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Ell Mae

What can I say? I'm not meant to have favourites but Dave is definitely one of mine. I love working with him, his humour is my humour and I think its great, we mess about have a laugh and get some absolutely cracking shots. Couldn't recommend highly enough, then again I'm biased. Always look forward to shooting together.

See ya soon!! xx

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Phi Rose

This is a well overdue reference for Mr Donny Dave! The absolute legend that is!

So after an awesome week away in Spain during a group trip back in March, bonding over wildlife photography and the love of sunshine… not rain 😆

Dave invited me along to BALI with him in August!!! 😱 For the most fun and exciting week of shooting and wildlifing that I could’ve ever imagined 🥹 not only did we get to shoot in some incredible and beautiful locations, one day Dave and I went to the National Bird Reserve to find and photograph SO many beautiful birds! We had such an amazing day, and ticked almost every bird off the list! Oh and the monkeys of course 😁

On another day (I still can’t believe I get to say this) we got to see Komodo Dragons & snorkel with Turtles AND Manta Rays!!! All in one day!!! 🥲🥰

This was literally the trip of my dreams. I will never be able to thank you enough Dave for giving me this incredible experience and opportunity, I’ll cherish that trip forever!!!! ❤️

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Jessica Wall

Well Donny, let's say I would definitely recommend, we shot in Spain and it was a pleasure! He brought a massive collection of honey lingerie that was incredible and got some awesome shots out of them, much appreciated for that! Very easy to work with, a sence of humour and no messing with Donny he knows what he wants.

Let's hope soon we get to work together again.

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I'm really glad Dave joined us on the trip to Spain. All the girls had a great time shooting in his insanely beautiful collection of lingerie. Sooo nice of him to bring those with him.

Dave is a brilliant photographer and honestly a joy to work with.

I love that Dave isn't one to shy away from trying things - whether it's venturing into the sea to get a shot (sorry again about your wet socks!) or trying new shots and drinks ;P Dave was my go-to-man haha

Cheers to my baby Guinness shot buddy

I hope we meet again soon :P

I would highly recommend shooting with Dave if you ever get the opportunity

Lana ♥

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Phi Rose

Well what can I say about the legend that is Donny Dave!!! Genuinely one of the nicest, funniest, down to earth & generous people i've ever met! I had the pleasure of spending a week away in Spain with Dave on a group trip. We very quickly realised we were going to get on extremely well, not only do we love to shoot the same styles... we're both massively into wildlife and wildlife photography 😊

Not only is he extremely kind when it came to lending out his AMAZING collection of lingerie, for the whole group to use - he also took me out to the Flamingo covered Salt lake down the road which I was so desperate to do, for me to have a go with his gorgeous R5 😍📸 he even let me take the SD card which I filled to the brim 🙏😅😁

Honestly couldn't recommend working with him enough... and if our plans (mind blowingly exciting plans!!!) work out then we will be seeing each other again soon, which I truly cannot wait for! 😁😱

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Had a recent shoot with Dave at TBG studio. You can’t beat a shoot with Dave, or his extensive and rather epic luxury lingerie collection. Pre-comms were straight forward, clear, no faff which makes life nice and straight forward. Shoots with Dave always are full of good banter, laughs and great results! It was fab to have a catch up and I can’t recommend Dave highly enough.

Atalanta xx

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Bella Grace

I had a brilliant first shoot with Dave at Saracen house shooting a duo with Tasha.

Dave was a joy to be around! I felt comfortable, confident and absolutely loved the images.

Dave bought his huge range of HB and Bordelle lingerie/clothing. He has so many beautiful sets. We shot for 4 hours and got through a lot of sets together but the time flew by so fast!

Daves images are absolutely brilliant and they looked flawless on the BOC. I can’t wait to see the edited images.

Thank you for shooting with me. I hope we get the chance to shoot together again.

Highly recommend :)

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Caitlyn J

I had a fab first shoot with Dave at TBG Studio.

Dave was excellent to work with, punctual with good precomms. We worked our way through his impressive Bordelle and Honey Birdette collection, and got some gorgeous shots. I really love the edits I've seen so far, he's a really talented and humble photographer. He was even kind enough to give me a gorgeous Honey Birdette set, which I'm really flattered by!

Would love to work with him again, and highly recommend :)

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Summers Abroad

Dave joined us on our first abroad event in 2 years (finally!! Stupid covid!) and it was an absolute blast! He was on the last week of the event and it was heaps of fun.

As always Dave had his beautiful lingerie collection with him but also chucked himself into some of the themes we had organised too :)

It was so lovely hosting him abroad again and we made lots of new memories (and introduced him to a few new cocktails haha)

We can’t wait to host him in Santorini and Bali in 2022 :D highly recommended by us!

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Recently had an awesome shoot with Dave after an insane amount of time.

Straight forward, easy pre-communications making it quick and easy to organise our shoot.

As ever Dave is a good laugh, easy to work with, great fun and takes awesome images.

