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Had a lovely shoot with Darren at my Gloucester weekend at Dave's place .

Darren was super organised and very critical with his presentation and shooting skills . He initially had me out of my usual comfort zone because of the shooting style we were doing but I did welcome it also as it's always good to try soemthing new .

The first set was interesting and we did spend quite alot of time trying to prep , it's a shame really as 2 hours wasnt enough for the amount of effort Darren puts in .

He was also very nice and chatty and was always very considerate.

Happy to work with him again and sorry for the late refs, once again thanks for you patience.

Happily reccomended from me 😁


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Had my first shoot with Darren and it was very proffessional, he definitely knows his lighting and will ensure everything compliments you perfectly! The pictures are being beautifully developed with care as well.

Darren is a really nice person once you get chatting and you can have a good conversation with him like you've known him for years, which helps any nervousness!

Hope to work with you again Darren!


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Lydia Cooke

Had a really lovely shoot with Darren! He was very welcoming and patient along with some very strong ideas. I felt completely comfortable around him which any model will know is the source of a good image. So thanks again Darren!

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Hannah louise field

I had a shoot woth darren last week something. He shown up knowing what he wanted the out come to be like. Me as an mua and hairstylist he gave me good direction and images from pintrest so i had an idea of what was needed, over all it was a successfull outcome!

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Sara's Eyes said...

This was my first shoot with Darren and he made me feel very comfortable. He was very friendly and had good communication. Darren new what he wanted from the shoot but also took my Ideas on board. I hope to work with Darren again and thank you :)

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Nicole said...

I had a great shoot with Darren last week. He had plenty of ideas and communicated well before the shoot. Darren is professional, friendly and has good knowledge of lighting. He directed me extremely well and helped create dynamic poses. Recommended!

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Alice said...

Just had a really amazing shoot with the lovely Darren. Very easy to work with full of great ideas and willing to take on my ideas as well. The images i saw i loved and he really knows how to light us models so we look great. We are already talking about shoot number two and i really cant wait. I would recommend Darren to anyone he is awesome. Thanks Darren for a brilliant shoot :)

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Lizzie Bayliss

I worked with Darren in my home studio, working to portrait, fashion and fashion nude levels, and feel that we really produced some beautiful and unique images during this time.

Darren was very helpful in his pre-shoot communications and brought some very useful examples of what he wanted with him.

Darren was brilliant to work with and has a very friendly and easy-going attitude on the shoot, along with some brilliant ideas and a great knowledge of technical photography skills.

I really hope to work with Darren again soon, and would highly recommend him!

Lizzie xx

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I had a brilliant shoot with Darren last year in Powerstation Studio and I can't recommend him highly enough.

He’s a great person and photographer; very professional, reliable and friendly, who made me feel very at ease and relaxed throughout the shoot. He is full of original, fun ideas and directs extremely well in order to achieve the appropriate image but also open to creative input from the models.

Thank you for a lovely shoot and I would love to work with you again! Franka xx

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