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Toxic Innocence

Had an awesome second shoot with Dave, he's a friendly photographer who is easy to work with, with great ideas and very talented. I would of course love to shoot again.

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Artemis Fauna

I worked with Dave just yesterday during a lighting workshop hosted by Mike Croshaw at Scarlet door studio.

Dave was great fun all day and we had a lot of banter going which was super! Dave was very, very funny and nice to talk to during the shooting, and in the breaks!

We all took some AMAZING images and I CAN'T wait to see them go up on PP!

Looking forward to hopefully working with Dave again soon :) Thank you! :)

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Jem Rose

Another fab shoot with Dave!!! This time we shot at an abandoned warehouse where we shot a range of different styles from fashion through to nude. He was once again such fun to work with, extremely easy to get along with and very professional. He brought a female assistant along with him, who was lovely. He has a good eye for what he wants and has some great ideas.

Lovely person and creative photographer! Always recommended from me :)

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Really enjoyed my shoot today, very casual guy, creative and enthusiastic, looking forward to shooting again xxx

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Mike Croshaw said...

Dave answered a call I put out for an assistant on a location shoot in London with Zara Watson. I'm so glad he did, as he was a huge help and we really couldn't have gotten the results we did without him. It was a long, hard shoot but Dave didn't complain at all and insisted on carrying most of the gear, while keeping us entertained with a never ending stream of interesting facts about the locations we were at. He even managed to get us permission to shoot on the roof of the National Theatre, which totally made the shoot. Thanks again Dave, was great to have you along for the ride:) I'd recommend Dave to any model to work with!

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Dave attended a seminar of mine and stayed after for some 1-2-1 advanced tuition. In chatting to Dave before the shoot I already knew we would 'click'. I write this reference as someone who has a lot of experience of photographers and with the models interests at heart. I would recommend models working with Dave. He is respectful, creative,funny and with the glint in his eye - I expect that if you go along with his ideas you will have a memorable day with a great photographer....and get great shots.

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Jem Rose

So, this was my second shoot with Dave but this time one to one at his lovely apartment with Jessie the cat :) I really can't recommend him highly enough and here is why -

Such a creative photographer, has really awesome ideas and makes them come alive in the camera. Professional throughout making me feel completely comfortable. A truly lovely genuine man who is easy to get along with. We shot lingerie through to art nude, he has a good eye for making the shots really work and cares about the angles and details of an image.

One of my favourite photographers to work with for sure! He even got me some goodies from the shop and was kind enough to drop me all the way home.

Highly highly recommend! Thanks for a fun shoot!

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Zara Watson

Had the pleasure again of working with Dave :) He is a genuine joy to shoot with and be in the company of. Passionate, fun, friendly and very easy to work with :) He is a great photographer and far too modest! :)

I loved the images he took and those I have seen (y)

I very highly recommend Dave, a fab guy, trustworthy & lovely.

Thanks a million for a fab shoot, hope to see you again sometime :D x

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Had a wonderful shoot with Dave at Scarlet Door recently. I have noticed Dave's work for a while and I am thrilled we was able to shoot. Dave was professional, friendly, funny, very easy going and a pleasant person to be around.

Dave wanted to experiment with plastic sheets and gels. I loved the idea and although we had a slow start, I do believe we got some images and it was fun.

Really hope we are able to shoot again and I will definitely recommend to anybody. Thank you. Anna:).

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I had a fantastic shoot with Dave and Judy at the weekend.. Working together with Judy to ensure they both got the best pics despite the intermmitent rain and light, Dave ias an absolute pleasure to work with, very mindful of his models comfort, and has a fantastic sense of humour :) He also has a cracking eye for a shot and light!

Can't recommend Dave enough and already looking forward to many more explores!!

Helen x

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Fork & Fedora said...

Dave and I met at a recent Kris Karl workshop - it is one of those serendipitous meetings in life that are few and far between where you instantly connect with a person on a creative level prompting you to team up to create awesome work. Our first collaboration was shooting the extremely talented Marmalade - we assisted each other in sharing ideas, what would work, what wouldn't. If it were't for Dave and his critical eye gently pointing out to me that I had cut out X's feet in an image, I would have continued cutting off people's feet which I had no idea I was doing. Dave is trustworthy and a a lovely person to be around and I look forward to working with him on many, many more projects. I highly recommend him!

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Green Sash

I spent the day with Dave at a Kris Karl workshop yesterday.

He is a serious photographer with a good creative eye and a clear vision.

He is good company and a pleasure to work alongside.

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Toxic Innocence

I had a great shoot with David who is very nice and easy to work with. He has very good creative ideas. He was also kind enough to pick me up from the station and then dropped me back home afterwards. We are discussing another shoot and I look forward to it.

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Had a lovely shoot with Dave on Sunday. We had an epic day, starting in the morning shooting art nudes in my house, and then moving to a great location Dave had reconnaissanced. He kindly drove me there, and we found endless photo opportunities throughout the day, interspersed with occasional breaks for a picnic or a drink. Dave is very good company, friendly and considerate, and I very much enjoyed both shooting with him, and discussing photography (among other subjects:)). Dave also kindly let me do a nude shoot with a beautiful white horse we came across, which is something I'd been longing to do. He also showed me all the photos on his camera as we went along, which I really appreciate, and he gave great clear direction. I hope we will work together again.

Highly recommended. x

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Jem Rose

It looks like my reference is a bit over due also (for no other reason than my forgetful memory)... Dave was brilliant!

I had an outdoor shoot with Dave and Fork & Fedora, I thoroughly enjoyed the day - he made it really fun and so creative sharing different ideas throughout and trying out different things. He was professional making sure I was comfortable at all times and he was really easy to get along with. It's clear he really cares about his work and has a very creative flare giving good direction when needed.

I loved shooting with him, highly recommended!

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I love working with Dave! He is so friendly and is always creative and wanting the best for my portfolio! Would defiantly recommend working with him x

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kimmy cumlots

Had a great shoot with Dave , very relaxed and easy to work with we got some amazing shots , Dave is very creative and not afraid to get wet hehe (sorry about soaking your bathroom floor ;p) would definitely recommend working with Dave .I'm hoping to book another shoot in with him very soon.

Kimmy cumlots x

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Ella Ella said...

"Dave is a great guy to work with, very proffesional , easy going ,and even that he knew I don't had a lot of experience, he assured me that everything will be great..

Seeing the result of our work,he gave me so much confidence and willing to work with him everytime we'll have the opportunity.

Thank you for the great shoots and looking forward for our next meeting. "

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Tina Kay said...

1416614400Did not show up.


Aaliyah said...

Dave!! One of the most reliable, easy going photographers I have worked with. Me and Dave worked together on the 12th October, he is very professional and a real blast to work with. His energy is everlasting and will not fail to meet the expectations. Me and Dave have already discussed future work and I look forward to it! Your work is sensational keep it up! :)

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