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Eleanor Sutcliffe has 14 references; 14 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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RMP Photography & Studio

I replied to Eleanor’s casting regarding image editing, and wow Eleanor sent me a set of images which were so good I asked for another set !!

So many good images it was hard to choose , Eleanor was quick and responsive and With good communication.

Would love to work with this model at some point

Thank you Eleanor

Russ 😊

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North Gate Photography

I responded to an editing casting call put out by Eleanor - I'm not much of an editor, so thought I would take advantage of her offer of RAW files to practice with.

Eleanor responded quickly, politely and with everything promised in the casting call. The images were excellent - great variety, quirky, fabulous quality & above all easy to work with.

Whilst not a typical shoot, it was great to see and work with such lovely images - and a brilliant way of encouraging me to add a wonderful model to my Want To Work With list!

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Josh Finche

I spoke to Eleanor about doing some editing for her, she was great to speak to and I enjoy editing the images for her. I look forward to working with her in the future. A pleasure to communicate with. Would highly recommend.

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MShoot Photo

Worked with Eleanor on a remote collaboration where we discussed a themed shoot that she then did from her home.

Pre shoot comms were excellent and she worked really hard to ensure the shots were exactly what I wanted to achieve.

Have received the RAW images now and can’t wait to process them.

Definitely recommended working with Eleanor.

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Daz Ives

Took the home shoot package from Eleanor, she is an absolute star, Great quality images and a pleasure to work with. Communication was very professional. Thank you

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PJP Images

Responded to Eleanor’s casting call on RAW Images for my editing purpose during the lockdown, firstly, I asked to check and was impressed with the images. Overall, the images are stunning & pin-sharp together with styling & quality.

I am pleased with overall result on both Eleanor’s comms and image quality. She is a pleasure to work and would recommend Eleanor to any photographer or retoucher.

Thank you, Paul :)

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DarrenM Photography

I arranged an eShoot with Eleanor in response to her casting a few weeks back.

Communication was quick and faultless, I shared my mood board and we discussed the idea, hair, make-up and outfits in order to achieve the results I wanted to achieve.

The shoot happened promptly and contact sheets supplied enabling me to select my favourite. Very pleased with final images and RAW files, exactly the sort of quality I would expect had it been me taking the photo's.

I would be more than happy to shoot this way again with Eleanor, and highly recommend to anyone considering an eShoot :)

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I responded to Eleanors casting call offering her self shot RAW files for edits - her communications were excellent, and the photos good quality. Hopefully I’ll get opportunity to shoot some portraits myself with Eleanor once we are able to.

Thank you Eleanor

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Adrian Corbett Photography

I initially replied to a casting placed by Eleanor with regards to raw images for editing and was kindly supplied with images that were of outstanding quality and extremely well modelled.

I then asked if Eleanor could supply images to a tailored theme and nothing was too much trouble.

Eleanor’s comms were perfect and I received the images within 24hrs.

I am immensely pleased with the images and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Eleanor to any photographer or retoucher.

Stunning beauty and skilled with the camera please do give Eleanor a try,I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you so much Eleanor for an amazing experience and I certainly hope to work with you once things are closer to normality :-)

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Brian Fawcus

I replied to Eleanor's casting call, offering her self-shot images for editing. I am very impressed with the images, both styling and quality, and with Eleanor's amazing eyes and freckles!

I have to say I was a bit sceptical about the format but have been very pleasantly surprised :-)

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Flashing Perfect

Eleanor placed a casting call to edit shots that she had taken at home. I contacted Eleanor and had a quick response and was given the drop box link to obtain the shots.

The shots were very good quality and Eleanor posed with thought and gave a variety of interesting shots highlighting her talent to model.

Looking forward to working with Eleanor when the lockdown is over.


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Colin Hurst

I too responded to Eleanor's first RAW files offering.

Excellent comms throughout the process, and I've deliberately held off giving a reference until I'd had chance to do some editing.

My scepticism was more to do with, as a photographer, that I'd missed out on the shoot and the usual interaction.

The quality of the images and poses are top quality, so have appreciated getting to know Eleanor better while editing.

I've already taken El up on her next casting call to shoot a particular theme. Already excellent comms on that. Looking forward to speaking to the young lady very soon. And then a real shoot later down the line when I'm allowed out to play again.

Biggest regret from the set I received is that it's a freckle-free zone. The eyes make up for it, though. Hopefully remedied during the themed shoot. :)



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I the privilege of collaborating with Eleanor on a remote shoot and she was a joy to work with. Her pre-comms were first class and the images she created with amazing with excellent attention to detail in terms of light, pose and styling. I would recommend Eleanor to any photographer out there and I look forward to working with her again in the future :)

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Eleanor is a fantastic person to work with, her hair and makeup is spot on and her outfit are just incredible (especially her suits!!). Honestly, it’s near impossible to take a bad shot of Eleanor, she flows effortlessly from poses to pose she knows what works and just kills it every time, no direction required. Her work ethic is simply undeniable.

Really can't recommend el enough easily one of the best I’ve worked with.

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