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Yohoi k

I had a fantastic shoot with Paul ! He is very good at the quality of the pictures and I can move freely whatever I want and he captured me very well! The factory studio is the best studio I been ! We had good talk and good shoot ! Would very love to work with Paul again ! A very professional photographer ! Highly recommended!!

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I had the pleasure of shooting with Paul at The Factory studio in London recently. We covered a range of different styles and themes in 4 hours. I am very glad to say I felt my creativity and ideas were welcome by him, which ended in some interesting results!

Paul is a very kind person with a great eye for photography and it was wonderful to work with him.

Thank you again for the great shooting and looking forward to seeing you next time!

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Coco Tiger

I had a 4 hour shoot with Paul covering a variety of styles. We didn't even notice how quick the time went. Paul is a professional photographer that knows exactly what he wants to achieve, but he also gave me complete freedom to pose. I felt very comfortable during our shoot.

We got some amazing photos, and I cannot wait till we make more in the future.

Highly recommended!

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Clara Sinclair

I've shot with Paul a few times now and we always get fantastic results, he is really good with lighting and our ideas mix well together, we always seem to be on the same wavelength when it comes to themes! This time we focused on some moody sets involving me with limbs akimbo on his spiral staircase, then we moved onto some floor work with some small antlers I brought along. The results are amazing so far, can't waitto see some more!

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My first time meeting/ shooting with Paul, and what a great guy!

He was clear and well organised about the shoot, he had great ideas and a good eye for the camera!

I really enjoyed the shoot the 4 hours just flew by, also he makes a bangin cup of tea!! 😆

Hope to work with him again soon!



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Today was my first shoot with Paul. We met at his home studio which was full of light even on a grey day. It was split into segments providing excellent opportunities for different modelling styles. The spiral staircase was a particular favourite. I also got the chance to shoot with his stunning black Maserati.

Before we met our communication was frequent and themes for our shoot were discussed.

Paul is such a friendly guy and we got on like a house on fire. He put me at complete ease from start to finish. Even stopping for a festive mince pie, chat and a cuppa.

I had the opportunity to view many images off the back of his camera and what I saw were amazing. I can’t wait to see them edited.

I had a great day. Thank you.

Highly recommended. Xxx

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Bobbi Castle

I have lost count of the amount of shoots I have had with Paul now. I always love shooting with him when i visit. I stayed at his home again as usual and felt well look after by paul and his wife. I cant wait for our next shoot because we really do kill it every time.

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Where do I start!

We arranged this shoot weeks in advance and went through ideas via email, all communication up to the shoot was perfect, couldn't fault Paul.

Very friendly and welcoming on arrival and we went through ideas again and best places to get the shots.

Throughout Paul was very professional and I felt at ease.

Thankyou for an amazing shoot and hope to work with you again!!

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Two Wei Location House

Oh dear, it was raining so the Italian was replaced with something Teutonic - never mind, it'll be summer again soon ;)

Great to see Paul again - settled straight in and quickly established a great rapport with his model. Paul's a real gentleman, easy to talk to, very polite, respectful and professional.

Recommended to any model/studio without hesitation.

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The Factory

Ive had the pleasure of Pauls company at The Factory a few times now.He produces the sort of images that we all wish we had taken. We can forgive him that as he is such pleasant chap, good conversation and respectful, I rate him highly as a photographer and as an individual.

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I had seen some of Paul's work on various models portfolios and had thought how awesome it was

Wow! What an amazing first shoot with paul at the factory. Paul is a great photographer full of creative ideas. He is warm and polite. Proper gentleman to work with.

Im delighted with how well the shoot went. And looking forward to working with paul again.

Eagerly looking forward to seeing what images/art we created for this first shoot. Thankyou again

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Two Wei Location House

Our first opportunity to host Paul today. He started with an 11 in our books - rolling up in some Italian royalty ;)

Paul is a delight to talk to and quickly and easily struck up a great working relationship with his model, Jordan Melissa, whom he had not met before today.

We think the four hours flew by for both, many spaces used and themes tried, both inside and out - all accompanied by lots of laughter.

If you haven't been lucky enough to work with Paul before then we suggest you do - top marks from us, thoroughly recommended.

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Jordan Melissa

I had my first shoot with Paul a couple of weeks ago at the fantastic Two Wei Studio, Paul was very friendly and chatty from the get go, he made me feel comfortable from the first instance and he was very approachable, he was very relaxed during the shoot which made me relax, he knew exactly what kind of pictures he wanted to come out with and he took my direction well aswell as gave good direction where he felt necessary. The pictures are fantastic and I hope to shoot with Paul again soon, thank you!

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I love love working with Paul!

Pre comms were great as always and we worked at his home in Norfolk.

He such a kind and gentle person and I always feel so relaxed around him. He gave me so many breaks, made me a delicious sandwich and took some awesome shots, I really liked his ideas and every time we shoot we get something unique!

So looking forward to another shoot with him :)

Highly recommended

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I am so over the moon!

Firstly the shoot was great, lovely studio and Paul is absolutely lovely. We looked at the horses and had coffee and biscuits on the breaks. Felt 100 % comfortable and Paul is extremely professional. Had an amazing day and to top it off, the images are incredible! Very talented guy and cannot recommend Paul enough. I really do hope to shoot with him the future.

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Bobbi Castle

I have lost count of how many times I have worked with paul now. I love coming to shoot with him at his home studio. I always manage to come up with new ideas and take better and better photos. H we is also kind enough to let me stay over since I am on tour and he is a great host. I love the images we got and I cant wait until our next shoot. I would definitely recommend.

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Clara Sinclair

This was only my second shoot with Paul and we already have such a good rapport and work together really well. He is a great guy, relaxed, mindful of models needs and full of fab ideas. We started off with black and white nude moody themes with his bookcase and then moved onto a range of other styles including posing with his posh sports car :) highly recommended, can't wait to see the fruits of our labour!

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irina L

I had a fantastic time shooting with Paul in his studio. I think he is the most chilled person I have ever met in my life.

Extremely patient, friendly and professional.

He put up very well with my bundle of energy on a 38°C witch was remarkable.

Paul and his wife are very welcoming and so are the cats! The environment is relaxed and just a joy to spend time in.

I highly recommend Paul and hope to work with him soon!

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ชีวิตของนักศิลป์ (LifeofArt)

Finally got shoot with Paul. He came to my house for shoot and arrived on time and pre-comms were excellent. We used space in my house and my small studio for shoot which went really well.

Paul was so nice, gentleman and professional. He is also very patient with me as he know I am recovering from being unwell. He was always making sure if I feel ok and show images from back of camera. Paul is easy to work with and I love his car 😁😁

I hope I have a chance to work with him again and 100% recommended for any models. Very quick with his editing too. Until next time and thanks again Paul for a great day and patient with me 😊

Tish x

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Lexie Doll

I had an outstanding first shoot with Paul today, communication prior to our shooting was a dream, levels were stuck to, we had disccused themes which translated well in action

I'm confident we created fantastic images today and Paul was a real gentleman and true creative, very interesting and full of ideas/facts

I cannot recommend Paul enough to all models and cannot wait to work with him again 10/10 from me

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