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Had a great shoot with Al. Being a photographer myself, we had a very similar way of thinking, and we produced some brilliant images. Pre comms. were great, and he was easy to talk to. I would highly recommend him to anyone, especially if they like pure fetish and/or gritty imagery.

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Diane Paige said...

Al is very professional in his approach and attentive to his model's needs. Pre shoot comms were excellent and the shoot itself the right blend of expertise and experimentation. We responded well to each other's suggestions and Al's understanding of what he wanted from the shots was spot-on. I look forward to working with Al again sometime.


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What a super day I had shooting with Al. He is extremely gifted in making the costumes and already knows the image he is wanting to achieve, which is extremely helpful as it gives me an idea how to portray in the image.

Al is great with lighting and he takes his time when setting up so the right shades and tones comes through. Overall I had a lovely day and had a wonderful time experimenting with new costumes.

I would highly recommend Al (dogsbody to all wanting that extra edge and pure elegance in their portfolio.

Thank you for working with me .

Look forward to working with you again

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Ellie (KittySox) said...

VERY professional, respectful and so fun to work with! great rapport and conversation while working, I had a thoroughly wonderful time shooting with Al! Book him, you won't regret it!!!

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Pandora Poison

I've worked with Al a few times now and he is absolutely brilliant to work with!!

He gives his all every time to get amazing shots and has he soo many innovative ideas.

Al is very professional, easy to get along with and friendly person who will always make sure you feel at ease with whatever you're doing.

I'd strongly recommend him to new and experienced people!!

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Absolutely LOVE working with Al! He has so many great ideas, and works very hard and puts maximum effort in to everything.

He's very easy to get on with, funny and laid back and makes you feel very comfortable.

I would 100% recommended Al any day! I hope I get to work with him many more times! :)

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Miss Marie

Had this special shoot arranged with Al for a few days, great communication and clear excitement for this particular shoot.

Met and spoke like we already had known each other for ages.

Very very professional and totally clear about what he wants, he puts so much effort into his work that I don't think he realises exactly how brilliant it is!

Great shoot, made to feel totally at ease and would highly recommend to other models :)

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Today met Al for the first time and had a brilliant and fun shoot with him, he's full of great ideas and getting the right light and angle makes it all feel brilliant as he wants the best! He is laid back and happy to work with ideas and I highly recommend him I feel I've learnt some things today too. Would absolutely love to work with him again! Cheers :)

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Valentina said...

I had my second shooting with Dogsbody yesterday; looking forward for the third one!

Really skilled and professional, funny and easy going, and really nice ( He carried his own equipment at my place and left a mask as a gift )

See you soon!! :)

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I had an absolutely wonderful location shoot with Al yesterday. He's such an encouraging and creative photographer with great ideas and he is a genuinely lovely man, so easily to talk to and get along with. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone! He even bought me a coffee, gave me a free pair of boots and drove me home after the shoot, which was so lovely of him! He's a great photographer, and I can't wait to see the picture!

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Awesome, fun shoot. Really made me feel at ease. He was also happy with my random location ideas and all the walking. Would love to work with again :)

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Pandora Poison

I worked with dogsbody again after almost a year since last time and I truly always have the most fun shooting with him! He's a lovely, warm, friendly person with a professional attitude and never runs out of brilliant ideas. We got some great images and thank you very much for another awesome shoot. Very highly recommended!

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I worked with Dogsbody today. Pre comms excellent , professional and really easy to get along with and witty! He made me feel at ease soon after meeting him , chatty, funny and i had a great time. He had lots of ideas for our shoot and has a real talent in my opinion. Really looking forward to seeing the results and i would highly recommend him . Thankyou hope to work together again :)

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Pandora Poison

I worked with Dogsbody on my first modelling shoot and I found him to be very professional, had a likable and down to earth personality and made me feel really comfortable. He is full of creative and quirky ideas and even makes his own props! We both had such a good time and Dogsbody is allot of fun to work with and I'd definitely like to work with him again in the future. I'd highly recommend him for a variety of genres as he's a very versatile photographer.

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