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Best shoot I have ever done!

I vibed so much with Dom that the creative energy kept flowing. I didn't want the shoot to end. We both had very complimentary ideas that worked incredibly for the images and I am definitely booking in again ASAP!

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Miss Kimberley

Such a great person and amazing photographer, can give direction to help achieve the best image and look. Super creative and I had a really fun shoot id love to shoot again and use our imaginations to get something amazing

Happy with the images I got, he’s super friendly and just a genuine guy had a great shoot would 100% recommend

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I absolutely love working with Dom!!! I highly highly recommend him!!!

Dom is very professional, he makes me feel very comfortable, he’s helpful, comes up with creative ideas, he’s super talented and takes so much passion in his work! I have shot with him in Bath and in the New Forest and I had so much fun! I loved the photos I received back from the shoots, his edits are incredible!

Thankyou so much!

I hope to work with you again very soon!😊

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Luce Thompson

Again it was an absolute pleasure to shoot with Dark Moon Media like the first time we worked together.

Dom picked me up from the train station, when we arrived at his home studio in Bath he allowed me to finish getting ready which was nice of him. The same as before we got on like a house on fire & worked through the shoot smoothly and got some incredible images out of it! I enjoyed the shoot so much that after this pandemic is over I’m sure another one will be on the cards :)

I brought a few of my own clothes I wanted to shoot in & Dom made sure I got the shots that I wanted out of the shoot as well, which some photographers don’t even think about. And of course Dom even had loads of props and accessories from Katzlittlefactory available for me to wear and they added the perfect touch to our shoot.

Thankyou again Dom, always a pleasure working with you :) See you soon!

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Absolutely brilliant first shoot with dom

Don is professional and a extremely extremely kind man and I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of working with him

We shot lots of creative art nude and lingerie pictures together and the energy from the shoot was great, dom was happy for me to see the back of the camera as we went along and I loved every photo

Edits came fast and to a amazing standard as seen on his portfolio you won't be disappointed

Thank you for the best shoot afternoon and I hope we can work together again soon

Aimee x

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I just had the BEST shoot with Dom! It was such an enjoyable and relaxed experience, he made me feel 110% comfortable and was a total professional the whole time. We shot loads of sets, boudoir and more creative - very different styles yet unmistakably Dom's style! I can't wait to see the edits as the back of the camera blew me away. I wish we had more time to chat as we had loads to talk about! Looking forward to next time : )

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Me and Dom worked on a few sets today, one of which being a suicide girls set to kick start my application up, and I was blown back by how quick we managed to work through it, and the quality of the images were continuously beautiful. Super excited to get some images back from both this set, and many more.

Highly recommend. Lovely guy, makes you feel at ease and the conversation flows nicely :)

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I shot with Dom today at his home in Bath after meaning to shoot together to almost a year!

I don’t even know where to start, we shot four four hours and I’m that time managed to shoot about 5 sets - the time just flew by!

Dom’s pre-coms were great and he’s such a lovely, down to earth guy. His partner is lovely too!

I’d recommend Dom to any models and can’t wait to see the edited images and work with him again :-)

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I got to shoot with the wonderful Dominic, he has such a cool way of shooting and is impossibly awesome!

The images looked amazing right out of camera, the editing he does on them though - is just mind blowing!

I'm so glad I got to work with this epic photographer before I retire - I cannot recommend him enough to all models :)

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It was an absolute pleasure to be able to work with Dom again! Communication/ organisation leading up to the shoot was spot on. He is one of the easiest photographers to organise shoots / locations with and his creation/ideas are always flowing! Dom supplied props and accessories which just make the images and make them really pop! I can't wait to have more images back from this shoot and be able to share them. Fingers crossed we can come together and bounce loads more ideas off of each other soon! Thank you for a fun, laid back and super productive shoot!! 12/10... highly recommend! xx

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Roswell Ivory

Dom is fantastic! I contacted him about working together a while ago and we immediately started planning a shoot. Pre-shoot communication was excellent, he was kind enough to pick me up from the station and he supplied some awesome accessories to shoot with as well!