He has a fantastic range of beautiful lingerie by brands such as honey birdette and bordelle which I had the pleasure to wear; as well as the tulle / fluffy robe which is Devine!

Highly recommend working with him and can’t wait to do so again.

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Summers Abroad

Dave joined us on our B.E.A.C.H event. It was our creative collection event of the summer so we had multiple themes all under one roof; Sci-Fi, 70’s, Copa Cabana, Arabian Nights, Venice Beach and Movie Night. And of course as always Dave came armed with his fabulous collection of lingerie to add a touch of sass to each of the sets haha.

I’ve known Dave for years now so it’s always great fun hosting him on our events, he usually does our abroad events so it was so lovely hosting him on a a full weekend in the UK for a change. We ended the weekend watching the euro final and drinking far too much alcohol 🤣 but it was one of the best weekends we have ran and such a lovely group of people!

Highly recommended and hope to see him on another UK event soon 🙂

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Miss Kimberley

First time shooting with Dave and hopefully first of many! Absolutely thrilled with my shoot and excited for the edits as what we did on the day was amazing.

He picked me up as he is local and we drove to the location which was the stunning Twowei in Newark. Dave supplied all the outfits which are all high end Honey Birdette so I felt like a million dollars!

Paid me and it was a great day no issues at all, great communication throughout and can’t wait to shoot again in the near future! ☺️

Highly recommended!

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Saracen House Studio

It's probably about time I left another reference for Dave, who's been a long and good friend to Saracen House for many years.

A straight talking Yorkshireman with an exquisite collection high end lingerie for his shoots, a lust for beautiful images and a sense of fun in every shoot.

Would recommend to all models (especially those that love Honey Birdette!)

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Dave kindly booked me for a double shoot with Jordan Ebbitt a couple of weeks ago. After following him on instagram for some time I was excited to finally get some beautiful commercial style shots!

Not much needs to be said about the extensive luxury lingerie collection he owns other than it made me feel exquisite. We shot tirelessly and I can honestly say 4 hours has rarely flown by that quick.

The images are just what I expected, and more.

Thank you for the great shoot, I would recommend Dave to anyone!

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Amber Tutton

ive known and worked with Dave for years now, yesterday we shot at Saracen House Studio..

of course shooting lingerie from the wonderful Honey Birdette!

Dave is always great to talk to, he is some personable and lovely , super easy to get along with as he's so super down to earth.. Dave knows me so well so we have a lot of Banter on shoots and im constantly laughing with him.

he is great at precoms, gives great feedback throughout the shoot, direction when needed and honestly his lighting set up is incredible.

every shot is a winner! seriously!

whenever I leave a shoot with Dave im on cloud nine as he just makes you feel is good & seeing the images just overwhelms you with confidence

so love working with Dave

thank you

highly recommended

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Summers Abroad

David attended his second Summers Abroad UK Manor Event last weekend :)

We had a gorgeous manor home in the North Cotswolds that had lots of shooting opportunities both indoors and outdoors. David came armed with his huge box of beautiful lingerie as usual for the girls to wear, and it worked beautifully with the location :)

As always it was a pleasure to host him and I can't wait to see some of the final results - the ones I have seen so far are amazing!! And the even got a bonus model in the form of Summers Abroad mascot Caesar :P

Highly recommended and roll on Spain and Bali in 2021!!!

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Rachelle Summers

Another shoot with David, this time on my most recent Summers Abroad Manor Event :)

As always he came armed with a huuuuuge box full of the most gorgeous lingerie. He's defo a fave regular :P haha!!

I can't wait to see some of the results, especially as we shot outside of our comfort zone of lingerie and pretty locations again and did a super cool set with a huge dress and cowboy boots in the barn haha!

As always he fit in really well, got on with everybody and was awesome company for the evening and full day he was with us :)

Highly recommended!

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Rachelle Summers

Another fab shoot with David at Two Wei studio!

Originally planned for May but rescheduled due to Covid - it was a long wait but definitely worth it!

The weather was kind enough for us to shoot outside for the duration like we had hoped, as despite the forecast of rain it held off until the end of the shoot for us, which with mine and David's track record of bad weather was a miracle hahaha!

We shot a variety of different looks from his unreal lingerie collection, finishing off in the new outdoor rain shower available at Two Wei which was super fun! Then after a last cup of tea and natter at the end of the shoot were on our way!

I always look forward to our shoots together and can't wait to shoot with him again on my manor event later this month, and of course Spain and Bali which have had to be moved to next year but still can't wait to host him on both of them :D

Highly recommended by me!!

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Chloe T

Another shoot with David, Its always a great shoot with him easy to work with and even chat with and his photos are on point! I always love working with this great photographer so if you get the chance shoot with him!

Chloe X

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Tasha Brownie

Had a delightful shoot with David yesterday, I had heard so many good things about him so was great to finally to meet him.

David is a complete gentlemen, respectful and funny and his images are amazing. I loved shooting in his huge collection of HB (when I managed to not be inside-out that is).

I have adored the images I've seen so far and hope to work with him again soon!

Tash :)

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