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Tim Bosworth

I cannot even start to tell you about the love, respect and admiration that i have for this lovely lady ; Kerry is one of those rare people that can light up the room through her presence; you cannot help but laugh and enjoy her company; But then, when the work starts, you find yourself with an amazingly inspiring, professional and truly creative person ; I loved how we let our thoughts and ideas merge, grow and develop as the shoot went on ; If ever you want to explore inspiration and alternative, then you can do no better than work with Kerry;

proud to have her as my friend, and know we have only just started our adventure ! Highly recommended.

Tim x

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Djfet is a talented rigger, great organiser and generally lovely human being. Really enjoyed working with her and slightly gobsmacked by the amount of effort that she put into organising a large scale shoot.

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The Urban Panda

Working with DJFet was a total pleasure. She is a true professional and exceptionally talented. She knows how to communicate in a clear and effective manner, and is able to describe the sort of images she is trying to get out of the rope.

Very much looking forward to working with her again. Cannot recommend highly enough.

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Birch images

Shot with this loverly lady at the weekend on the group shoot that she was involed in organising. What a talented women, I was in ore watching her rope work and seeing her connection with the models. Her pre comms where fantastic knew exactly what was going on. It was my first sharabi shoot and Kerry made me feel so welcome I felt like I've known her years. The day ran sooooo smooth you wouldn't believe. Looking forward to working with Kerry again.

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Phoenix Wings

I worked with DjFet on a group shoot back in July. She's very professional in her work ethic but alot of fun, with many giggles had by all. I would definitely recommend this lovely lady to anyone.

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Worked with DjFet again at these great Shibari Group Shoots last July and August .

Such a professional and caring rigger. Her attention to detail towards her beautiful rope work and the well being of her model is impecable. What a brilliant fun time it was every time as well.

I love working with her so much, I couldn't recommend her enough!!..


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I recently shot with Djfet at a group shoot, we had the last slot of the day, our model was Araneae, we had pre chosen the tie she would use and we talked though it on the day so that I was aware of the angles she could place the model in, we also discussed the direction and location she should place our model in for best use of natural light, then she went to work, Djfet is very quick, very neat and has a very classy style to her ropework. I had already been told she was good but this was in my opinion the best rigger I have worked with in a long while.

Araneae loved the look and the care to detail in her ropework just as much as me. It was a brilliant session to finish the day.

We have arranged to work together again and I have no hesitation in recommending this young lady 10/10, Gold Star.

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Araneae Mactans

After a long time out of rope, I returned on the 23rd of July. It was a very emotional day for me, but everyone around me was really supportive. My last tie of the day was DjFet, and I have to say it was amazing.

She took her time with me, and was relaxed, chatty, we were giggling through the whole thing. She checked on me throughout the tie and made sure that I had no problems whatsoever. I was so relaxed and comfortable in her hands that it didn't feel at all like I was 'working'.

For a first timer rope bunny, or an advanced one, DjFet has you covered. Her skills are incredible, her manner is wonderful and will have you so relaxed.

It would be a dream to work with her again.

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I just love shooting with Kerry, she is just a joy to be around and as always produced some fabulous rope work.

Kerry organised a very well put together Shibari group shoot at a farm in Brighton. This was in aid of SCSG with help from DigitalDave. The day run right on schedule and everyone had the best time!

We worked with another model in our slot to try and create something a bit different, Kerry was so helpful directing me with my posing and making sure Neil ( our other model ) was ok.

Safety and well being is always on top of Kerry's priorities and because of that you can always trust that she has your best interests at heart. Mix that with her infectious personality and her ability to make you laugh, you are always going to have the best of fun.

Well done Kerry for organising a fantastic day!

Cant recommend this woman enough x

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Silence Masters

I've known Kerry for a little while through the shibari & rope bondage community, and I'd been keen to work with her for some time.

Finally we managed to synch our diaries for what turned out to be the best shoot I think I've ever had the pleasure to work on - an outdoor shoot on the beach at Littlehampton.

Kerry is an absolute joy to work with. She has a naturally friendly & funny demeanor that would put even the most nervous model at ease. On top of that she really, really knows her rope bondage. She worked with my body shape, finding ties that suited me personally rather than just going for a 'one size fits all' approach - something I particularly appreciate. She was careful to ensure my comfort & safety throughout, and worked like a Trojan. Suspending two models from a wooden pier in full view of the watching public, whilst working against an incoming tide, making the models look good, keeping them safe throughout, explaining what was going on to curious onlookers, AND maintaining a good humour, is a very tall order indeed, but Kerry did it all.

Quite honestly one of the very best bondage riggers I've ever worked with. I can't wait to work with her again.

I'd recommend her, but that would mean that other people might work with her & take up the slots I wanted. She's mine I tell you! All mine! ;)

Seriously, though - if you get the chance to work with her - go for it.

