and great to shoot with, .. till next time

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Halo Photography

I had the pleasure of working with Eliza on a Simon Morton workshop. She's a very friendly, chatty & engaging model. She has a vast array of poses and knows how to emphasise her incredibly toned body. She also poses very well when guided. Having to pose for five photographers, can be daunting but Eliza did so with ease.

I will definitely be working with Eliza again and can not emphasise enough how amazing a model & young lady she is.

I absolutely recommend Eliza.

Thank you Eliza for making the workshop so enjoyable :-)

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Had a great first shoot with Eli Zah at Rococo Farm, working on my slightly off the wall fashion project. Eli Zah entered into the spirit of the shoot with great enthusiasm, and kept going through numerous dress changes for four solid hours.

An absolute pleasure to work with and already dreaming up ideas for my next shoot with her.

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Stef's Photography

My first shoot with Eli Zah but definitely not the last! What a fantastic person and model! She's very professional and knows exactly what to give you. She easily flow from one pose to the next and make a shoot fluent and relaxing.

I'll recommend her to any shooter, she's great. Thank you very much! Looking forward to our next meet!


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What can I say about Eliza that I haven't said before?

Well, she is a beautiful woman with a warm, engaging personality. When it comes to modelling they don't come better than Eliza. She is highly professional and has a unique ability to tap in to your creative intentions and always has helpful suggestions to make. I have lost count of the number of times we have worked together and if you read her other references you will see that lots of photographers book her multiple times. That in itself is a great recommendation.

Time spent in Eliza's company is time well spent and I can't wait for our next shoot to come around. Thankyou as always, Eliza :) x

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Gerry Fitzgerald

I had my first shoot with Eli....I am a bit stuck for words ...superb amazing professional, a complete joy to work with, I had a hoot... I hope to be shooting with her again very soon, she made my camera very happy. Gerry

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Wow.....had my first shoot with Eliza at Fine & DanDee studio....an incredible shoot!

I've been waiting to work with Eliza for a while, and it was certainly worth the wait. Effortlessly beautiful with a million and one poses that just captured the images I had on my moodboard perfectly.

She was totally in tune with the theme of the shoot from the first to the last shot.

An amazingly talented model - obviously highly recommended - can't wait to shoot again!



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neil barrie photography

I've spent the last six months concentrating on playing catch-up with editing and deliberately not shooting.

Having decided to get back behind the camera, I booked a slot with Eli at Fine and Dandee Studio. Eli is absolutely fantastic! Polished, professional, easy to work with and so good at what she does. The time flew by and it made me realise how much I've missed working with a top quality professional model. We got so very many great shots, I've now got more editing to do!

Highly recommended.

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Fine and DanDee Studio

had the pleasure of this lovely lady in for a studio day today. Professional, easy to get along with and high energy throughout the day. Would highly recommend this fabulous model and would gladly have back in the studio any time.

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My first shoot of the year and who better to work with than Eliza?

Over the last year and more we have shot every month and each time we try something different. This time it was back to basics with some life drawing followed by a couple of sets of photography. Life modelling is just about the polar opposite of a photo-shoot yet Eliza moves effortlessly between the two. Her poses for drawing are every bit as elegant as her poses for the camera and she holds a difficult pose without flinching or moving a muscle for extended periods. Above all, Eliza is a joy to work with as she approaches every challenge with cheerful enthusiasm and her creative suggestions are always on point.

I heartily recommend Eliza as a highly professional model in every respect who I hope to continue working with throughout 2020 and beyond. Thankyou again Eliza my friend :)

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Jeff B

Thank you Eliza for a most enjoyable and productive photo shoot at Pual's Studio in Reading. Only my second time working with a model, Eliza's warm and fun, and friendly personality immediately put me at ease and thanks to her creativity and highly professional approach, I got some fantastic shots.

Eliza is an amazing lady who is a dream to work with, thank you.

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Eli Zah is a lovely model. Very professional. A fun, bubbly lady. Very helpful, sweet and a pleasure to work with. Lovely classic profile, lovely muscle tone, elegant too. Super to photograph.

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