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I shot with Peter for the first time yesterday at Pumpkin studios. The shoot was fantastic! We mainly shot portraits and beauty but we did so many completely different looks! My partner and fellow model Cocaine James came along with me so we shot some duo sets too!

Peter was awesome to work with, I had great fun and such a laugh throughout. The photos looked amazing on the back of the camera so I can't wait to see the edits!

Peter is highly recommended by me! I would definitely work with him again! :)

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I had a lovely shoot with Peter on my Manchester tour :)

He's a lovely, relaxed and professional photographer, it was great to work with him! Highly recommended :)

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Becky Kvittems

Quick, easy, painless!

Peter contacted me on a whim and a 'musing', to see if we could collaborate to produce anything different and creative.To paraphrase Craig David; we booked the shoot on Monday...something something friday shoot, then by sunday chilling with dropbox.

The shoot itself was a giggle and the hours flew by. I felt safe, confident and really comfortable. My levels were thoroughly respected and pre shoot agreements totally stuck to. Not laughed so much in ages. Really really happy.

Absolutely would recommend working with Peter to anyone.

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Rachelle Summers

Had my first shoot with Peter last week!

It was an incredibly laid back relaxed day, taking things one set at a time as he came up with ideas.

He's super kind and friendly, and really easy to chat to as well as having uber skills in mortgage advice :P haha!

We got some unreal shots, especially with a beauty set towards the end and he was kind enough to let me grab some BOC shots when we finished early and had time before my train :)

All in all a lovely day spent and would without a doubt recommend him! Hope to work with him again in the future!

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katie Anna

Great second shoot with Peter yesterday ,

We had fun from start finish , he is great to work with , really creative and I really enjoyed working together !

The images we created were stunning and I would highly recommend him.

Great guy - Thankyou

Looking forward to the next shoot

Katie Anna :-D

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Peter replied to a casting call I posted during my last week of pregnancy and we arranged the shoot easily with no hiccups along the way. The shoot went by fabulously and we definitely got some good work. Highly recommended!

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Amy Morris

It was great to meet Peter today. He is friendly and we got on well. Peter is very passionate about his work and pays attention to detail. I hope to work with him again soon. Highly recommend.

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katie Anna

had a fantastic shoot with Peter today.

I felt completely relaxed straight away.

He is very creative and his images are stunning and edgy.

Great to get along with and overall very professional.

I Will definitely be working with him again !

Highly Recommended

Katie Anna

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eastonmua said...

Fantastic shoot with Peter.

Very professional with Great direction, whilst making my models feel comfortable and relaxed.

Knew exactly what I wanted to get from the shoot due to great communication prior to the shoot.

Highly recommended and hope to work with you again in the future.

Thanks so much for your time


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Had a great shoot with Peter, he made me feel comfortable concidering I am quite shy and nervous!

I was welcomed kindly and offered drinks - he is a really nice man :)

I really enjoyed out shoot, he gave good direction and took pictures until he found what he wanted, then he would show me, making sure I was happy!

Overall, I would definintly reccommend Thank you Peter!

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jwylx said...

Had a lovely shoot with Peter today at Pumpkin Studios, all communication beforehand was brilliant & had super quick replies. The shoot went really well, I was quite nervous so he even allowed me to play my music in the background to relax me! (He seemed to have enjoyed my music, he should be a fan of olly murs by now haha!) Such a fun guy, lots of ideas & guided me really well. Really happy with the photo that were took, got some favourites already & definitely want to work with him again :)

Would recommend Peter to any model :) x

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Lady Louise

Another amazing shoot with Doodyone!

Had a lot of fun at pumpkin studios and the images speak for themselves!

I appreciated the stream of tea making :)

Thank you! :)

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Scarlett Fox

Well it was my first shoot with Pete and is not my last, I felt at ease working with Pete, he gave me direction when needed, and was happy to let me free style. I felt so at home at the studio and got to get covered in stage blood so much fun, Peter has a great sense of humour and is easy to work with and let you come out and try your crazy ideas!

Thank you for having me Pete, and I look forward to working with you soon.

Miss. Fox x

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Luna Riparia

I've worked with Pete three times now, he's a phenomenal photographer. The most recent shoot was the first time I had shot in almost 2 years, he was the perfect choice. He was patient with me and helped me get my confidence back. Pete has never disappointed and challenges you to get the best results. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for beautiful images!

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Lady Louise

My first shoot with Pete was amazing!

Communication before the shoot was great. He was very professional all the way through the shoot and gave great direction... oh, and made me brews through the shoot which I was grateful for! Thank you! Can't wait for our next shoot ;)

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Neeve Kelly

I am so glad that I have finally been able to work with Peter, we have been talking and planning our project for a while now. I won't say too much about what we were shooting because we still have more to do but I will say that Peter was fantastic to work with, he suggested ideas which suited the theme and took on board my suggestions. Peter is creatively focussed and seems to enjoy what he does. Hopefully we can also shoot some stills next time too. Thank you Peter!

He comes highly recommended!

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Nikita Banana

I've worked with Peter twice now most recently on a models and photographers tour to Prague! Peter is a talented photographer who is fun to work with and we all made some awesome images on our trip. Peter was incredibly organised and had lots of ideas and location suggestions. I would highly recommend shooting with Peter and I hope we can work together again.

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I had a shoot with Peter yesterday and I can't recommend him enough. He is so friendly and easy to work with, yet professional and focused. He was always making sure that there were images that I was happy with, so that we would both finish the day happy! Great communication, great ideas and some great images=very happy!

Highly recommended.

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Jim Vincible

Peter is one of those people that you dream of working with – someone who is professional and productive, as well as personable and a pleasure to work with. He knows exactly what he wants, and what he wants of you, which results in super-efficient shooting sessions. Moreover, he's incredibly open to suggestions and bouncing ideas back and forth, making it a genuine collaboration that leads to great results. I truly hope that I'm lucky enough to work with him again!

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I had a great shoot with Peter at Hallam Mill - Truedefinition studios yesterday. His communication was superb. He was excellent during the shoot,and had great ideas,ones I was impressed with and ones I had not done before. He showed me the images and I loved them :)

Hopefully I get to work with Peter again in the future as he is a true professional.

Would recommend him to others :)

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