We got through three major outfit changes while also having the time to have a chat and a laugh- he's a super lovely person, full of stories and inspiration. I absolutely love the images I've seen so far and can't wait to work together again!

Highly recommended. :)

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Zoe Marie UK

I’ve shot with Dom 3 times now and he’s one of my favourite photographers to work with! Not only is his work unique and outstanding, he’s also such a friendly guy and really easy to get along with! I highly recommend Dom and hope to work with him again soon!

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I had the absolute pleasure of working with Dom for the very first time a few weeks back!

Communication re: ideas, shoot location etc was spot on and couldn’t have asked for more. I travelled all the way down to Exeter to shoot & he came to meet me as id never been to the area before.

We had so much fun shooting and managed to capture some amazing content! It was laid back and Dom made me feel very comfortable. Very excited to receive more images back from this one!

I would highly recommend to any model and I look forward to working with him again soon in the not so distant future....

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Naomi Rush

Dark Moon Media is a real professional and easy to get along with. Communication and conduct was great, and his images are always stunning. Would definitely work with him again!

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Luce Thompson

Dom and I shot for the first time in Exeter and it was tremendously exciting.

I enjoyed shooting with him so much as we chatted through it like it was nothing but two friends hanging out, Dom was still professional but quite laid back that I didn’t feel like I was at work at all.

As I arrived to the station Dom carried my suitcase all way to the studio that we shot in which turnt out to be a fairly big nightclub that he works at which he hired for our shoot! I was super intrigued, it was stunning from the funky mirrors to the sparking walls covered in crystals, it was perfect! Different rooms and so much space to play around with to create different sets & looks.

This played a big part in getting some insane shots and fit perfectly to the style of clothes I brought, and yet still I’m amazed by the quality of the images I’ve received from our shoot.

On that note, he made me feel so relaxed and even helped when I started running out of ideas for poses as my mind goes a bit blank after a couple hours shooting. Not with Dom though, the last set was superb as I wore my harness and he suggested putting baby oil on my face, arms etc to bring out my best features including my tattoos! This revived me and I was yet again feeling glamourous during the shoot, I don’t normally feel like this at the end of a photo shoot :) so that was awesome and got the most amazing images from this set!

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with this guy again. If you get an opportunity to shoot with him, definitely book one in, you won’t regret it! Definitely one of the top photographers I’ve ever worked with!

Hope to see you again soon Dom, Thankyou x

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Jasmine Loux

I had the pleasure of shooting with Dom last year, and it was fantastic!

We had a great time shooting in my home, he's polite, friendly and professional and good banter :D

The images came out stunning and one even was published in a calendar, by the calendar club and sold all over the country! ♥ I 100% recommend working with Dom if you get the chance to grab it, as I would love to work with him again! x

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Dom is such a nice, genuine lovely guy! Im obsessed with how he edits his images and was more than happy with how my images came out! It was so weird to think he travelled so far to come and work with me! And even after a day of travelling i still received a photo at the end of the day which was a lot quicker than what i thought!And before and after our shoot he was very good at communicating! I would work with Dom again in a heart beat and will 100% recommend him!

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Pixie Dee official

Have worked with Dom many of times and am blessed to say I was one of his very first photoshoots ever & we achieved our first publication & magazine cover together. I adore watching his journey and an incredibly unique alternative photographer. He's great to get along with & has the best ideas too. I will always recommend working with Dom. & I hope to work with him again very soon. x

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I Had my first duo shoot with Dom a few weeks ago with my friend HelenaRae and what Can I say, he was an absolute pleasure to work with and made me feel very comfortable straight away!

I’ve always admired doms work from afar and when I finally got the chance to shoot with him in a beautiful location I jumped at the chance. He was also great with communication before and after the shoot.

Im going to be shooting with him again in the new year and I’m looking forward to it very much!

Would 100% recommend!

:) x

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I love working with dom. I've shot with him a few times now and we have plans to shoot more in the near future. He always creates gold. Even the test shots.

Reallt humble and genuine guy

Book a shoot you won't be disappointed

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