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Monsieur E

Had my first shoot with Kerry and hopefully will not be my last.

This was a different experience, to anything I had done whilst I had been tied up before it had not been to this level and with people as experienced as Kerry.

I was enlightened with a unique and different experience.

Kerry was professional and considerate to not push me regarding this despite my over enthusiasm to proceed.

Hope to work with Kerry again.

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Iv known Kerry for a little while now as I regularly attend her shibari group, she was the first person to tie me and had me hooked within seconds...

This is the first time Iv done a shoot with Kerry, we collaborated with digitaldave at the little chelsea art gallery.

The day was incredible and full of laughter , dispite some of the dark scenes we were Diplicting.

I completely trust Kerry to tie me, she knows exactly what she's doing and the thoughts running through my head. She is a brilliantly creative lovely person and I would shoot with her again at a drop of the hat.

She is also a very capable hair stylist and gave me a very beautiful style that added class to the shoot. ( she also lent me her lipstick! )

Thank you Kerry - highly recommended !

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Now had a few shibari shoots with Kerry and they just get better and better - her rope work is just stunningly beautiful no matter who she is tying and being the perfectionist she is just means the images are always amazing.

All the models I've introduced to her have really enjoyed the experience even if they've never tried it before and she clearly really cares about ensuring the models are safe and feeling OK.

We always have great fun on our shoots and I felt proud yesterday when the studio owner turned to us and commented on how well we worked together!!

Keep up the good work Kerry - you ROCK !!

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Had a Brilliant shoot with DjFet last weekend.

I'd never done Shibari before and pre-comm about the shoot was perfect, talking through everything to make sure I was ready for it.

Kerry is an Amazing rigger, very professional, attentional to detail and the model's well being, comfort and safety.

It's great to see how of a perfectionist she is towards her craft and it shows her immense passion and skills.

I loved that day, was such good fun on top of making some stunning art and images.

Kerry, your rope work is so beautiful, you are such a great person to work with and so talented!

Can't wait to do some more Shibari Shoots with you again!

I absolutely recommend her even more than 1000% _ :)

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Wow, I had the absolute pleasure of working with Kerry on a Shibari shoot, as our rigger. She has a real raw passion for her work and craft, a real perfectionist, knowing how tight to make the knots to me a shot looks realistic, yet not too tight to make the model feel uncomfortable. She was very professional though out the shoot and didn't shy away from getting things set right even with hard to reach and more intimate places.

I've been meaning to setup for the shoot for quite some time, and Kerry made the whole process painless and fast. I'm already setting up another shoot with this wonderful lady, and really looking forward to working with her again!

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Having spent the best part of a day on a Group shoot with Kerry, what is plainly obvious to me is I know nothing about the art of Shibari :) This is not such a big deal however, as Kerry knows enough to create wonderful rope work for the benefit of all concerned. It really is impressive to see someone who clearly has a great deal of passion for their craft work with high levels of efficiency and creativity.

An impressive Young Lady who enjoys collaborating with others - highly recommended :)

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Natalia Pho said...

Had a shibari shoot with Kerry yesterday and can definitely feel like I'd like to do it again. She's professional, certainly knows what she's doing (very skilled and artistic) as well as being passionate too. She went through all the safety with me prior the shoot, and checked with me throughout the shoot but most of all was a fun person to be around. Until the next time Djfet ;)

100% recommended!

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Worked with djfet at a couple of shoots now, she s friendly, fun and feisty with some fantastic ideas and rope work! She makes people feel at ease and has introduced me to a whole new world featuring suspension, different ways of tying ropes and artistic body positions. I would love to work with you again especially in the summer when we can do some outside work :)

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I initially invited Kerry to two group shoots I'd organised and saw how good her rigging was outdoors, with togs and models she didn't know, even rigging models who hadn't tried bondage before.

I then arranged an indoor shoot at her home with a bondage model she knew. - Beth - not on PP


What a shoot - OK we didn't have a lot of space or height but i felt priveledged to just watch these ladies working together let alone to be asked to photograph them.

They clearly have a special connection and not in a sexual way but in the trust that Beth placed in Kerry to tie and suspend her in different ways including upside down as well as to tease Beth when she was completely defenceless - hopefully my images have captured even a fraction of this connection.

Kerry's ropework was beautiful and given the amount of work she is putting into developing her technique it can only get better and better (like photography you never stop learning and developing your style and technique). Her ropework ensured Beth was pulled into some amazing and beautiful shapes with Beth, despire very limited modelling experience, holding poses and shapes that looked stunning.

Hopefully my images did them justice but suspect I'll have to organise a few more shoots - just to make sure !!

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DB Muffin

i want to say I love working with Kerry!! She is amazing and the rope work is soooo comfortable! I loved my marionette suspension and can't wait to get the pictures back! I can't recommends this lady enough if you want rope work in your shoots!

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